Remnant 2: Best Bow Build (Weapons, Amulet, & Archetype)



There is a special bow known as the Crescent Moon, which is the best option for a weapon when making an overpowered bow build. You can actually enhance your build using the right archetype, traits, rings, secondary weapons, and amulets. Various things must be considered when making the best bow build in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • The Remnant 2 best bow build involves maximizing the critical damage and the critical damage chance.
  • Hunter will be your primary archetype, whereas the Gunslinger will be your secondary archetype in Remnant 2.
  • Crescent Moon, paired with the Supercharger mutator, makes for one of the strongest bows.
  • Use the Double Barrel as your secondary weapon and the Spectral Blade as your melee weapon.
  • The Ankh of Power amulet gives a flat buff of damage increase to all of your weapons.
  • The rings in this best build will buff your ranged damage and critical damage chance.
  • Using the critical damage build with the Crescent Moon will absolutely melt bosses in Remnant 2.

The Best Bow Build In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the complete build, including the required archetypes, weapons, and traits. This build is going to take advantage of critical damage. 

Primary Archetype Hunter
Secondary Archetype Gunslinger
Traits Untouchable, Recovery, Ammo Reserves, Longshot, Spirit
Primary Weapon Crescent Moon
Secondary Weapon Double Barrel
Melee Weapon Spectral Blade
Rings Probability Cord, Zania’s Malice, Stone of Expanse, Archer’s Crest
Amulet Ankh of Power

Primary Archetype

class in game
The Hunter Archetype In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)

The Hunter class is going to be your primary archetype in this ranged bow build, as you’ll need that marking ability to increase critical damage chance. Once you enter the shroud using the Hunter, you can mark enemies while exiting the shroud, increasing the critical damage chance for such enemies.

As the main weapon in our build depends on critical damage, that marking ability is going to be vital for the overall build in the long run. That is why you should keep the Hunter as your primary archetype. Additionally, there are various other benefits of using the Hunter, as it allows you to sneak around while picking off enemies from range using the bow.

Secondary Archetype

remnant 2 best bow build
The Gunslinger Archetype In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Gunslinger should be your choice for the secondary archetype as it also has a certain skill that not only buffs critical damage chance but also strengthens the bow additionally. Basically, the Gunslinger has a skill known as Bulletstorm, which is extremely broken and overpowered.

It also increases the projectile speed from your bow by a whopping 50%, in addition to increasing the critical damage chance. The fire rate and reload speed of your weapon are also enhanced, which can be useful for your secondary weapon as well. In the end, it is that Bulletstorm skill for which you should be choosing the Gunslinger class as your secondary archetype.

Primary Weapon

remnant 2 best bow build
Crescent Moon In Remnant 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Base Damage 87
RPS 4.1
Magazine 1
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 70%
Critical Chance 5%
Stagger Modifier -15%

Now comes the bread and butter of your build, which is the main weapon. Your primary weapon will be the Crescent Moon long gun which is one of the best bows in Remnant 2. Its primary weapon mod, known as the Moonlight Barrage, is also really strong and has both offensive and defensive buffs. It not only heals the player but will also further strengthen the bow.

  • Make sure to add the Supercharger mutator onto the Crescent Moon.
  • Adding this mutator to your bow is essential for our overall build.
  • It increases the speed at which shots can be charged using the bow by 30%.
  • Additionally, it also makes it so the critical damage chance for charged shots increases.
  • That is what makes the mutator essential to the build as it contributes towards critical damage.

Secondary Weapon

weapon in game
Double Barrel In Remnant 2 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Base Damage 110
RPS 2.3
Magazine 2
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +100%
Critical Chance 5%
Stagger Modifier 10%

The Double Barrel handgun is going to be your secondary weapon in this bow build. Since you have ranged damage covered with the Crescent Moon, the Double Barrel will help you become stronger in close-quarters combat. Using the Double Barrel will make you a tank at any range during battle.

  • Keep your battles ranged as much as possible.
  • Utilize the Crescent Moon to finish off most of the enemies.
  • If some enemies end up getting close, then quickly switch to the Double Barrel and finish them off.

Melee Weapon

weapon in ggame
Spectral Blade In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)
WEAPON NAME Spectral blade
Damage 53
Critical Hit Chance 8%
Weak Spot Damage 105%
Stagger Modifier -25%
Weapon Mod Whirlwind

The Spectral Blade is one of the strongest melee weapons in Remnant 2, and it is a perfect choice of a melee weapon for our bow build. Its default weapon mod, known as the Whirlwind, makes it really easy to crowd-control multiple enemies at once. If you get overwhelmed and can’t use your bow effectively, then switch to the Spectral Blade and turn the tables in battle.


The amulet in our build is going to buff up all of the damage dealt by 15%. It is the Ankh of Power that you’ll use as the amulet in your bow build. Getting that flat damage increase is not only helpful for the Crescent Moon but also for all of the other weapons in the build, including the secondary firearm and the melee weapon.


Rings Description
Archer’s Crest Buffs the speed of your projectiles from the bow by 20% and also reduces the time required to charge your weapon by 25%.
Stone of Expanse Buffs damage dealt from range by 12%, which is very useful for a bow build.
Zania’s Malice If you end up hitting a weak spot, then it will buff weak spot damage dealt by 10%, and the effect lasts for 7 seconds.
Probability Cord It buffs your critical damage and increases it by 30%.


Traits Description
Untouchable Boosts the evade window by 30%.
Recovery Increases the speed of stamina regeneration by 30/s.
Ammo Reserves Boosts the total ammo reserves of the player by 50%.
Longshot Maximizes the ideal range of your weapon, which is especially useful for bows.
Spirit Using this will increase the generation of mod power by 20%.

This concludes my guide on the Remnant 2 best bow build. I hope that the guide was helpful in making one of the strongest bow builds. While you are at it, also consider reading our guide on all secret items in Remnant 2 Labyrinth. Let me know what you think about Remnant 2 in the comments below and if it is an improvement over the sequel or not.

Some parts of the build are inspired by Reddit user:u/DeityVengy


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