Remnant 2: How To Get Bright Steel Ring



All the rings in Remnant 2 are a crucial part of making your build which can be beneficial and one such ring is the Bright steel ring. Remnant 2 Bright Steel ring provides extra protection to the players and increases the stats of players. It can be proved pivotal when you are in a battle with much tougher opponents.

Key Takeaways

  • Bright steel ring provides extra protection to your character by giving the quickest evade rolls
  • You can equip up to 2 rings at the same time in Remnant 2
  • The easiest way to get your hands on the Bright steel ring is by buying from Reggie.
  • It can also be obtained once you defeat every boss twice in survival mode

What Does Bright Steel Ring Do? 

The bright steel ring provides the players with great skills that can aid in progressing through the hard parts of Remnant 2. This ring provides players with the fastest evade roll even though the player has Armor Encumbrance.

Important: Bright Steel Ring gives players the quickest evade roll but it does not affect the stamina of the character.

You should know that every player can take up to 2 rings at the same time. If the players have more Encumbrance, then the characters will run out of stamina very quickly.

Buying From Merchant 

One of the ways to get items in Remnant 2 is through crafting but the Bright steel ring can be easily bought from the shop. You can buy it directly from individual merchants. One such merchant goes by the name Reginald Malone, also called ‘Reggie’.  You will only interact with him once you complete the mission of the “Ward 13 location”.  You can buy the ring from him for a certain price.

Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2
Talking to Reggie to buy from his shop

Sometimes when you visit the store, the ring might not be available so you must keep on visiting the store repeatedly. At some point, you will see the ring is available so just keep on visiting until it appears. It is believed that sometimes if the ring is not available, you must defeat the end boss to get it from the shop.

Fighting Bosses In Remnant 2 

This bright steel ring can also be obtained once you defeat every single boss twice in Remnant 2. You must defeat the bosses in survival mode to get your hands on the ring. Once you have the bright steel ring, you can use this on any character available.

The easiest way to get the bright steel ring can be through the shop where you can buy from Reggie. This ring will prove to be quite beneficial as it provides extra safety of protection for the player. In order to interact with Reggie, you should complete the quest of Ward 13 Location.

Once you defeat every single boss in survival mode, the bright steel ring can be obtained by you. Do note that you can equip 2 rings at a time so use them wisely.


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