Putting PS5 in portrait doesn’t actually hurt the console



Has been new details revealed about placing the PS5 console upright and could have debunked a recent claim. A little.

A few days ago, some experts warned the gaming community that placing the PS5 upright would damage the interior of the console due to the liquid metal surrounding the processor. The claim comes from the owner of the hardware repair shop, 68Logic, who said that the liquid metal that was used to cool the APU would leak to the sides and damage other parts of the PS5 board.

According to Wololo, this happens but only in certain situations. It was confirmed that the leak could only occur if the console was opened. PS5s that are brand new are not at risk of a liquid metal leak. For those that have been cut open and repaired, owners may have to put them on their side.

So PS5 owners who like to put their consoles upright, rejoice! Now they can continue to do so without consequence, as long as it hasn’t been opened yet.



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