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Red Canary’s Anticipated DC Debut Reveals Her Powers and Abilities

Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 reveals Red Canary’s powers and motivations for becoming a costumed hero.

Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, the last one-shot to link dark crisis on infinite earthsfinally gives some hints about the mysterious new character, Red Canary, revealing his powers and motivations to become a hero.

The issue reveals that Red Canary does not have any formal powers, but is a master of martial arts, specifically jiu-jitsu. He also carries high-tech fencing sticks with him, which he stole from an unidentified villain. (While he mentions that he’s “working” on learning to fly with Damian Wayne/Robin, it sounds like he’s kidding.) Regarding his motivations for fighting Pariah and the Dark Army, Red Canary says that he wants to help. people as they carry the torch of Dinah Drake / Black Canary

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Red Canary made her official DC debut in dark crisis on infinite earths #3. However, she was only on one panel and did not have a speaking role. dark crisis on infinite earths writer Joshua Williamson announced his August 2022 debut with art by Dan Mora. While his identity was not revealed at the time, fans pointed out that the costume resembled Dinah’s and that she shares some resemblance to Emiko Queen, a fellow Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

dark crisis on infinite earthsRed Canary isn’t the first time the cloak has appeared in the DC Universe. At one point in her career as a superhero, Dinah had a vision of her mother, the original Black Canary, becoming the leader of the League of Assassins. However, in this alternate reality, Dinah’s mother went by the code name Red Canary.

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Although Red Canary’s role in the remaining issues of dark crisis on infinite earths remains a mystery, she appeared in promo art for “Lazarus Planet”, teasing a major role for her there. Directed by Mark Waid, the event will see the DC Universe thrown into chaos after the eruption of the Lazarus volcano in batman vs robin #4. Some of the upcoming changes include Bruce Wayne/Batman donning Nabu’s helmet from Doctor Fate, Martian Manhunter turning into a Doomsday-like monster, and Jon Kent donning his father’s electric blue suit.

Before “Planet Lazarus”, dark crisis on infinite earths will reach its climactic conclusion with the number 7 and Dark Crisis: War Zone release in December.

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