Remnant 2: BEST Builds (Survivability & DPS)



Remnant 2 allows players to mess around with many builds, mix and match their dual archetypes, and choose their traits, amulets, and whatnot to build the perfect setup to absolutely detonate all enemies in sight. Players might want to know a few Remnant 2 Builds options. Therefore a detailed walkthrough might be crucial! 

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Key Takeaways

  • Builds in Remnant 2 focus on making the player survive but also dish out enough damage to clear difficult content. 
  • The combination of Engineer and Challenger presents the opportunity to deploy devastating damage while in turret mode and render enemies useless. 
  • Engineer: Focuses on using the High Tech Prime Perk and offers players an interesting, versatile play style. 
  • Challenger: It provides versatility and ample survivability for players during combat. 
  • The combo of Gunslinger and Hunter provides a purely DPS-based build, focusing on nothing but offensive output. 
  • Gunslinger: It makes use of the Loaded Prime Perk and the Ammo Reserves archetype trait. 
  • Hunter: It uses the Dead To Rights prime perk and the Longshot archetype trait. 

Best Builds In Remnant 2

Here is a quick look at the two best builds in Remnant 2 with primary, and secondary archetypes along with Equipment, Traits, Relics, and Accessories.  

Build Name First Archetype Second Archetype Equipment Traits Relics Accessories
Engineer/Challenger Build Engineer Challenger Plasma Cutter, Enigma, Atom Splitter Vigor, Expertise, Swiftness, Barkskin, Glutton. Dragon Heart Range Finder, Probability Cord, Braided Thorns, Grounding Stone, Mechanics Cog, Death’s Embrace, Zania’s Malice, Hardcore Metal Band.
Gunslinger/Hunter Build Gunslinger Hunter XMG57 Bonesaw, Blackmaw AR-47 Vigor, Endurance, Expertise, Spirit, Handling, Ammo Reserves, Longshot and Footwork Dragon Heart Gunslinger’s Charm, Gunslinger’s Ring, Firestone, Vestige of Power, Wax Sealed Ring, Range Finder.

Remnant 2 Engineer/Challenger Sentinel Build 

Now, one of the first Remnant 2 Best Builds players will want to invest in is a mixture of the Engineer and the Challenger archetype. The main running force for the Sentinel build is that its gameplay varies based on the type of opponents you might face. 

R2 Engineer And Challenger
Engineer And Challenger
  • Players will be able to make use of the Engineer’s turret mode, during which Engineers can deploy detonating damage. 

Using the Engineer as the main powerhouse is crucial as it can provide players the devastating damage they need when facing off against larger groups of enemies or even more challenging bosses. 

First Archetype

Now, when it comes to choosing the Archetypes for your Sentinel build, your main archetype will hands down to be no other than the Engineer archetype, and there are a few reasons that you would pick that as your archetype of choice: 

R2 Engineer
  • Interesting Playstyle: The engineer archetype allows players to mess around and enjoy a unique playstyle during which they can deploy their heavy weapons during turret mode, which can help them while in combat. 
  • High Tech Prime Perk: Apart from that, the High Tech Prime Perk allows players to overclock a heavy weapon when deployed, granting players infinite ammunition, enhanced fire rate, and an overall 25% increase to their damage for 15 seconds. 

Another thing that players should know is that each archetype has three skills for them. For the Sentinel build, players would want to choose the Vulcan skill, as it casts out a Vulcan turret that ends up lasting until the ammo is finished, and it is essential for increased ammo, which aids you further in combat. 

Engineer Archetype Trait 

When using the unique trait meant for the Engineer archetype, players can use the Fortify trait for the Remnant 2 Strongest Builds. 

  • It can essentially enhance the overall armor effectiveness while increasing it by 50% when it is maxed out. 
Fortify Level Bonus
1 5%
2 10%
3 15%
4 20%
5 25%
6 30%
7 35%
8 40%
9 45%
10 50%

How To Unlock Engineer Archetype 

When it comes to knowing how to unlock the Engineer Archetype, players must craft the Dryzr Caliper engram. 

  • For this, you will also need to get the Alien Device which can be encountered towards the edge of Titan’s Reach checkpoint. 

Second Archetype 

Moving on, the second archetype you might want to choose is the Challenger archetype, which primarily focuses on close combat while benefiting from enhanced survivability during tough battles and engaged combat. There are a few reasons why players might want to choose the Challenger archetype. 

  • Versatile: Combined with the Engineer archetype, players can get versatility in their playstyle, mixed with the Engineer’s heavy deployability during turret mode and the closed-ranged combat with the Challenger archetype. 
  • Survivability: Other than that, you can also survive for more extended periods whenever you use the Challenger archetype. 
    R2 Challenger

Players will be bound when using their heavy weapons with the Engineer archetype. They won’t be able to move for a while, which is where the increased survivability with the Challenger archetype comes in to help you stay alive for longer. 

  • The Juggernaut skill can make players nearly unstoppable, giving them 3 stacks of Bulwark, which grants enhanced movement and 50% enhanced melee damage output. 
  • Rampage grants an enhanced fire rate of 15%, as well as granting increased reload speed of 20% and an enhanced movement speed of 10% too. 

Challenger Archetype Trait 

Players will use the Strong Back trait regarding the unique trait for the Remnant 2 Builds for Challenger

  • It decreases your overall Encumbrance while also being able to decrease it further when it has been maxed out, and maxed-out stats are listed as follows. 
Strong Back Levels Encumbrance Reduction
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10

Gear And Equipment 

Let’s look at the type of equipment players might want to use for their Engineer and Challenger archetype combo build. 

Plasma Cutter 

The Plasma Cutter is considered a long gun that can dish out an insane amount of damage through which you can practically clear out mobs faster than anything, an essential requirement for the combo build. 

R2 Plasma Cutter
Plasma Cutter
Plasma Cutter Stats Attributes
Damage 7
RPS 13
Magazine 100
Max Ammunition 400
Falloff Range 30 meters
Ideal Range 17 meters
Crit Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Bonus 75%
Stagger Modifier -20%
  • Heat Sink: The weapon mode opens up the vents, which disperses its heat, and while active, it will generate up to 50% less overall heat and enhance the damage to 3x. 

As far as the mutator for the weapon is concerned, you can use the Momentum mutator, which allows you to gain enhanced crit chance and crit damage by 1.5% for a total of 3 seconds anytime the weapon gets a crit hit. 


For the choice of handgun, you might want to go for the Enigma, a smaller version of the Labyrinth and perfect for close as well as medium-ranged combat, catering to both battles. 

R2 Enigma
Enigma Stats Attributes
Damage 22
Magazine 30
Max Ammunition 120
Falloff Range 12 meters
Ideal Range 12 meters
Crit Hit Chance -10%
Weak Spot Bonus
Stagger Modifier -15%
  • Chaos Driver: For the mod, you can use Chaos Driver, which drives rods that have been electrified into opponents that have been connected to other rods within a range of 10 meters, lasting 10 seconds. 

Atom Splitter (Melee) 

Now, while using a melee weapon isn’t all that required, it is still a good idea to choose one nonetheless, and for the Engineer Remnant 2 Best Builds, you can choose the Atom Splitter. It can break apart enemies and can hit very hard. 

R2 Atom Splitter
Atom Splitter
Atom Splitter Stats Attributes
Damage 100
Crit Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage +90%
Stagger Modifier 6%
  • Fission Strike: The Atom splitter can gain Nuclear fission, unleashing charged particles that can unleash 150 damage to opponents within a range of 20 meters. 


Moving onto the accessories, there are quite a few that players can pick and choose from, such as the ones listed below. 

Accessories Effects
Range Finder After assassinating an opponent, 10% ranged damage is gained and it stacks 3x and lasts 10 seconds.
Probability Cord Overall crit damage is enhanced up by a total of 30%.
Braided Thorns After murdering an opponent, you get 15% enhanced critical chance for a total of 10 seconds.
Grounding Stone Overall shock damage has been boosted up by 10% and the shock resistance gets boosted by 15 seconds.
Mechanics Cog While using a heavy weapon with the Engineer archetype, you get 15% movement speed and 1 stack of Bulwark.
Death’s Embrace If health is below 100%, you get 20% damage to all types of damage that is being dealt.
Zania’s Malice (Replacement Ring) If you deal weakspot damage to opponents, it will be enhanced by 10% for a total of 7 seconds and can be stacked thrice.
Hardcore Metal Band Taking any sort of damage will add one stack of Bulwark which stops working after 10 seconds.

Traits And Relics 

Last but not least, there isn’t a lot that you’ll need to figure out when it comes to the relics, but a few of the relic you might want to use are as follows. 

  • Dragon Heart: It will heal 70 health over 0.5 seconds. 

As for the fragments, you would want to get as much extra range damage, weak spot damage, and crit chance as possible. 

  • As for the traits, focusing on Vigor, Expertise and Swiftness, Barkskin, and Glutton and maxing them out at level 10 is highly recommended. 

Gunslinger And Hunter Build 

Last, you might like one of the Remnant 2 Strongest Builds, which focuses on a rather interesting combination of using the Gunslinger and Hunter archetypes. Players can become an invisible DPS while using this insane build, allowing them to focus primarily on high damage output and offensive abilities. 

  • When the two archetypes are placed together, it brings forth a plethora of weapons that players can play around with, allowing them to also dish out insane damage while at it. 
    R2 Gunslinger And Hunter Build
    Gunslinger And Hunter Build

This build will mainly aim towards using an array of skills to go through a burst phase and obtain an immense fire rate and increased fire damage. 

  • However, one caveat of the combination build is that rotation is necessary, and knowing when to use the skills at your disposal at the right time is also crucial. Otherwise, you can mess up the gameplay. 

First Archetype 

One of the first archetypes you would want to focus on is the Gunslinger, a mid-ranged DPS archetype that aims to reserve as much ammunition as possible while still being able to dish out damage well. 

R2 Gunslinger Archetype
Gunslinger Archetype
  • Loaded Prime Perk: The perk allows both weapons to reload instantly and gets infinite amounts of reserve ammo on all weapons for 5 seconds. 
  • Ammo Reserves: This is the Archetype trait that enhances the overall ammo reserves, and when maxed out, it increases it by a total of 50%. 

Second Archetype 

When it comes to the Remnant 2 Builds, the second archetype will be a Hunter, which is focused on being a long-ranged damage archetype that also focuses on making enemies vulnerable and aiming at their weak points while also being able to deal a hell of a lot of burst damage. 

R2 Hunter
  • Dead To Rights: The prime perk allows players to deal 65 base ranged weak spot-type damage, enhancing the duration of your active hunter skills by 2.5 seconds. 
  • Longshot: The archetype trait enhances your weapon’s ideal range, and while it has been maxed out, the range will be enhanced by 600 cm. 


Regarding the equipment for the Gunslinger and Hunter build, players can use a few weapons and accessories, ranging from the following. 

XMG57 Bonesaw 

R2 XMG57 Bonesaw
XMG57 Bonesaw

The first weapon is the XMG57 Bonesaw which is a long gun that is mainly used for suppressive fire and boasts of being an excellent support weapon and gains accuracy the more it focuses on suppressed firing toward opponents. 

XMG57 Bonesaw Stats Attributes
Damage 12
RPS 9.5
Magazine 150
Ideal Range 19 meters
Falloff Range 45 meters
Max Ammo 300
Crit Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 100%
Stagger Modifier 0%

Blackmaw AR-47

R2 Blackmaw

Another weapon option is the Blackmaw AR-47, which is a long gun that focuses on dishing out damage in bursts and works best while being at medium range.

Blackmaw AR-47 Stats Attributes
Damage 17
RPS 7.3
Magazine 38
Ideal Range 20m
Falloff Range 60m
Max Ammo 190
Crit Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 100%
Stagger Modifier 0%


R2 Accessories

For your accessories, you want the following. 

  • Gunslinger’s Charm 
  • Gunslinger’s Ring
  • Firestone (Ring) 
  • Vestige of Power (Ring) 
  • Wax Sealed Ring 
  • Range Finder (Amulet) 

Traits And Relics 

Last but not least, the few relics and traits you might want to focus on are as follows. 

R2 Dragon Heart Relics
Dragon Heart Relics
  • Dragon Heart (Relic): It can heal 70 health over 0.5 seconds.
  • For your traits, you want to focus on investing in Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, Expertise, Handling, Footwork, Ammo Reserves, and Longshot.  

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Remnant 2 Builds, so let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Remnant 2 Release Platforms guide, which details which platforms it will be released on? The Remnant 2 How To Play Early guide will tell you all you need to know about how to play Remnant 2 earlier!

With that, the Remnant 2 Classes guide provides a comprehensive look into the different classes there are! Lastly, the Remnant 2 Locations guide will showcase all 6 locations!

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