Remnant 2 gets a decent discount on all platforms.


Highlights of the story

  • Remnant 2 has proven to be a profound sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, which was released in 2019.
  • It’s an AA-rated game with polished gameplay, stunning visuals, and a deeply engaging battle system, now available to play on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.
  • In case you missed it, Remnant 2 is 20% off on all platforms the game is playable on for a limited time. If you haven’t already, join now.
  • Offer ends on October 12, 2023.

Remnant 2 has proven to be one of the most pleasant surprises in gaming this year, emerging as a much-improved sequel to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes. If you’ve been missing out on a third-person shooter, the devs have recently made it official that the action RPG is getting one. 20% discount It is available on all platforms, namely PlayStation, Xbox, and PC steam.

Remnant 2’s discounted listed on Steam at the moment

On PlayStation And Xboxthe game is currently available for $39.99, excluding taxes, as opposed to its $49.99 MSRP. Steam is relatively inexpensive Although, and applying a 20% discount lowers Remnant 2 prices. $27.99 Compared to the original $34.99 price tag. It’s worth noting that you have until October 12th, 11:59 AM GMT+5 to grab this deal—after that it’s a no-show.

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Tracking its release in July of this year, Remnant 2 has lived up to expectations and then some with how Gunfire Games – the developer – has brought the title to a close. In our Remaining 2 reviewseXputer gave the game a 4/5Citing the satisfying gameplay, great RPG mechanics, and unique art direction for its success, as well as lensing the action RPG’s humdrum narrative.

In other news, we held a Interview with the principal environment artist on Remnant 2 last month, Sean Brahmstedt II, where we’re given interesting insights into the various aspects of the project that Gunfire Games has worked so passionately on so far. When asked about the shooter’s move toward being one. Like a souland what influenced the decision to make the game this way, Shaun replied,

There were some review meetings I sat in, watching the boss fight, and generally, if you could beat it the first time, it was pretty easy. Designers were often challenged to perfection. Runs without a hit on the owners. In general, those who got close but didn’t quite make it were the most successful. I think the rise of Souls-like games and their generally good reception by players makes it much less difficult to argue against Souls-like games. But we certainly wanted to. Add our own spin On it, and I think we did.”

As far as its post-launch support is concerned, Gunfire Games is among the remaining 2. Last time the third-person shooter received an update., it includes major quality-of-life improvements, performance and stability improvements, and other neat additions, such as a low-quality graphics preset option, Toggle M, Toggle Sprint, and more. The devs also said that they plan to bring out another QoL update soon.

We are also planning to come out with another big QoL update which will be a lot of fun for all players. Stay tuned for more updates. We want to hear from you about what you want to see in Remnant 2, so please continue to share your feedback with us. Official Discord or through our social media channels.”

Remnant 2 was released on July 25, 2023. PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and PC, effectively leaving behind last-generation consoles.

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