Redfall’s release date likely leaked with new report.



Various reports and rumors have claimed a possible Redfall release date.

Arkane Studios’ new game called Redfall is going to be an Xbox exclusive as it marks the studio’s acquisition deal with Microsoft. It will join the publisher’s larger PC and Xbox lineup for 2023. While the official announcement states that it will be released this year, new sources claim that it will be launched soon.

According to a media outlet Windows Central, its sources believe that Redfall is targeting an initial release window of May 2023. Specifically, the studio is planning to release it in the first week of May 2023. Twitter user Okami 13 started the rumor by claiming the same thing, and Windows Central confirmed it with their trusted sources.

The studio also has plans to release an early access period for the game. This may be similar to other games with a certain special edition that offers this promo to those who purchase the more expensive versions of the game.

Apart from this information, no other details have been revealed. This could be the right move for Arkane Studios by releasing the game in the first week of May 2023. Two major games will launch later this month: The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch, and Suicide Squad Kill Justice League for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Also, less competition.

Redfall officially starts in 2023 and possibly as early as May 2023.



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