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Tal Ratha is a World Boss of Remnant 2, an action role-playing video game, that can be found in N’Erud. Like every other game, Remnant 2 offers challenging decisions, such as the Tal Ratha choice, which perplexes users. You will be given two choices in Remnant 2 associated with Tal Ratha: kill the boss or let him eat you. Your choice will definitely have consequences, so this guide will go over Remnant 2 Tal Ratha Choice and help you make a better choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Tal Ratha is a World Boss that you encounter in Remnant 2.
  • He resides in N’Erud, an area of the game world locations.
  • Players encounter Tal Ratha after collecting Soul Sparks and gaining access to the Forgotten Prison.
  • Upon meeting, Tal Ratha presents a choice: kill him or let him eat you, each choice leading to different outcomes and rewards.
  • Killing Tal Ratha leads to a fight, with victory earning the player Spiced Bile, a material used for crafting the Nebula handgun.
  • Choosing to be eaten by Tal Ratha results in a more challenging fight against his metaphysical form.
  • Winning this encounter earns the player an Acidic Jawbone, a component for the Gas Giant melee weapon.
  • Despite the greater challenge, the rewards for killing Tal Ratham, according to me, are much superior.

Who Is Tal Ratha In Remnant 2?

Tal Ratha in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Tal Ratha is a World Boss in Remnant 2, and he can be found in N’Erud. He presents players with a challenging decision: kill him or let him consume you, each with distinct consequences. Tal Ratha can be met after collecting Soul Sparks and accessing the Forgotten Prison. The player’s choice will lead to different rewards: killing Tal Ratha yields Spiced Bile for a weapon while being eaten leads to fighting his metaphysical form for an Acidic Jawbone, another weapon component.

How To Find Tal Ratha

When first entering N’Erud, you will come across an individual behind the glass walls in the area of Forgotten Prison. He will tell you that you need to find and bring Soul Sparks of Tal Ratha, only then will you be able to meet him and get the choices.

Leave the Forgotten Prison to make your way to the surface, and next proceed to the Eon Vault region via the Hatchery Locked Door. When you get to the vault, look around for a building with a yellow light on its top. Use the lift to move down to the lower levels. Then open the doors and keep exploring. You will come across the Soul Spark cylinder easily.

All Tal Ratha Choices & Consequences In Remnant 2

Tal Ratha boss fight in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

After obtaining the Soul Sparks, you must locate the alternate entrance to the Forgotten Prison in order to enter a room where you will meet Tal Ratha. There he will have an in-depth conversation with you about free will and destiny – ultimately providing you with the two options and their respective outcomes: Either allow him to eat you and “become immortal” or fight him. Neither choice is incorrect and each provides you with different benefits.

1. Kill Tal Ratha

Say no to joining Tal Ratha Choice in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Rejecting Tal Ratha’s offer will put you in a battle with him in the area turned into an arena. The fight won’t be too difficult but can get you into trouble if you are not careful. You must conserve your stamina to continue fighting.

2. Be Eaten By Tal Ratha

“Let Tal Ratha Consume you” choice in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

If you decide to go with the choice of being eaten by Tal Ratha in Remnant 2, then he will definitely do that. What sounds appealing here is that you will have to fight with his metaphysical entity which is a bit harder but still far from the most difficult level challenges in Remnant 2. You must defeat him in order to get rewards.

Overall, the rewards for the kill option are far superior to the eaten option so I recommend going with the kill option for better rewards.

How To Defeat Tal Ratha Boss In Remnant 2?

Attack Patterns of Tal Ratha Counter Strategy
Charge Attacks (Standard Form) Dodge to either side.
Gaping Mouth Attack (Standard Form) Shoot into the mouth, move away from a body slam
Ranged Attacks (Standard Form) Stay mobile and shoot down homing orbs.
Teleportation (Metaphysical Form) Predict movement and adjust accordingly.
Charge Attacks (Metaphysical Form) Expect and dodge multiple charges in a row
Star Attacks (Metaphysical Form) Dodge initial star waves, then the final attack
Throws Barrels with Enemies Quickly eliminate released enemies.
Muck Projectiles Sprint sideways, roll away to avoid.
Psychic Attacks Sprint sideways or shoot them down.
AoE Suction Attack Let it draw you in, roll away at the bite

Tal Ratha Standard Form

Tal Ratha Standard Form boss fight (Image Captured by eXputer)

In his Standard Form, Tal’Ratha is a towering figure of menace, exhibiting incredible speed despite his colossal size. Your key to victory lies in agility and well-timed strikes.

  1. Charge Attacks: When Tal’Ratha charges towards you, quickly dodge to either side to avoid taking damage. It’s crucial to have good timing; a poorly timed dodge could leave you vulnerable to his subsequent attacks.
  2. Gaping Mouth Attack: This attack is your golden opportunity to strike. As Tal’Ratha opens his mouth to pull you in, fire into it to stagger the boss, causing him to reel back. However, be cautious as this move is often followed up by a ground punch or a body slam. Keep your distance to avoid the body slam’s shockwave.
  3. Ranged Attacks: Tal’Ratha’s ranged attacks vary, from throwing gas canisters and Drzyr zombies, to spewing black fluid, to vomiting projectiles. Constant movement is your best defense here. Do not remain stationary; instead, keep moving and shooting down his glowing homing orbs.

Tal Ratha Metaphysical Form

Tal Ratha Metaphysical Form boss fight (Image Captured by eXputer)

In his Metaphysical Form, Tal’Ratha becomes a more formidable adversary, as he gains the ability to teleport around the arena. Your key to victory in this form lies in anticipating his movements and countering his attacks swiftly.

  1. Teleportation: When Tal’Ratha teleports, try to predict where he’ll appear next and adjust your position accordingly. This will allow you to maintain a strategic advantage, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard.
  2. Charged Attacks: Tal’Ratha’s charged attacks become more aggressive in this form. He can charge at you, teleport, and charge again, usually from a different direction. Expect these sequences and be prepared to dodge multiple charges in quick succession.
  3. Star Attacks: Tal’Ratha can unleash a massive AoE star attack, or send stars raining down on the arena. Your best strategy here is to dodge the initial three waves of stars, pause, and then evade the final attack.

By utilizing these strategies and maintaining your cool under pressure, you can overcome Tal’Ratha in both his Standard and Metaphysical Forms. Stay vigilant, remain mobile, and strike when the opportunity arises.

What Rewards You Get From The Tal Ratha Choices?

Each possibility will help you get different rewards while encountering Tal Ratha in Remnant 2. Here are 2 outcomes each having potential unique rewards.

Spiced Bile Item in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

1st Outcome: Fighting with Tal Ratha’s standard form and killing him can get you the Spiced Bile material used for making the Nebula handgun with Ava McCabe. This tiny flamethrower can be fired when the mod is activated.

Acidic Jawbone item in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

2nd Outcome: If you come victorious after killing Tal Ratha’s Metaphysical form, you will be provided with Shinning Essense Echo and Acidic Jawbone. The latter item can be transformed into the Gas Giant melee weapon. The Neutral Backdash Charge is used to infuse the weapon with explosive damage.

Once you conquer the Tal Ratha, return to the Labyrinth and proceed to the next levels in Remnant 2.

Nebula Handgun

Aspect Value
Damage 12
RPS (Rounds Per Second) 8
Magazine 55
Ideal Range 8m
Falloff Range 8m
Max Ammo 220
Critical Hit Chance N/A
Weak Spot Damage Bonus N/A
Stagger Modifier -15%

The Nebula is a tiny flamethrower-type weapon, adding a unique flair to the players’ arsenal. When activated, it can unleash a fiery torrent upon enemies, making it effective in close-quarters combat and for keeping opponents at bay.

The process of acquiring the Nebula involves crafting at McCabe, one of Remnant 2’s NPC characters who aid the players by upgrading and creating new equipment. You will require certain materials to craft this weapon:

  • 1x Spiced Bile
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal
  • and 650x Scrap

One notable aspect of the Nebula is that it comes automatically equipped with a powerful Weapon Mod, the Nano Swarm. When used, this mod releases a swarm of nanomachines that actively seek out enemies within a 20-meter radius. These nanomachines attack repeatedly, dealing 6 ACID damage per hit for a duration of 15 seconds. This feature in Remnant 2 makes the Nebula a strong offensive weapon capable of damage over time and area control, which can turn the tide of battle.

The best thing about Nebula lies in its versatility. Not only does it have direct damage potential as a flamethrower, but it also allows for strategic crowd control with the Nano Swarm mod. You get Nebula after fighting Tal Ratha, which I believe is the best choice in Remnant 2.

Gas Giant Melee Weapon

Aspect Value
Damage 74
Critical Hit Chance 3%
Weak Spot Damage +95%
Stagger Modifier 8%

The Gas Giant comes with a built-in Weapon Mod, known as the Dying Breath. This mod, when infused, allows the Neural Backdash Charge Attack to explode in a 3m Area Of Effect (AOE), leaving behind an ACID Cloud that lasts for 15 seconds. This makes the Gas Giant not just a tool for direct combat, but also a weapon capable of dealing damage over time and controlling the battlefield.

In terms of combat mechanics, the Gas Giant has dormant Toxic Gas, which is released upon dealing damage. Additionally, when infused, basic attacks cause a CORRODED effect for 5 seconds. This means that it not only damages enemies upon impact but also leaves them suffering from a debuff that reduces their combat effectiveness.

In conclusion, Tal Ratha in Remnant 2 is a World Boss you will encounter in the N’Erud region. After finding Soul Sparks, you will meet him in the Forgotten Prison. He gives you a tough choice: fight him or let him eat you. Each choice brings different outcomes and rewards. Now that you know what each choice offers, it is you who gets to decide the outcome or the fate of Tal Ratha.

Now that you know all about Tal Ratha, I suggest you also read Remnant 2 BEST Traits, Best Medic Build, Best Starting Class, and Faelin Or Faerin Choice so that you can enrich your knowledge about the game.


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