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As you progress your way through Remnant 2, you will come across various rare resources. Of these various rare resources, one is the Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence. With the Blood Moon Essence, you will be able to buy yourself some incredible gear, secret classes, and upgrades. So, to farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2, you will need to be in the right place at the right time.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence is one of the rare resources used for crafting.
  • Having sufficient Blood Moon Essence will allow players to get rare upgrades and gear.
  • To get the Blood Moon Essence, players will need to visit Yaesha when the Blood Moon is active.
  • There, players will find Blood Moon orbs in the sky. Players will need to take them down fast.
  • To increase the drop of Blood Moon Essence, players can choose to kill the Doe in the Water Harp Puzzle quest.
  • With enough of the resource, players can get up to nine items through the Blood Moon Altar, letting them unlock many gear, items, and classes.

What Is Blood Moon And Methods To Obtain It

Remnant 2: How to get Blood Moon
Getting the Blood Moon Essence (Image Captured by us)

Blood Moon Essence is one of the unique crafting resources that players will likely end up farming for in order to craft and upgrade their gear in Remnant 2. It is not that simple to find, but that’s what makes it rewarding to acquire

In total, there are two methods through which you can get the Blood Moon in Remnant 2. The first method does not need you to play any main or side quest. Rather, it requires you to visit Yaesha at the perfect time. The second way to get Blood Moon will require making a decision after completing the Harp Puzzle quest.

1. Blood Moon Orbs In Yaesha

Remnant 2: Farming Blood Moon
Shoot the Blood Moon Orbs (Image Captured by eXputer)

Perhaps the easiest way to get the Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 is to visit the Yaesha region at the right time for them to spawn. However, for that, you will need to wait until there is a Blood Moon active. The only way to find out if the Blood Moon is active or not is simply by looking at it. If you take a look at the sky and find the moon filled with red color, you will know it is the right time.

  • Once you are in the right place at the right time, carefully observe your surroundings.
  • Based on Remnant 2’s RNG, you will come across flying red orbs in the sky.
  • Since these orbs will be at a distance, make sure you equip a good long-range weapon.
  • Make sure you take these orbs down in a single shot because they do not remain there for long.

Now, if you need to farm more of these orbs and cannot observe much of them, you can simply leave the area to interact with the World Stone and then come back. Apart from that, you can also keep on switching between Root Nexus and Forbidden Grove to get more orbs. In case you do not find the Blood Moon active, you can fast-travel back and forth until it eventually appears.

2. Forgotten Temple And Doe

Remnant 2: Killing Doe
Farming Blood Moon in the Forgotten Temple (Image by eXputer)

Once you come across the Water Harp Puzzle quest, you will come across the Root Corrupted Wolf. Upon encountering it, you will have to fight against its rival, the Doe. During that, you will have an option of either sparing or killing the Doe.

While both options come with significant outcomes, for the Blood Moon Essence, you will have to kill the Doe. As you choose that option, the area outside the Forgotten Temple will also become a reliable spot for Blood Moon Essence’s spawn in Remnant 2, making it easier to farm.

Uses Of Blood Moon

Uses of the Essence
The Blood Moon Altar (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

After using the methods mentioned above to get the Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2, farm enough of it to put it to good use; once you have enough, go to Yaesha, where you will find the Blood Moon Altar. It will appear on your map as a blue icon. Moreover, you can recognize it as it looks like a small crafting station having a Blood Moon image.

There, you will be able to exchange the Blood Moon Essence with other things, such as Faded Grimoire and various equipment and items. If you really want to summon minions in Remnant 2, you should definitely farm enough Blood Moon Essence so you can get the Faded Grimoire. With it, you can unlock the Summoner Archetype, a strong pet class.

In total, there are nine items that you can get in Remnant 2 if you have collected enough Blood Moon Essence. The items are:

Item Materials Required
Knotted Gloves (Glove Armor) 3 Blood Moon Essence and 250 Scrap
Knotted Cage (Body Armor) 10 Blood Moon Essence and 800 Scrap
Knotted Greaves (Leg Armor) 7 Blood Moon Essence and 600 Scrap
Knotted Helm (Helmet) 5 Blood Moon Essence and 300 Scrap
Faded Grimoire 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystal, and 1500 Scrap
Blade of Gul (Melee Weapon) 10 Blood Moon Essence and 1250 Scrap
Sanguine Vapor (Concotion) 1 Blood Moon Essence and 500 Scrap
Soul Anchor (Amulet) 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystal, and 1000 Scrap
Soul Guard (Ring) 5 Blood Moon Essence, 2 Lumenite Crystal, and 750 Scrap

All in all, to get the Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence, you will need to wait for the right time. Visit Yaesha and see if the sky turns red. If it does, it will mean that the Blood Moon is active. So, during that, you will observe some Blood Moon orbs flying in the sky. Make sure you have a good enough weapon that can one-shot the orbs, as they will disappear quickly.

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