Remnant 2: BEST Melee Weapons (Top 15)



Remnant 2, like its prequel, takes a departure from classic souls-like combat and introduces firearms to battle your adversaries. However, for those who enjoy the close-quarter combat or want a decent weapon at their disposal in case they run out of ammo, Remnant 2 has a plethora of melee weapons to choose from, and I have compiled a list of the best options you can choose from.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 35 melee weapons in Remnant 2.
  • These melee weapons are divided into two types: Special and Regular.
  • Special Weapons have specific Weapon Mods that cannot be unequipped.
  • Regular Weapons don’t have dedicated Weapon Mods, but they do have empty slots.
  • Weapon Mods allow the player to unleash special attacks using any weapon, making each weapon feel unique and distinct.

Best Melee Weapons In Remnant 2 

Here is a quick look at all of the best melee weapons in Remnant 2 along with Damage, Crit Hit Chance, Weak Spot Damage, and other stats: 

Weapons Damage Critical Hit Chance Weak Spot Damage Stagger Modifer Location
Krell Axe 54 3% +85% -10% Hidden maze in Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Godsplitter 38 2% +50% -20% Drop from Faerin in Malefic Palace, Losomn
Royal Broadsword 102 7% +95% 11% Lose to empress in Red Thorne, Yaesha
Assassin’s Dagger 41 -3% +110% -15% Behind the statue in One True King’s Chamber
Hero’s Sword 51 5% +90% -10% Explorer Class starting weapon
Red Doe Staff 62 3% +95% 8% Revive Red Doe and defeat Corrupted Ravager
Gas Giant 74 3% +95% 8% Defeat Tal’rotha after letting her eat you
Feral Judgement 53 13% 110% -15% Kill Corrupted Ravager and Red Doe
Labyrinth Staff 64 8% +95% 5% Follow the path to the left of the portal in The Labyrinth
Dreamcatcher 58 5% +95% 3% Complete the old lady questline in Asylum of Losomn
Atom Smasher 72 5% +95% 11% At the last train stop in Terminus Station, N’erud
Stonebreaker 103 4% +95% 10% Defeat the Corrupter without killing the guardian in The Great Bole, Yaesha.
Spectral Blade 53 8% +105% -25% Defeat Sha’Hala in N’erud
Iron Greatsword 105 5% +95% 13% Challenger Class starting weapon
Atom Splitter 100 5% +90% 6% Follow the path across the broken mechanical platform in the Vault of Formless, N’erud

15. Krell Axe

Rank 15
Rank 15 – Krell Axe (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 54
Critical Hit Chance 3%
Weak Spot Damage +85%
Stagger Modifier -10%
Weapon Mod Krell Edge

Krell Axe is possibly the closest weapon to Thor’s Mjolnir or Kratos’s Levithan Axe in Remnant 2. Its default moveset is the same as that of a standard axe, but what makes it unique is its Weapon Mod, “Krell Edge.” This skill allows you to throw your axe at the enemies, which deals 50 shock damage every 5 seconds for 10 seconds. 

After a moment, another axe will appear in your hand after the throw. This weapon is good for dealing with distant enemies if you are strictly doing a melee-only run.


  1. Located in Endaira’s End, Yaesha.
  2. Shortly after the second checkpoint, there is a floor switch that you can step on to open the path to a hidden maze.
  3. Traverse the maze until you find the skeleton with Krell Axe lying on top of it.

14. Godsplitter

Rank 14
Rank 14 – Godsplitter (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 38
Critical Hit Chance 2%
Weak Spot Damage 50%
Stagger Modifier -20%
Weapon Mod Fracture

Godsplitter might be the weakest weapon on the list in terms of base damage, but its Weapon Mod is easily one of the strongest. Fracture inflicts a special kind of effect on enemies, such that every hit after using Fracture registers as a weak spot hit. This can be devastating against enemies with well-hidden weak spots and large health pools.

The only drawback is that the duration of the “Fracture” is only 2 seconds, but that can also be increased to 35 seconds via appropriate fragments.


  • Go to Malefic Palace in Losomn.
  • Defeat Faerin.
  • Take Medled Hilt to McCabe.
  • Requirements: x1 Melded Hilt, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap

13. Royal Broadsword

Rank 13
Rank 13 – Royal Broadsword (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 102
Critical Hit Chance 7%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 11%

A standard-issue greatsword with a nice aesthetic and third-highest base damage, and second-highest stagger damage in Remnant 2. It has the moveset of a greatsword but no cool Weapon Mod to accompany it.

If you are halfway through Remnant 2 and want to switch to a different melee weapon, Royal Broadsword is a great pick; however, if you are willing to go the extra mile, there are much better options you can pick from, which are discussed below.


  1. Go to The Red Throne in Yaeasha.
  2. Challenge the empress and lose on purpose.
  3. This will send you to the prison where the Royal Broadsword can be pickup from.

12. Assassin’s Dagger

Rank 11
Rank 11 – Assassin’s Dagger (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 41
Critical Hit Chance -3%
Weak Spot Damage +110%
Stagger Modifier -15%
Weapon Mod Bloodthirst

Assassin’s Dagger is also one of the weakest weapons on the list in terms of base damage, but its lethal Weapon Mod definitely solidifies its place on our list as one of the Remnant 2 best melee weapons. Its Weapon Mod, “Bloodthirst,” increases its damage by 25% against bleeding enemies and those attacked from behind. 

Its charged attack further inflicts 200 bleeding damage for a duration of 10s, making it a splendid weapon for not only dealing significant overtime damage but also opening up the opportunity to deal extra 25% damage in that duration.


  1. Assassin’s Dagger is located in the Council Chamber of Losomn.
  2. Enter the mirror there that’ll take you to the Council Tribunal Chamber.
  3. Solve the puzzle of high councilor chairs.
  4. After that, take the door to the One True King’s chamber.
  5. Pick up the Assassin’s Dagger from behind the statue.
  6. Take the dagger to Nimue to craft the actual Assassin’s Dagger.

11. Hero’s Sword

Rank 10
Rank 10 – Hero’s Sword (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 51
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage +90%
Stagger Modifier -10%
Weapon Mod Energy Wave

Hero’s Sword is a homage to the legendary Zelda franchise, and is also one of the Remnant 2 best melee weapons, that you can acquire early on. Unlike most melee weapons, what sets Hero’s Sword apart is its ability to deal with distant enemies while being able to perform really well against up-close adversaries.

Its Weapon Mod, “Energy Wave,” allows users to release energy projectiles at the cost of 35 stamina. This attack can be unleashed via charged attacks.


  1. Starting weapon of Explorer Class.
  2. Beat Remnant 2 on Nightmare Difficulty and buy it from Brabus in Ward 13.

10. Red Doe Staff

Rank 10
Rank 10 – Red Doe Staff (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 62
Critical Hit Chance 3%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 8%
Weapon Mod Lifeline

Red Doe Staff contains the spirit of Red Doe inside it, granting its special attack a unique twist. After dealing 250 damage, unleashing a charge attack deals 160 damage and regenerates 10% health of all nearby allies in its vicinity. The health regeneration perk that comes with it definitely comes in handy at times, but so comes the risk with its windup period. 


  1. Go to the Corrupted Raveger’s Lair in Yaesha.
  2. Revive the Red Doe and take sides against the Corrupted Ravager.
  3. Killing him will drop the Doe’s Antler used for crafting the Red Doe Staff.
  4. Requirements: x1 Doe’s Antler, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap.

9. Gas Giant

Rank 9
Rank 9 – Gas Giant (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 74
Critical Hit Chance 3%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 8%
Weapon Mod Dying Breath

This giant toxic hammer is remarkable not only for inflicting decent base and stagger damage but also overtime damage thanks to its toxic and corrosive status effects. Continuously dealing damage with Gas Gaint releases toxic fumes stored inside its head, and when infused, its basic attack also inflicts a “corrosive” status effect.

Its Weapon Mod, “Dying Breath,” releases a cloud of acid gas within a range of 3m and lasts 15 seconds. Gas Giant is an excellent weapon for those who like to wield heavy weaponry that can also deal overtime damage. 


  1. Interact with Tal’rotha in N’erud and let her eat you.
  2. After getting eaten, you’ll be teleported to a metaphysical dimension where you’ll face a much more powerful variant of Tal’rotha.
  3. Take it down to receive Acidic Jawbone.
  4. Bring to McCabe to craft the Gas Giant.
  5. Requirements: x1 Acidic Jawbone, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x1000 Scrap.

8. Feral Judgement

Rank 8
Rank 8 – Feral Judgement (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 53
Critical Hit Chance 13%
Weak Spot Damage 110%
Stagger Modifier -15%
Weapon Mod Death Sentence

If you are someone who loves the relentless barrage of furious attacks, Feral Judgment is the way to go. These claws are designed for up-close combat, and its Weapon Mod “Death Sentence” further incentivizes you to do that as well. Dealing 6x melee damage over a duration of 10 seconds awakens Fearl Judgment and empowers it.

When empowered, you inflict a “Death Sentence” on your enemies using a Neutral Backdash attack. After 15 seconds, they’ll suffer from 10 phantom strikes, each dealing 25 damage. The damage is further increased by 25% if the enemy is suffering from a “bleed” effect.


  1. Visit Ravager’s Lair in Yaesha.
  2. Shoot the Ravager without interacting with the Red Doe, and then shoot Doe during the fight as well.
  3. Doing so will kill the Red Doe.
  4. Continue with the boss fight.
  5. Once the Ravager is down, you’ll receive the Ravager’s Maw.
  6. Take it to McCabe to craft the Feral Judgement.
  7. Requirements: x1 Ravager’s Maw, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap.

7. Labyrinth Staff

Rank 7
Rank 7 – Labyrinth Staff (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 64
Critical Hit Chance 8%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 5%
Weapon Mod None

Despite being a Regular Weapon, Labyrinth Staff stands out because of its unique perk, i.e., generating additional Mod power with attacks. Basic attacks generate 10% while its charged attack, which has damage of 75 and extends to a range of 2m, generates 50% additional Mod power.

Since it’s a regular weapon, you can attach any Weapon Mod to it, opening further room for experimentation. The Mod power generation perk further encourages an aggressive playstyle and is one of the Remnant 2 best melee weapon if you want something that you can rely on in close-range encounters.


  1. It is located in The Labyrinth.
  2. Take a left from the portal and jump down on the rubble.
  3. Follow the platforms until you encounter an elite stone enemy.
  4. Take him down and pick up the Labyrinth Staff.

6. Dreamcatcher

Rank 8
Rank 8 – Dreamcatcher (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 58
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage 95%
Stagger Modifier 3%
Weapon Mod Dreamwave

Dreamcatcher is a highly versatile staff with fast swing attacks, incredible. AoE Weapon Mod and other unique utilities. Dealing 250 damage with Dreamcatcher allows you to release Dreamwave via charge attack. This skill applies “slow down” to all enemies in its vicinity in addition to a stack of “reverie.” This effect grants the +2% damage and movement speed for 15 seconds.

In addition to being a melee weapon, Dream Catcher can be used on sleeping enemies and NPCs that lead to special locations and ends up unlocking the Invader Archetype.


  1. Go to the Asylum of Losomn.
  2. Collect three stone statues inside the building and give them to the old lady locked in the prison cell.
  3. The prison cell is unlocked by the Prison Cell key located on the third floor’s balcony.
  4. Take the Nightweaver statue from the old lady.
  5. Kill Magister Dullian.
  6. Pick up the Soulkey Tribute from the body devoured by the Nightweaver.
  7. Place the Soulkey Tribute on the Strange Web in Asylum’s basement to open a portal to Tormented Asylum.
  8. Go to the same room where the old lady was in Tormented Asylum and give her the Nightweaver statue to obtain Dreamcatcher.

5. Atom Smasher

Rank 5
Rank 5 – Atom Smasher (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 72
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 11%
Weapon Mod Accelerator

Sibling of Atom Splitter, Atom Smasher is a giant deadly hammer capable of smashing the very bonds between the atoms. Its large swings combined with its Weapon Mod are great for keeping enemies at bay and wreaking havoc.

Its Weapon Mod, “Accelerator,” speeds up the hammer’s attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds upon unleashing a charged attack. Atom Smasher, just like its sibling, can also be obtained during the N’erud quest, making it one of the best early-game melee weapons in Remnant 2.


  1. Go to the Terminus Station in N’erud.
  2. Hop on the train and fight off the hoard of enemies until its last stop.
  3. Get off the train, activate the fast travel point, and follow the linear path until you come across a ladder.
  4. Climb the ladder and follow the trail until you enter a room with a purple tint and machinery.
  5. Opposite to that room is a narrow platform with an opening you can jump down from.
  6. Pick up the Atom Smasher from there.

4. Stonebreaker

Rank 4
Rank 4 – Stone Breaker (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 103
Critical Hit Chance 4%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 10%
Weapon Mod Faultline

One of the highest-damaging melee weapons in Remnant 2, with a whopping base damage of 103. Its Weapon Mod “Faultline” allows you to release shockwaves that deal 115 damage upon using a charged attack, making it very useful for dealing with moderately distant enemies.

If you want to end encounters quickly and are willing to sacrifice speed for it, Stonebreaker is definitely a must-try. 


  1. Stonebreaker is located in The Greal Bole, Yaesha.
  2. Defeat the Corrupter without killing the Guardian.
  3. Take the Hollow Heart dropped from the boss fight to McCabe.
  4. Requirements: x1 Hollow Heart, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap

3. Spectral Blade

Rank 3
Rank 3 – Spectral Blade (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 53
Critical Hit Chance 8%
Weak Spot Damage 105%
Stagger Modifier -25%
Weapon Mod Whirlwind

Spectral Blade is high-energy laser katana with an infinitely sharp edge. Apart from its impressive +105% weak spot damage, the highlight of Spectral Blade is its Weapon Mod, “Whirlwind.” This special skill allows you to create a whirlwind upon executing a Neutral Backdash Charge that causes 75 damage and extends to a range of 8m.

It’s a great AoE skill that can help you keep multiple enemies at bay and even looks similar to Vergil’s judgment cut, making it one of the coolest and Remnant 2 best melee weapons.


  1. Defeat Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’erud in Sentinel’s Keep.
  2. Pick up the Eidolon Shard and bring it to McCabe’s shop.
  3. Requirements: x1 Eidolon Shard, x7 Lumenite Crystal, x650 Scrap.

2. Iron Greatsword

Rank 2
Rank 2 – Iron Greatsword (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 105
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 13%

Iron Greatsword is the best early-game melee weapon in Remnant 2. Even just going by the stats, Iron Greatswords beats every melee weapon in terms of base and stagger damage. Its devastating moveset, range, and damage definitely make it a weapon that you wouldn’t need to replace right until the credits.

Since it’s a regular weapon, it doesn’t come with any Weapon Mods, so you’ll have to put in some effort there and find the mods and mutations that suit it the best, but whatever mod you choose, you simply can’t go wrong with this weapon.


  1. It can be purchased from Brabus, located in Ward 13.
  2. Starting weapon of Challenger class.

1. Atom Splitter

Rank 1
Remnant 2 best melee weapon – Atom Splitter (Image Credit – eXputer)
Stats Numbers
Damage 100
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage +90%
Stagger Modifier 6%
Weapon Mod Fission Strike

This giant futuristic otherworldly weapon is said to be capable of tearing apart gigantic rocks and even causing nuclear reactions, thanks to its Weapon Mod. Upon neutral evasion, Atom Splitter releases a giant wave of charged particles due to a Nuclear fission reaction that deals 150 damage and extends to a range of 20m. 

Charging Atom Splitter before unleashing Fission Strike increases range and damage by 3x and 25%, respectively. Coupled with impressive 100 base damage and an early game unlock, makes Atom Splitter one of the best giant melee weapons in Remnant 2. 


  1. Go to Vault of Formless in N’erud.
  2. Visit the section with the catwalks and broken mechanical parts.
  3. Jump on the mechanical arm lifting the platform.
  4. Once on it, quickly jump onto the catwalk once the platform is raised.
  5. Follow the path and pick up the Atom Splitter.
  6. The areas in Remnant 2 are randomized, so you’ll have to reload this area multiple times in Adventure mode until you find it.

This concludes my guide on Remnat 2 best melee weapons, in which I have covered both early and late-game weapons. While you are at it, I recommend going through our guide on the best starting class and best solo class in Remnant 2


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