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Reincarnated as a Sword’s New Skill Taker Ability, Explained

The following contains spoilers for Reincarnated as a Sword Episode 7, “The Horrible Lieutenant of the Knight Brigade,” now airing on HIDIVE.

While other main isekai characters are given the chance to restart their lives as someone else in a fantastical world, reincarnated as a swordThe lead of becomes a sword. However, all is not lost; despite being a sentient weapon, the protagonist is given some overpowered abilities. They can gain skills and experience simply by cutting a monster’s crystal, allowing them to level up exponentially. A recent dungeon dive has given them quite an interesting ability.

Fran and Teacher are on a mission to shut down the B-level dungeon Fran discovered. Although it’s technically a group raid, the master and disciple duo zip through the Goblin horde and head straight for the boss room. That was where they met the Greater Demon. He is the strongest opponent they have fought so far, but Fran and Teacher still triumph in the end. After cutting the core of the Greater Demon, Teacher gains her Skill Taker ability, and finds her first target in Episode 7.

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How does Reincarnated as a Sword’s Skill Taker work?

The Greater Demon’s unique ability, Skill Taker, allowed him to steal his target’s abilities without having to kill them, and he used it against Fran during their battle. The only reason why he didn’t manage to incapacitate the cat-girl is that Fran’s abilities came mainly from Master’s ability to share abilities. Now that Skill Taker is in Teacher’s hands, the sword can be used however he wants. It works the same way as when the Greater Demon was using it; The master can summon invisible shadow hands to attack his target. Upon contact, some of the target’s abilities will transfer to the character that used the attack.

The Greater Demon was able to choose the abilities he was stealing, so it’s probably safe to assume that the Master and Fran can do the same. Skill Taker is also very similar to the Professor’s ability to learn new skills. However, it does not require the user to kill their target. It can also be used against non-monsters, and potentially even allies. This is exactly how the cat-girl first used it.

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Who was the first victim of the Skill Taker?

Fram and Allsand in Reincarnated as Sword

After closing the dungeon, Fran was asked about the events inside. The guildmaster paid special attention to the Greater Demon core, supposedly a very important material. Fran told them a half lie, saying that the crystal disappeared after the Greater Demon was defeated. While the guildmaster believed her, another character cast her suspicion on the catgirl. August Allsand, the vice-captain of the Alessa Knights, kept trying to pin the blame on Fran using his unique ability. His actions and his bragging led Teacher to evaluate him.

In fact, the knight has a unique ability called Essence of Falsehood, which allows the user to detect when others are lying, while also allowing them to get away with their own lies. This is how Allsand was trying to make the guildmaster believe in Fran’s alleged crimes. The master, however, was not a pushover and stood his ground even against Allsand’s energy shot. Seeing how chaotic the situation had become, Fran offered to give Allsand some of the goblin horns looted from him, but the knight was disgusted at the sight of them and brushed them out of her hands. Fran was rightly furious and wanted to kill the knight, but the Master stopped her.

The sword told Fran that they could steal her unique ability, so Fran and Teacher simultaneously used Skill Taker on Allsand, allowing them to acquire both Essence of Falsehood and Court Etiquette. With the last ability stolen from him, Allsand’s demeanor became the lowest of scum. He lost all decency and sense of hygiene, becoming the laughing stock of the town. When she confronted Fran about it, the cat-girl used her own ability to play with him. Clearly, she was a natural at it, leaving fans to wonder who else Skill Taker will be using in next year. reincarnated as a sword.

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