Remnant 2: An extraordinary experience held back by boring boss design.



Highlights of the story

  • Remnant 2 launched earlier this year to critical and commercial success.
  • While the game offers a fantastic gameplay system and exploration zones, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of boss encounters.
  • FromSoftware and TeamNinja have managed to deliver boss encounters that excel in all departments, setting the bar for other Souls-like games.

Remainder 2 Started for one Very positive reception earlier this year, A million copies sold in just four days. Its success is tied to the fact that it’s a great game, just like the core of its prequel, despite the many flaws that plague it. While this sequel fixes many of these issues, one issue sticks around and is detrimental to the experience — the boss design.

This particular flaw of Remainder 2 The game sticks out like a sore thumb the longer you play, even more so if you compare it to contemporary titles in the genre like Souls, including games that grew out of the genre.From the software.

Remaining 2 bosses and monotonous patterns

For those of you who might start talking about the final boss. Remainder 2, that’s not the point of this piece. The root of the problems is not a one-time encounter, it is consistency And Quality In all battles in the game. Something seriously lacking in any other ancient experience. The monotonous pattern of this sequel lies in the use of aids (or trash mobs) in boss fights combined with uninspiring design.

In each boss Remainder 2 Since the introductory area Routes It has followed a mind-numbing and uninspiring approach. Each fight starts with the boss doing a few ranged or melee attacks and then summoning a whole bunch of mobs. In some cases, the enemy will combine this surge army with another layer. There is one exception to this pattern. root nexus. Unfortunately, this fight is pretty bad.

meeting with root nexus Possibly, the worst boss fight I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in countless hours of wandering the world. Remainder 2. The main enemy in this battle is literally a tree that you have to shoot for several minutes while dealing with waves upon waves of trash mobs. What makes it worse are the tiny, sharp objects that keep moving around. Facing such a long period of time is to this level poor and boring.

In contrast, Dark Souls 3’s Chris Rooted Greatwood It did better. You had to attack certain areas to deal damage to the boss. At the same time, you had to avoid common enemies and it was quite possible to stay away from them. This is because Greatwood will kill them on its own so you don’t have to waste time on it. Then you have the shifting of the field and the increased aggression that elevates the overall competition.

Corrupted Ravager is a great contest despite falling into the same trap as other contests.
Corrupted Ravager is a great contest despite falling into the same trap as other contests.

It’s called fight design, something it doesn’t have. Remainder 2 for the most part. If the problems were confined to a handful of owners, it would be an easy choice to fire them all. Unfortunately, this is not the case. For some reason, every boss fight has been a stark contrast to the experience outside of these encounters.

To name a few other owners in Yasha alone, Unit of Army, Corrupt, Mother the brain, Be carefulAnd of Keola The shadow All follow the same pattern. You shoot the boss, deal with an army of surges, and repeat until the boss is dead. The overall design of these fights is weak and the presence of these constant trash mobs makes this encounter something I want to get out of instead of waiting for.

Even the one battle in Yasha that was able to interest me involved small, fast-moving mobs. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Corrupt Ravager. It’s not just the inclusion of fodder that’s a problem, but a serious lack of inspiration when it comes to the overall structure. Maze Cube One of the biggest culprits in this case, that’s all I’m going to say about it.

After moving to LosomnI thought things would get a little better only to find myself completely disappointed. Gwendil, Unburnt, the boss fight was an absolute disaster in terms of the layout of the arena and the enemy waves. gave Drain chainsaw The boss outside of Asylum was just a juiced-up mob, and then there’s that. The Night Weaver. I will say that this was an interesting fight thematically but it suffered from the same issues as the rest.

Even the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 has the same kind of repetitive design as every other boss.
Even the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 has the same kind of repetitive design as every other boss.

during this, The Red Prince Actively limits the field while increasing demand and the lack of creativity is only apparent. That whole area and boss room was pretty impressive visually and aesthetically, but when the encounter itself is so repetitive, it’s hard to appreciate the better parts.

From Software, Team Ninja, and Boss Encounters

Since the beginning of Dark Souls, From the software He has consistently elevated his work and provided us with amazing experiences in gaming. Not only by pioneering an entire genre, but by creating some of the most iconic bass encounters in the medium. As the Souls games grew in popularity, other studios took a shot at the formula in hopes of creating a similar effect. In my opinion, only one studio has achieved this.Team Ninja.

Instead of copying the original work, Team Ninja took the general idea of ​​the Soulslike genre and played to its strengths — high-octane gameplay. Nioh was released in 2017 after more than a decade of development hell combined with several beta tests. The feedback received from the players combined with the passion of the devs produced a final product with excellence and originality regardless of its few flaws.

Otakemaru is one of the best boss encounters in NIoh 2.
Otakemaru is one of the best boss encounters in NIoh 2.

While Neva Shines in the gameplay department, its sequel, Nivea 2, has given us some of Team Ninja’s most spectacular boss fights to date. A few of his examples include meetings with him. Tokichiro, Otakimaru, Doji stop, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Yumi’s god of lightningand even Bringer of nightmares. The combination of narrative, thematic, musical and design values ​​set these battles above anything else. Remainder 2.

The same and more can be said for boss encounters. From the softwareThe titles are fond memories of me. Gwen First of all Dark Souls As serious music played in the background. Fast forward to Dark Souls 3seeing Spirit of Cinder Going from phase one to phase two as he took Gwen’s stand and that soundtrack started playing, I just knew this story was going to end.

In 2022, we were introduced. Alden Ring, the culmination of everything software since Demon’s Souls. The sheer spectacle value of its boss encounters is unparalleled in the genre, with the thrill of discovery and an unparalleled sense of accomplishment once you win. What adds to this is that it was achieved without crowding out the visual design at its peak.

FromSoftware has consistently delivered quality titles with fantastic boss encounters over the past decade.
FromSoftware has consistently delivered quality titles with fantastic boss encounters over the past decade.

even Navies And Round 8 Showing promise with the upcoming title. P’s lieis scheduled for release on September 19. After spending hours in the demo version of Crate, I can confidently say that this game is one of the best non-fram software souls I’ve played to date.

While these games have their flaws, one of which is artificial difficulty through forced lag, the way they approach and deal with boss battles sets them apart. Remainder 2.

Remnant 2 and the Shooter-Souls Paradox

At its core, Remainder 2 A third-person shooter with some elements taken from the Souls genre. This unique combination of concepts and systems brings some advantages and disadvantages to the table, especially in terms of gameplay. Most gamers will agree that their concern when it comes to video games is how they play. After all, if that element isn’t good, no amount of visual fidelity, narrative, and character depth will save it.

what Remainder 2 The offerings in the gameplay department are fantastic. It checks all the boxes that a typical third-person shooter should and the level of polish is very high. Two things that create friction, in my opinion, are this. Boss design And Capacity system. has been done. A long-standing debate in some gatherings Having some sort of stamina meter is the basis of a soul but it doesn’t work every time.

Not every game needs a stamina meter just because it can work.
Not every game needs a stamina meter just because it can work.

Remainder 2 Limits your movement with the implementation of a Stamina meter. At the same time, lowering your spots to shoot slows down your maneuverability while enemies, including bosses, constantly get in your face with melee attacks. The game offers you a way to get up close and personal, but doing so begs the question, why launch the guns?

And when you meet owners who live in a range, the design of the meeting is so modest that you can’t appreciate anything about it. During every boss fight the only thing I could think about was the end so I could go back to the best part of it. Remainder 2– Explore the world. It really feels to me that most of the creative faculties of the Gunfire games were used in designing the game’s multiple worlds.

While this isn’t a hindrance, it’s worth wondering if everything deserves a stamina meter in the first place. Maybe it’s time we move on from this system and come up with something new to implement in video games.

take away

All things considered, Remainder 2 is a wonderful game; It deserves all the accolades and achievements. However, the bad side of the boss encounters comes through and is hard to ignore. The main pillar In any video game. Gun Fire Games‘ should take note for future projects to create an experience that goes beyond these two entries.

Remainder 2 Available now. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Read on to find out why we believe so. Spirit of the Year.

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