Remaining 2 Root Earths (Locations, Bosses and Rewards)



the final location I Remainder 2 is called Root landwhich you can only access after completing all three mains. World. There are many important areas and NPCs in this biome, where you will be able to get powerful. weapon And coachincluding Dendroid setAfter defeating enemies and bosses.

Key takeaways

  • The final location players will have to complete in Remnant 2’s main campaign is called Root Earth.
  • Roots are the three majors of the earth Locations: Asian Wasteland, Corrupted Harbor, and Blackened Fortress.

  1. In Asian Wasteland, players will have to fight a boss named Cancer to get such rewards. Dendroid Armor Set And A weapon of hellfire.
  2. After that, they will be able to accept. Bad HarbourWhere they have to fight with Venom and get rewards like Escalation Protocol and Decade Heart Relic.
  3. The last location is the Black Castle, where players will interact with several NPCs. clementine And The keeper.

  • Remnant 2’s Root Earth is the final boss. annihilationand after defeating him, players will receive forgot memory as a reward.

What is the root land in Remnant 2?

The final location of Remnant 2’s main campaign is Root Earth, which has three large locations full of rewards, and you’ll have to fight three main bosses in these locations to complete the game.

Below is an overview of the locations:

location the boss Rewards
The Asian Wasteland Cancer Hellfire Weapon, Steel Katana, Dendroid Armor Set, Reaping Stone, Dying Ember, Zania’s Malice, Ankh of Power, Haymaker’s Ring, Resonating Heart Relic
Bad Harbour poison Rotten Claw Weapon, Flyweight Sting, Probability Code, Kinetic Cycle Stone, Escalation Protocol, Signs of a Rotten Heart
Black Castle annihilation A forgotten memory

How to access root land

In order to access the Remnant 2 Root Earth and fight the boss, players must obtain 3 Index segments From the three main worlds. After getting all three segments from LosomnN’Erud, and Yashathey have to go. Labyrinth.

Root land
Root Earth Location (image taken by eXputer)
  1. After that, you have to communicate with the keeper and use the index to summon a. The portal.
  2. This portal will take players directly to Root Earth, where they will be able to explore three important locations.

Root Earth Locations

There are three main locations in Remnant 2 Root Earth that you need to complete in order to achieve them. Rewards By fighting bosses including weapons and armor. Below is a detailed walkthrough of all the locations and the rewards you can expect.

The Asian Wasteland

The first area you’ll cover in Remnant 2 Root Earth. Ashin barren land. It looks like an abandoned city and there are many root enemies for you to fight.

The Asian Wasteland
Ashen Wasteland (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Fortunately, you won’t have to complete any more. The dungeonbut there are some hidden locations that have tons of rewards, including rare weapons and gear.

  1. As soon as you enter the Asian Wasteland, you will have to find one. The building And make your way on a highway. Keep going until you reach a road full of enemies.
  2. From here, you’ll be able to make your way inside the building and fight some more enemies to get rewards. The Wrapping Stone And Cutting steel.
  3. You will also be able to get armor sets, and after completing the building, you will be able to get one. weapon as well as.


Cancer boss
Cancer Boss Fight – (Image via Xporter)

is the main boss you face in the Asian Wasteland. Cancer. The boss’s weakness is on him. behindand he has a lot of AOE, which can be hard to counter.

  • Including using one of his attacks. Root tendrils To limit your movement in the field.
  • As the boss reaches 50% HP, its attacks will become faster and more powerful.
  • After defeating him, you will get Necrocyte Strand Weapon mod as reward.


After completely clearing the area, you will receive the following items as a reward.

  • A weapon of hellfire
  • Cutting steel
  • Dendroid Armor Set
  • The Wrapping Stone
  • The dying amber
  • The malice of adultery.
  • Eye of Power
  • Haymaker’s Ring
  • Resonating Heart Relic

Bad Harbour

After defeating the cancer, you will be able to unlock Bad Harbour Area. As you enter the area, you will encounter several enemies.

Black Citadel Area Root Earth Remnant 2
Corrupted Harbor Area (Image courtesy of eXputer)

The toughest enemies in this area are the two giants. The Root Walkers What you have to face.

  1. These enemies will continue to be born. Enemies With low HP.
  2. After defeating them, you will receive a relic as a reward.
  3. Here, you will be able to get The World Shard as well as.
  4. Next, you must complete an event and face enemies, incl Common Root, Root Launchers, And Root Elites.
  5. After exploring the area a bit, you’ll come across a control room that will take you to another area where you Subsidy.
  6. Make sure to search the area until you find the final one. The World Shard.
  7. Finally, you will meet the main boss of the area, poison


One of the most challenging bosses in Remnant 2’s Root Earth locations. poisonWhose weak spot can be found on it. Chest

Venom Boss Root Earth Remnant 2
Venom Boss Fight (Image courtesy of eXputer)

It is considered to be the hardest boss due to the variety of attacks against players:

  • Not only will he use Summons Throughout the battle, but he can use extremely damaging melee as well as ranged attacks.
  • Furthermore, war Playground The range is quite limited, so blocking his attacks can be quite a headache.
  • One of the deadliest attacks that venom can perform is actually a Strife combo where he will use his sword and charge towards the player to deal damage.
  • Around 30% health, This will do a special move where the boss will summon pillars from the ground that can do massive work. loss If they kill you.
  • After defeating the poison, you will get Dread Core Skewer Weapon mode as a reward.


After completing the Corrupted Harbor, you will receive the following items as a reward.

  • Rotten Claw Weapon
  • Flyweight Sting
  • Probability code
  • Kinetic cycle stones
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Signs of a rotten heart

Black Castle

The last area of ​​Root Earth you’ll get to explore. Black Castle. There aren’t many rewards you can loot from the area except a World Stone.

Remnants of the Black Citadel Root Earth 2
Location of the Black Castle – (Image courtesy of eXputer)

However, it has a world boss known as Annihilation, who uses extremely powerful attacks during battle. You will also be able to access two NPCs from Root Earth, known as clementine And The keeper After defeating the boss

How to defeat decay in root land.

The last big boss in Remnant 2 Root Earth is Annihilation, and it has two weak spots, one located on it. Body And one at that The head

Annihilation Root Land Residue 2
Annihilation Boss Fight – (Image courtesy of eXputer)

This is also the last main boss you will face in Remnant 2. Defeating him will end it. root Complete elimination of corruption

  • Being the final boss of Maine campaign, It’s also the hardest boss you’ll ever face.
  • The boss fight will take place in three phases, and Eggs In the first phase, in the center of the field.
  • In the first stage, the boss will summon orbs and use his sword to deal attacks on you.
  • During the second phase, I recommend focusing as much on your defense and counter attacks as possible.
  • The second stage will end after the cutscene, and before the third stage begins, you will be able to interact with him. NPCS The root of the earth.
  • In the third stage, the boss summons minions to attack you, and your main goal is to survive. Defeating the minions isn’t that hard, and you’ll be able to pull it off. The Explorer Archetype after defeating Annihilation.

After defeating Annihilation, you will receive a Forgotten Memory as a reward. Once you’ve completed the main campaign, you can go back. Ward 13. With this, I conclude my detailed guide. Root land The other 2, along with all the rewards you’ll be able to get for completing the location.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to read the guide. Engrams And Chimney dungeons in Remnants 2. You can also check out the guide. Omen ring And how to get it Aphelion in Remainder 2.


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