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Little Alchemy 2 is a game in which you mix the ingredients to make a new world from scratch. It boosts the creativity of players. And helps them to make amusing things. You begin the journey by making fundamental elements like air, water, fire, and earth. And then you move towards making some complex elements. Paper is an essential part of everyday living. With the help of this guide, you can learn how to make paper in Little Alchemy 2 and its importance.

Key Takeaways

  • Paper is one of the most crucial elements of the game.
  • To make paper from wood, you can combine wood with a blender, water, machine, or pressure.
  • To create a paper from scratch, there are 33 steps in total. The last three steps are as follows:                              1. The combination of Big and Plant leads to Tree.                                                                                                  2. Mix Tree and Sword to make Wood.                                                                                                                    3. Finally, Paper is produced after combining Wood and Water.
  •  The paper plays a significant role as it enables players to create a range of items such as Ash, Money, Newspaper, and many others.

Recipes For Making A Paper

To produce paper, it is necessary to have wood as an ingredient. There are 4 ways to make paper using wood.

  • Mix wood and blender to make paper.
  • Wood and water combination also leads to paper.
  • Paper can also be produced by combining wood and machine.
  • To manufacture paper, you can also combine wood and pressure.
Paper in Little Alchemy 2
Paper (Image by eXputer)

Creating Paper from Scratch

  1. Making a paper from scratch involves a total of 33 steps. Let’s look into them.
Recipes Product
Fire + Fire Energy
Water + Water Puddle
Puddle + Water Pond
Pond + Water Lake
Water + Water Puddle
Lake + Water Sea
Sea + Earth Primordial Soup
Primordial Soup + Energy Life
Life + Fire phoenix
Phoenix + phoenix Egg
Earth+ Earth Land
Earth + Land Continent
Continent + Continent Planet
Planet + Air Atmosphere
Atmosphere + Water Cloud
Cloud + Water Rain
Life + Earth Soil
Soil + Cloud Plant
Earth + Fire Lava
Lava + Air Stone
Stone + Stone Wall
Wall + Wall House
Stone + Fire Metal
Earth + Metal Plow
Plow + Earth Field
Metal + Stone Blade
Blade + Metal Sword
Field + House Barn
Egg + Barn Chicken
Chicken + Egg Philosophy
Big + Plant Tree
Tree + Sword Wood
Wood + Water Paper

Recipes That Require Paper

Paper is a fundamental element in this game that is used to create a variety of other items. Here are some recipes that require paper


Ash is the outcome when paper meets fire. The creation of ash in Little Alchemy 2 is a simple yet powerful reminder of the destructive power of fire. However, as with the real world, the resulting ash can also be used for renewal and growth, as a natural fertilizer for new creations.

Ash in Little Alchemy 2
Ash (Image by us)


Paper and wood combined to produce the Book. It is a reminder of the power of human creativity and innovation, as we continue to transform the world around us into new and useful creations.


A  mixture of Paper and tobacco will be the creation of a cigarette. The cigarette in Little Alchemy 2 is a reminder of the danger of smoking, it can also serve as a reminder of the power of personal choice.


To make Confetti, we require paper and a Blade or Paper and a scissor. Confetti represents the power of creativity and imagination to bring excitement and joy to lives.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie can be made by three different techniques which require paper.

  • CookiePaper
  • Cookie Dough + Paper
  • Gingerbreadman + Paper


For the formation of a kite, we also require paper in three different ways.

  • AirPaper
  • SkyPaper
  • Wind + Paper

Players can also combine Kite with other elements to create new and more complex items, such as an Airplane, Bird, and Pterodactyl.


A combination of Paper and Pencil will give you a Letter. In Little Alchemy 2, the Letter element represents the concept of written communication and is an important component in the creation of several other items in the game.


The map can be created with the combination of the following items and all of them require paper.

  • City + Paper
  • Continent + Paper
  • Hill + Paper
  • Lake + Paper
  • Land + Paper
  • Mountain + Paper
  • Mountain Range + Paper
  • Ocean + Paper
  • River + Paper
  • Sea + Paper
  • Village + Paper

The Map element represents the concept of a visual representation of the area in little alchemy 2.


There are three ways to make money in little alchemy 2.

  • BankPaper
  • DiamondPaper
  • GoldPaper

Little Alchemy 2 assigns significant value to the element of Money as it serves as a crucial component in creating a wide range of elements including  Bank, Gold, Treasure, and Stock Market.


Newspaper can be made by combining paper and story. It is also a crucial element that can be utilized to generate a range of other elements including a Letter, a Magazine, and a Reporter.

Paper Airplane

A combination of paper and plane will make a Paper airplane. Similarly, by combining paper and a computer, you can make a Printer. In the same way, Sandpaper can be made with the help of paper and sand.


By combining paper and a sword/blade, you can create a scissor, which is a crucial element of the game. The scissor can be further used to produce various other elements, including Fabric, Haircut, and Thread.

Sheet Music 

To make Sheet music, you should combine paper and music. A variety of other elements, including Concert, Piano, and Music, can be created using this important element.

Wrapping Paper

Paper is also used to make wrapping paper. Following are the ways.

  • Christmas treePaper
  • Christmas StockingPaper
  • Gift and paperPaper
  • Santa and paper + Paper

Wrapping Paper is an important and versatile element in this game that opens up a lot of possibilities for players who want to explore the game’s mechanics and discover new combinations related to gift-giving and festive occasions.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Little Alchemy 2 is an incredibly fun and creative game that allows players to experiment with different combinations of elements to create new and exciting things. In this guide, we learned how to make paper in Little Alchemy 2 using various combinations of elements like wood, blender, machine, and pressure.

Moreover, we also explored how can we make a paper from scratch. Paper can also be used in the making of things such as ash, book, cigarette, confetti, fortune cookie, kite, letter, maps, money, newspaper, paper airplane, scissor, sheet music, and wrapping paper. Each of these elements represents different concepts and ideas, showcasing the vast range of possibilities that this game has to offer.

Overall, Little Alchemy 2 is an excellent game for individuals of all ages who want to boost their creativity and enhance their problem-solving skills. It provides a great platform for players to explore and experiment with different elements, making the game both engaging and educational.

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