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Rein Avoids the Annoying Nude Bath Scene Trope

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of beast tameravailable to stream on crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Storytelling in anime tends to be based on tropes, some more than others. They are an easy way for an author to create a sense of familiarity with their characters, setting, plot, etc., but they also provide an opportunity to go completely against what the audience expects. Sometimes, when things feel more predictable than ever, the author has a great idea to finally go against the grain, and it’s usually one of the most refreshing moments in the story.

Such is the case in the latest episode of beast tamer, where the main character Rein is somehow able to avoid one of the most annoying tropes in anime: accidentally seeing a naked girl. The result of a male character watching a buff female character tends to result in what appears to be a bombshell-level disaster, but beast tamer he decides to be a little more mature in this regard.

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The new best girl could be an old runt

The episode begins with the group realizing that Rein is sorely lacking in the equipment department, and he still only fights with his fists. To remedy this, they travel to the best blacksmith in town, which coincidentally is run by a surly dwarf, Gantz. At first, he seems like nothing more than a bitter old man, but Rein’s ability to discern the quality of equipment for sale impresses him enough to drop the facade on him.

In reality, Gantz doesn’t like to sell his top-quality gear to adventurers he deems unworthy, as they’ll just replace whatever he makes or abandon it more often than not. Rein asks if he can make him a weapon, but Gantz tells the group that he needs mithril from a nearby mine to make it, and the mine has mysteriously stopped providing the materials. Queen and company. he agrees to investigate and the group leaves for the mine.

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Beast tamer managed to squeeze in a bathroom scene

beast tamer bathing

On their way to the mine, the twins Sora and Luna begin to get fatigued and state that fairies are not meant to do things like walk. The group opts to take a break at a nearby lake, with Rein sitting to the side, not wanting to disturb the girls. The bathroom scene is pretty stereotypical, with the twins commenting on the size of their breasts compared to Kanade’s and Tania’s, but the conclusion of the scene is the most interesting part.

After a fish bites into Kanade’s tail, making her scream, Rein runs, thinking the girls are in danger. Instead, she accidentally sees her group completely naked. However, where other series would turn this into a beating down on the male lead, beast tamer instead, she chooses a more mature route, since neither of the girls really cares about Rein seeing them.

Knowing that their intentions are not to spy, they simply shrug off the incident rather than dwell on it. Even though the bathroom scene itself is an anime trope, this turn of events is quite refreshing for the story, which already leans heavily on tropes and archetypes. Either beast tamer Attempts to continue these little subversions in the future or not remain to be seen, but it would certainly help make the show more enjoyable.

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