Remnant 2: Alchemist Class (How To Unlock & Gear)



The Alchemist Class is all about adding a special touch to Remnant 2. Among many of the abilities it has, one amazing ability is using two concoction effects at the same time. Even better, you can share these effects with your teammates, making the Alchemist a super helpful support character. Use the Alchemist’s power, and see your team become unbeatable with strong elixirs and a harmonious spirit!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlocking the Alchemist Class in Remnant 2 requires participation in an event in Losomn, specifically Ironborough.
  • Players will need to stay near drains until grabbed by a Manticora.
  • After respawning on top of a pile of bones, find and defeat the Manticora, which will drop a Mysterious Stone.
  • Give the Mysterious Stone to Wallace in Ward 13, who can craft the Philosopher’s Stone Engram.
  • Equip it to unlock the Alchemist Class in Remnant 2.
  • Starting class Gear for the Alchemist Class includes the Wrangler 1860 long gun, the Bone Chopper melee weapon, the Double Barrel Hand Gun, and the Academic Gear Set. Each has specific attributes beneficial to gameplay.

How To Unlock Alchemist Class in Remnant 2

Drain Windows

To unlock Alchemist Class you will have to take part in an event that takes place in Losomn, specifically in Ironborough. To unlock this Class, you will need to follow some steps, Explore the streets of Ironborough and stay close to the drains

The creature will take you to the next area in Remnant 2

Sometimes, a Manticora might grab your character and take them to a dangerous spot. After respawning, you will find yourself on top of a pile of bones. Walk away from the bones until you encounter the Manticora again. You should also have to engage in combat with the creature and defeat him, and it will drop a valuable item called the Mysterious Stone. 

you will respawn on a pile of bones

Take this Stone to Wallace in Ward 13, and he can help you craft the Philosopher’s Stone Engram. Finally, equip the Philosopher’s Stone Engram, and there it is! This special item can be equipped in either your primary or secondary slot, and it will grant you access to the Alchemist Class. Now you have unlocked the Alchemist Class in Remnant 2 and can enjoy its unique abilities! 

Mysterious Stone

Potency – Archetype Trait

Potency Trait

As an Alchemist, you will gain some exciting abilities to enhance your play style. Potency is one of the best traits that you will get after unlocking the Alchemist class in Remnant 2. As you become more powerful with the Alchemist Class, this trait improves too. It gives you a +10% Consumable Duration for each level, reaching a full 100% at Level 10. While it can be helpful for countering Root Rot or Curse effects using consumables.

Level Effect
1 +10% Consumable Duration
2 +20% Consumable Duration
3 +30% Consumable Duration
4 +40% Consumable Duration
5 +50% Consumable Duration
6 +60% Consumable Duration
7 +70% Consumable Duration
8 +80% Consumable Duration
9 +90% Consumable Duration
10 +100% Consumable Duration

Alchemist Skills

Alchemist Skills

The Alchemist has three skills that give the area of effect buffs to both themselves and their allies. However, these skills take some time to cool down, so use them wisely when they are most needed. Being an effective Alchemist involves strategic thinking and using your skills at the right moments during battles.

1. Vial Stone Mist

You get the Vial Stone Mist skill from Level 1. When you use Stone Mist, it creates a mysterious cloud that lasts 10 seconds. This cloud gives you a protective effect called Stoneskin for 15 seconds. With Stoneskin, you take less damage, Blight Buildup increases more slowly, and you are not affected by Status Effects like being poisoned or stunned

2. Vial Frenzy Dust

You get the Vial Frenzy Dust skill at Level 5 of the Alchemist Class in Remnant 2. When you use Frenzy Dust, it makes a mysterious cloud that stays for 10 seconds. This cloud gives you a boost called Frenzied for 15 seconds. With Frenzied, you become faster in firing, reloading, and melee attacks. It makes you quicker and more powerful during battles, helping you fight with greater speed and strength. 

3. Vial Elixir of Life

You can get the Vial Elixir of Life skill at Level 10 of the Alchemist Class. When you use the Elixir of Life a cloud appears for 10 seconds. It gives you Living Will for 20 seconds. This lets your health regenerate, protects against fatal damage, and revives downed teammates if they are healed fully while downed. After revival, they can not get Living Will again for 180 seconds. A strong skill for healing, protection, and reviving in critical moments!

These skills use different vials with special effects. One vial reduces damage taken, another helps regenerate health, and the last one boosts attack speed. The best part is that these vials can be thrown, so your teammates can also benefit from their effects. Embrace the versatility of the Alchemist and become the ultimate support for your team!

Alchemist Class Spirited Prime Perk

Alchemist Class Spirited Prime Perk

“Spirited” is a Prime Perk automatically unlocked for the Alchemist class in Remnant 2, granting a potent edge to players who enjoy flexibility and control. From the get-go, the Alchemist can have an additional Concoction buff active, offering layered advantages in combat scenarios.

However, it is the level-based upgrades that really amplify the utility of this perk. At level 5, this ability expands, permitting the Alchemist to have two additional Concoction buffs active concurrently. By level 10, the perk achieves its maximum potential, allowing a staggering three additional buffs to be active simultaneously. “Spirited” ensures robust, dynamic, and strategic gameplay, paving the way for a multi-dimensional Alchemist build.

Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage

In Remnant 2, the Alchemist class is bestowed with an intriguing perk known as “Liquid Courage.” This perk offers a versatile power-up – a 2.5% boost to All Damage inflicted on adversaries. The brilliance of this perk lies in its potential for growth; as the Alchemist class level ascends, so does the damage increase.

The true power of Liquid Courage, however, reveals itself upon reaching level 6. The upgrade not only supercharges the damage increase to an imposing 25% but also introduces a critical component: a 5% boost to Critical Chance. This amplification transforms the perk into a formidable tool, designed to maximize the offensive capabilities of the Alchemist class.


The Alchemist class in Remnant 2 offers a team-oriented perk known as “Panacea” that comes into play at level 2. This unique perk offers a tangible boost to the survival rate of the entire team. It endows any curative effects on all team members within a 15-meter radius, simultaneously offering an extra 15 points of resistance. At level 7, Panacea receives an upgrade that enhances its protective nature.

Upon being affected by Panacea, allies not only benefit from the original effects but also gain an additional 10% resistance against both Status and Blight. This perk, therefore, serves as a protective aura, mitigating damage and enhancing the team’s resilience in the face of adversarial forces.

Gold To Lead

Gold To Lead

One of the intriguing aspects of the Alchemist class in Remnant 2 is the “Gold To Lead” perk, a utility perk unlocked at level 3. It adds a unique twist to the standard collection mechanic, where each scrap pickup carries a 15% chance of simultaneously supplying Ammo to the Alchemist.

The perk receives a substantial upgrade at level 8, expanding its capabilities to encompass not just Scrap, but also Metals. This means that any picked-up Scrap or Metal carries the same 15% chance of being accompanied by Ammo. “Gold To Lead” essentially optimizes resource management, providing an additional avenue for ammo acquisition and offering players an advantage in the heat of combat. 



In Remnant 2, the Alchemist class boasts the “Experimentalist” perk, a novel approach to relic usage. This perk, unlocked at level 4, means that whenever a Relic is used, it applies a random buff to the Alchemist for a duration of 30 seconds. Crucially, this buff is immutable, preventing any form of overriding.

The perk evolves at level 9 to include not just the Alchemist, but also any allies within a 20-meter radius. Additionally, the duration of the applied buff doubles to 60 seconds. The “Experimentalist” perk introduces an element of unpredictability, capable of turning the tide of battle through the application of these random, but potent, buffs.

Alchemist Class Starting Gear 

Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2

Similar to the rest of the classes in Remnant 2, the Alchemist also comes with 3 starting weapons and one complete gear set. I have listed the complete gear set for this archetype here below containing guns and armor set pieces in Remnant 2.

1. Wrangler 1860

Attribute Value
Damage 55
RPS (Rounds per Second) 2.1
Magazine 10
Ideal Range 25m
Falloff Range 70m
Max Ammo 50
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 110%
Stagger Modifier 0%

In Remnant 2, the Alchemist class can wield the Wrangler 1860, a rugged long gun well-suited for versatile combat ranges. This lever-action hunting rifle, obtainable from Brabus at Ward 13 or as starting equipment for both the Alchemist and Gunslinger Archetypes, provides a dependable edge in battle. However, its slow reload speed necessitates strategic management in heated firefights, adding a layer of tactical depth to the gameplay.

2. Bone Chopper

Bone Chopper Melee weapon in Remnant 2
Attribute Value
Damage 58
Critical Hit Chance 7%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +105%
Stagger Modifier -3%

In the Alchemist’s arsenal in Remnant 2, the “Bone Chopper” holds a significant place. This melee weapon, as brutal as it sounds, is a razor-sharp hand axe meticulously crafted for the grim task of separating flesh from bone. It dishes out moderate damage, but it’s the charged state where it truly shines, unleashing devastating double attacks suitable for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Available as starting equipment for the Alchemist archetype, it can also be discovered after completing The Feast Event, where it awaits the adventurous in a room, accessible by a small lift. Bone Chopper transforms the Alchemist into a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.

3. Double Barrel

Double Barrel shotgun
Attribute Value
Damage 110
RPS (Rounds per Second) 2.3
Magazine 2
Ideal Range 7m
Falloff Range 20m
Max Ammo 24
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +100%
Stagger Modifier 10%

In Remnant 2, the “Double Barrel” is a potent weapon in the Alchemist’s inventory. As a Hand Gun, it packs a punch in a compact form. The Double Barrel is a sturdy, short-barreled firearm, designed for close-quarter encounters where it can decimate enemies swiftly.

This makes it a perfect choice for players who prioritize firepower and expect intense engagements. The Double Barrel can be acquired as part of the starting gear for the Alchemist Archetype, or alternatively, it can be found tucked away in an Iron Safe in Morrow Parish in Losomn, unlockable by completing the ‘Head Doctor’ event and using the code 2971.

4. Academic Gear Set

Academic’s Hat Attribute Value
Armor 11
Weight 7
Bleed Resistance 1
Fire Resistance 0
Shock Resistance 0
Blight Resistance 2
Toxin Resistance 3
Academic’s Overcoat Attribute Value
Armor 37
Weight 21
Bleed Resistance 2
Fire Resistance 0
Shock Resistance 0
Blight Resistance 3
Toxin Resistance 6
Academic’s Trousers Attribute Value
Armor 17
Weight 10
Bleed Resistance 2
Fire Resistance 0
Shock Resistance 0
Blight Resistance 1
Toxin Resistance 4
Academic’s Gloves Attribute Value
Armor 7
Weight 4
Bleed Resistance 0
Fire Resistance 0
Shock Resistance 0
Blight Resistance 1
Toxin Resistance 2

In conclusion, the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2 is a class that offers a unique and dynamic playing experience. Equipped with an array of diverse perks and weapons, this class provides a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Whether it’s dealing damage to enemies, enhancing team resilience, or managing resources, the Alchemist excels.

Additionally, with the option to evolve and upgrade perks as you progress in Remnant 2, the Alchemist class allows for strategic development and versatility. If you enjoy a balanced and tactical gameplay experience with an element of unpredictability, then the Alchemist Archetype is a great choice.

I assumed you now know everything about the Alchemist class. If you do, then I highly recommend you visit Remnant 2: How To Unlock Summoner Archetype guide as well. Other than that, you can also check Remnant 2: All Tal Ratha ChoicesPower LevelRelic Fragment, and Decorum Cipher guides.


Image Credits: Legacy Gaming

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