Remnant 2 Early Access Hotfix Resolves The Infamous Slowdown Issue



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  • Remnant 2 has received an Early Access hotfix that aims to resolve several progression blocks in addition to the infamous slowdown & various other bugs.
  • The pre-release patch also tones down the player voice-over comments in response to feedback from Early Access players.
  • Reviews for Remnant 2 are highly positive and the game appears to be in a functional state aside from the critical bugs addressed by the hotfix.

Gunfire Games has rolled out a hotfix for Remnant 2 before its release to address the notorious slowdown and several other problems. According to the patch notes, this pre-release update focuses on UI performance improvements, various bug fixes, and toning down the player’s voice-over comments in response to the feedback provided by Early Access players.

The bugs ironed out in this patch of Remnant 2 include the player becoming invisible when using the Labyrinth portal, and Ultimate Edition players not receiving the Gunslinger Engram in the game if they started with another archetype. Additionally, a fix was added to prevent the host’s save from being changed if they quit the game and joined someone else while dead.

Remnant 2 Early Access Hotfix Patch Notes
Remnant 2 Early Access Hotfix Patch Notes

Several bugs were reported by Remnant 2’s Early Access players that appeared to block progression at certain parts of the game. Fixes were implemented for the Labyrinth cinematic crashing and key not being awarded, exiting out of the first lab cinematic which resulted in not receiving the zone door keys, and unresponsive Water Harp lever.

Moreover, the progression block where the Nightweaver Web would consume items you need for quest puzzles was patched out as well. Any consumed items should now be back in your inventory. The Epic account linking issue where aborting the process would result in a popup appearing each time you launch Remnant 2 has also been resolved along with bloom discrepancies upon exiting menus.

Remnant 2 is hours away from its official launch and reception for the sequel has been highly positive. Reports from players on the performance front indicate that the game was given enough time in the oven for launch. Recent claims by the developers have also revealed that the game was not only designed with upscaling in mind but also has multiple layers of secrets, adding greater value to replayability.

Critic reviews for Remnant 2 are generally positive, citing the various improvements over its predecessor.
Critic reviews for Remnant 2 are generally positive, citing the various improvements over its predecessor.

Furthermore, the invite issue on PS5 was also acknowledged by the devs. Players were reassured that work is underway to rectify this problem as soon as possible. Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 is launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Read on to find out why we believe it to be the best soulslike of the year.

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