Redfall Voice Actors: Full Cast List



Are you curious about who the voice actors and cast of Redfall are? This vampire hunting game has you hunting the undead with flair and flair, so expect plenty of personality within the cast. Do you think you will love any of the heroes you will play as in the game?

Read on and find out who the Redfall cast and voice actors have been chosen to play the characters in this game.

Who are the voice actors for Redfall?

Redfall’s voice actors for each character are as follows:

  • yuri lowenthal as Jacob Boyer
  • kamal khan as Devinder Crousley
  • Queen Ninth as Layla Ellison
  • adriana isabel as Remi De La Rosa
Yuri Lowenthal as Jacob Boyer Redfall voice actors

Yuri Lowenthal as Jacob Boyer

Yuri Lowenthal is the voice of Jacob Boyer. As one of the most popular voice actors, Yuri is the most recognizable name of all on this list. You may know him as Haseo from Hack GU and Peter Parker from Marvel’s Spider-Man. This time, Yuri voices a former professional mercenary turned vampire hunter with a magical eye that helps him shoot from afar.

Kamal Khan as Devinder Crousley Redfall voice actors

Kamal Khan as Devinder Crousley

Kamal Khan is the voice of Devinder Crousley. He has some notable roles from other games, such as Dr. Jain from Fallout 76 and Claymore from XCOM: Chimera Squad. Kamal plays the eccentric cryptid hunter who has the ability to use his own tools to hunt down vampires.

Queen Noveen as Layla Ellison Redfall voice actors

Queen Noveen as Layla Ellison

Queen Noveen is voiced by Layla Ellison. She has voiced several characters in other video games, such as Vanessa Jones from Friday the 13th: The Game and Solari Sentinel from Legends of Runeterra. Queen voices the scathing telekinetic vampire slayer who discovered her powers after an outing gone wrong.

Adrianne Isabelle as Remi De La Rosa Redfall voice actors

Adrianne Isabelle as Remi De La Rosa

Adrianne Isabelle lends her voice as Remi De La Rosa. Out of all the voice actors on this list, she doesn’t have many notable roles from other video games, except for Anya from Pagan Online. Adrianne plays Spanish-speaking Navy personnel carrying her deadly robot companion that she built herself.

Those are the voice actors and the cast of Redfall. We hope this article has been informative. Check out our page for more Redfall news, guides, and features.



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