Remnant 2 has received a major quality-of-life update on PC. Toggle and Alu becomes preset.



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  • Remnant 2 has received a major Quality of Life update, aimed at fixing a wide range of bugs and performance errors while implementing new and highly requested features.
  • The game also includes a potato preset to allow players to reach higher performance levels on older hardware.
  • The developers have mentioned that another major update is in the works. It will be released in the future.

Gunfire Games has released an important update. Remainder 2 On PC, adding a wide array of important quality-of-life changes like toggleable aim and sprint and a new low graphics preset potato. The patch notes explain how the update aims to address feedback from the game’s player base. It is also mentioned that the devs are planning to release another major QOL update in the near future.

Remaining 2 QOL Update Patch Notes
Remaining 2 QOL Update Patch Notes

One of the features I added Remainder 2 This update includes support for PlayStation button icons when using a PlayStation controller on PC. Additionally, when you turn off aim assist using a controller, it will also turn off aim adhesion. The devs also explained that the inclusion of a toggleable aim should be helpful for those who have trouble holding down the button continuously.

Additionally, Rigs can now reduce weapons, returning 75% of materials used in upgrades and 50% of scrap. In a similar fashion, the latest patch of Remainder 2 Enables Dwell to reduce mutators, returning the aforementioned percentage of materials and scrap. Usable duration has also been added to the advanced stats page in the character menu.

With this patch of Remainder 2, several performance improvements have been made and crash factor resolutions have also been implemented. Some of these issues include Archon’s Chaos Gate and Havoc Form skills negatively impacting the game and intermittent interruptions for hosts when picking up an item. In addition, game performance has been improved on all stages of the Annihilation boss fight.

Remaining 2 QOL update bug fixes
Remaining 2 QOL update bug fixes

With the addition of the Potato preset we mentioned earlier, the devs have explained how the preset allows low-end systems to more aggressively disable extreme rendering features. This will help players achieve higher frame rates and experience smoother gameplay. Additionally, the backend connection has been streamlined to provide more consistent support with minimal disconnection when a player joins a game.

Remaining 2 QOL Update – Bug Fixes

In addition to various QOL enhancements Remainder 2, the latest patch also tries to clean up various bugs to provide a more polished experience. Gunfire Games has fixed many bugs related to progress blocks and achievements and this batch does the same. One of the fixes is that achievements are “maxed out” because now they will be properly rewarded for meeting requirements.

Other issues that have been ironed out include tutorial softlock that occurred during interactions with Riggs, incorrect objective assignments due to skipping various points in the tutorial, only the player getting the final hit on the boss which in the co. Makes progress toward relative success. -Op, Thin Fruit Buff Softlock, and Blood Moon Contradictions.

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The patch also fixes several UI-related issues. Remainder 2. These issues range from grammatical errors on different devices and utilities to inconsistent text color and item description complications. In addition, crafting items display issues and difficulty icon display inconsistencies were resolved. The devs explained how this was a visual issue and didn’t affect the actual difficulty for clients.

This new update brings a lot of fixes and additions to the table. With the developers confirming that another major QOL patch is in the works, it’s safe to say that the experience will be further streamlined.

Remainder 2 Now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Read on to find out why we believe so. Spirit of the Year.

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