Redfall Release Date Announced With New Gameplay Video



Arkane has officially Announced the official Redfall release date during the Developer_Direct showcase along with a new gameplay video.

Redfall Release Date Revealed And Pre-Order Bonus

The upcoming video game will launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC on May 2, 2023. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass. There is a pre-order bonus to check out, which is the Vampire Hunter Pack. Includes the exclusive Grim Tide Shotgun, which deals 20 percent more damage for eight seconds after killing an enemy. He also has the Vortex multi-weapon skin and the Blood Ravager Stake Weapon attachment.

Bite Back Edition Inclusions

The Bite Back edition includes the Hero Pass with two future heroes, Throwback Outfit Pack with a unique outfit and backpack for each of the four base heroes, a Laser Beam multi-weapon skin, and the Tactical Knife Stake weapon accessory.

About Redfall

Players will be able to join the hunt for vampires that lurk in every dark corner of Smalltown, USA. Take on a variety of missions to make the city a little safer for the survivors. They can also gather information about the mysteries surrounding the island and the new vampire lords and could reveal the secrets of the vampire gods they control from the bottom.



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