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In the RE4 Remake, players can collect a total of 16 Clockwork Castellan figures, which corresponds to the number of chapters in the game. However, some of these figures can be acquired at various stages of the story, provided that the player doesn’t proceed to the final objective in each of the three regions and become locked out.

Key Takeaways

  • In the RE4 Remake, players can collect 16 Clockwork Castellan figures.
  • These figures correspond to the number of chapters in the game, and each one is hidden and not displayed on the map.
  • Players can locate the figures by following audio clues, which manifest as ticking clock noises that get louder as the player approaches.
  • Some of these figures can be acquired at various stages of the story, provided that the player doesn’t proceed to the final objective in each of the three regions and become locked out.
  • The location of the RE4 Remake all Clockwork Castellans varies from chapter to chapter, and they are scattered throughout the game’s various locations.
  • Collecting all Clockwork Castellan pieces will reward you with Primal Knife and Revolution Wind-Up trophy/Achievement.

Location Of All Clockwork Castellans In RE4 Remake

To discover the 16 Clockwork Castellan figures in RE4 Remake, players must explore each chapter carefully, as each one is hidden and not displayed on the map. By following audio clues, which manifest as ticking clock noises that get louder as the player approaches, they can locate each figure, with some available at different points throughout the game.

1. Lakeside Settlement

Settlement Lakeside Clockwork Castellan
Lakeside Settlement – (Image by eXputer)

The first Clockwork Castellan is located in the inner room of the southwestern shack in Lakeside Settlement during Chapter 4, close to the broken ceiling, where Luis Sera is first encountered.

2. Abandoned Factory

Abandoned Factory
Abandoned Factory – (Image by eXputer)

To find the first collectible in RE4 Remake, players should go to the optional area that opens up from the first location of the merchant. They must move in the direction of the valley in order to take the Hexagon Key from the tower there.

After that, they should return and open the path, heading north until they reach a cabin on the left side. They can then shoot the clockwork castellan inside the cabin that is lying on the ground.

3. Quarry

Quarry Clockwork Castellan
Quarry – (Image by eXputer)

Moving onto the list of RE4 Remake all Clockwork Castellans, the next one is located in the dock below the merchant spot in the lake area. The second Clockwork Castellan can be found by either using the ladder or docking with your boat. Go to the area’s southeast corner and approach the crate you can destroy. Shoot through the gap between the boxes and the ceiling above you to take out the clockwork castellan.

4. Forest Altar 

(Forest Altar) Lakeside Settlement
Lakeside Settlement (Forest Altar) – (Image by eXputer)

Once the player defeats the lake monster, they can return to the Lakeside Settlement on their boat to discover the fourth Clockwork Castellan. The clockwork castellan is located behind the fences at the Forest Altar near the corpse of the sacrificed girl.

5. Village Chief’s Manor

(Chief’s Manor) Village Square Clockwork Castellan
Village Square (Chief’s Manor) – (Image by eXputer)

Chapter 5’s fifth Clockwork Castellan can be found in the Chief’s Manor, which is south of Village Square and where Chief Mendez came dangerously close to killing Leon. Then, in order to unlock the secret attic ladder, the player must find the lever concealed behind a painting on the second floor. Finally, the fifth Castellan in the attic and progress getting RE4 Remake all Clockwork Castellans.

6. Checkpoint

(Checkpoint) North of Villa
North of Villa (Checkpoint) – (Image by eXputer)

At the Checkpoint area in Chapter 6 of RE4 Remake, where the Chainsaw Sisters attack Leon, you can find the sixth Clockwork Castellan. To locate it, the player should head towards the bridge leading to this area and then find the figurine in front of the bonfire on the right side.

7. Dungeons 

Dungeons Clockwork Castellan
Dungeons – (Image by eXputer)

To obtain the seventh Clockwork Castellan, the player should climb up the ladder located behind the locked gate, immediately after defeating the Garrador in the dungeon, and before entering the Treasury. Once the player reaches the top of the shelf, the Clockwork Castellan can be found there.

8. Castle Battlements

Castle Battlements
Castle Battlements – (Image by eXputer)

In Chapter 9, there is another Clockwork Castellan that can be obtained. However, the player needs to first escape from the Armored Giant and defeat him with the cannon.

  • Go back to the tower where you first faced the enemy.
  • Instead of going the same way, head in the opposite direction towards the first tower entered, located to the left of Castle Battlements on the map.
  • Hop to the tower, and collect the treasure and other items.
  • Move around to find the Clockwork Castellan, which is sitting on top of some bags within arm’s reach.

9. Courtyard

Courtyard Maze Clockwork Castellan
Courtyard Maze – (Image Credit: eXputer)

To find the 9th figure in the long list of RE4 Remake all Clockwork Castellans, players should navigate through the Courtyard Maze.

  • The first entry on the left should be avoided as you climb down the stairs.
  • After that, the player should enter via the second door and turn left at each corner.
  • Finally, they should head to the upper left dead end of the maze, where the castellan can be found behind an abandoned table.

10. Depths

Depths – (Image Credit: eXputer)

When arriving at the merchant room, the player should direct their attention towards the sewer duct located across from them. The Clockwork Castellan can be spotted hanging upside down, and the player can shoot it in the head. In case it is not immediately visible, the player should try adjusting their position slightly.

11. Stopover

Stopover Clockwork Castellan
Stopover – (Image Credit: eXputer)

The first stop for Leon and Luis’ minecart is at Stopover. In this area, there is a ruined structure where the eleventh Clockwork Castellan can be found.

12. Clock Tower 

Ballroom Leading to the Clock Tower
Ballroom Leading to the Clock Tower – (Image Credit: eXputer)

Go to the northwest corner of the first floor to find the twelfth Clockwork Castellan in the clock tower. The figurine is resting on top of a crate, which can also be destroyed using a knife.

13. Wharf

Wharf Clockwork Castellan
Wharf – (Image Credit: eXputer)

Before going through the door on the northeastern side of the map, in Chapter 13, there is a turn to the right.

  • The turn has cargo shipments and enemies.
  • Head to the southeastern corner of the turn.
  • The Clockwork Castellan is located underneath the red cargo attached to the truck on the right side of the forklift.

14. Amber Storeroom

Amber Storeroom
Amber Storeroom – (Image Credit: eXputer)

After Ashley and you have parted ways in the Amber Storeroom, proceed on the road to the campsite and turn left to go west. This will lead you to a small checkpoint room where you can find a clockwork castellan on top of the lockers against the wall. 

15. Specimen Storage

Specimen Storage Clockwork Castellan
Specimen Storage – (Image Credit: eXputer)

To locate the fifteenth Clockwork Castellan in Chapter 15, head to the Specimen Storage area, which is packed with hanging body bags. Once there, use the flashlight to search the ceiling of the storage area for the clockwork castellan.

16. Underground Passage

Underground Passage
Underground Passage – (Image Credit: eXputer)

The player needs to destroy the sixteenth Clockwork Castellan before getting on the jet ski in the final chapter. The figure can be found in the Underground Passage, and it is located behind the green forklift, just like the last clockwork castellan in Chapter 13.

Reward For Destroying RE4 Remake All Clockwork Castellans

Destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans will result in the player being rewarded with the Primal Knife. This is a strong fighting blade that has the potential to be upgraded into an indestructible weapon. Additionally, completing this challenge will earn the player the Revolution Wind-Up trophy/Achievement.


And we have reached at the end of our RE4 Remake all Clockwork Castellans. Read our guide on the Best Weapons to give Leon the best guns to save Ashley. Get Unlimited Ammo and make Leon fearless. Stylize the cute Ashley into a knight by unlocking Ashley’s Knight Armor in RE4 Remake. 


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