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Purgatori Must Die First Look Teases Evil Ernie’s Involvement (Exclusive)

purgatori must dieDynamite’s latest series starring the ancient vampire-demon, debuts in January with a star-studded slate of cameos, including an appearance by Evil Ernie.

CBR can exclusively reveal a preview of issue #1, written by Ray Fawkes (eternal batman, constantine, black hammer) and illustrated by Álvaro Sarraseca (Carmine, turok, Vampirella vs. Purgatori). The preview not only shows Purgatori getting into his usual gore-filled antics, but also shows a glimpse of the pantheon of deities featured in purgatory Must die. Furthermore, Evil Ernie appears as an apparently comatose corpse in the trunk of a car, until Hermes throws his distinctive smiley face pin at the assassin, transforming him into his usual psychotic undead guise.

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“The gods have put a price on Purgatori’s head!” reads Dynamite’s series description. “Purgatori is always pissing someone off, but this time she may have gone too far! It may have some connection to her becoming incredibly powerful and probably starting to kill and eat gods. In fact, that last part is for sure. And gods are like potato chips, right? It’s not like she’s going to stop at one. And so, the various pantheons have pooled their not-inconsiderable resources to offer a huge prize to any psycho who manages to kill her. Who wants to try? Hey, who wouldn’t? The creative team behind Vampirella vs. purgatory and the recent purgatory The miniseries reunites for the great third act of this Purgatori saga! Guest star Evil Ernie, Vampirella, the Sacred Six…and more!”

Purgatori’s Past Adventures

purgatori must die serves as the third chapter of a trilogy, post 2021 Vampirella vs. Purgatori — a series in which both characters became reluctant “best friends” — and Purgatori: witches receive points, where the titular vampire found himself facing a coven of five witches. “Everything I’ve written about Purgatori has been based on this story: the ultimate, no-holds-barred war she’s been wanting for over two thousand years,” Fawkes said of purgatori must die. “Now it’s finally happening! If she has to go, you know she’s going to go out with a bang!”

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Originally created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes, Purgatori first debuted in 1994. Evil Ernie: Revenge #1, which was published by the now-defunct Chaos! Comic books. Dynamite acquired the publishing rights purgatory in 2010, and began publishing evil ernie comics two years later. This last character recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with a new issue of five written by Scott Lobdell (Little Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, X-Men) in 2021.

purgatori must die #1 comes from Fawkes and Sarraseca, with colors by Salvatore Aiala and lettering by Tom Napolitano. The issue features covers by Collette Turner, Joseph Michael Linser, Antonio Fuso, Sarraseca, Blank Authentix, and a cosplay variant by Rachel Hollon. It goes on sale in January.

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