Psyonix is ​​removing the player-to-player trading feature from Rocket League.


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  • Developer Psyonix will remove the old feature, player-to-player trading, from Rocket League on December 5th.
  • This decision is in line with parent company Epic Games’ Items Shop policy.
  • As of December 5, this feature will no longer be available and any third-party server offering it will be considered fraudulent.

The developer Psionics will remove Player-to-player trading Feature on from Rocket League December 5th at 4pm PST. This feature allowed players to trade in-game items with each other to ensure they weren’t stuck with any unwanted items. However, fan-favorite functionality is being removed to streamline the game. Epic Games‘ Terms relating to in-game items following the purchase of Psynoix by Epic in 2019.

The developer shared the latest decision in one. Official Press Release Developing their future plans for Rocket League to collaborate with other games from Epic. The collaboration will involve bringing iconic vehicles from the Car Soccer game into the mix.

We’re making this change to align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items are not tradable, transferable, or sellable. This opens up future plans for some Rocket League vehicles to appear in other Epic games over time, supporting cross-game ownership.

Psyonix added an FAQ section to the same post to answer the most frequently asked removal questions. To answer what a player would do with their unwanted or duplicate items, the developer said Current trading system Will allow players to trade an unwanted item for random new items that are more rare. All items that have already been traded will remain unaffected.

Going forward, since you won’t be able to lend or borrow anything, you should get back any favorite items you let someone borrow before the policy goes into effect in December. Finally, as player-to-player trading will be banned. Third-party commercial websites Will be considered exclusively dedicated to Rocket League players.fraud” If they advertise any such trading options.

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Psionics Loot boxes were removed from Rocket League in 2019. After an industry-wide anti-lootbox campaign, the studio was acquired by Epic that same year. Loot boxes have been replaced with a new system of Blueprints and premium currency called credits.. This change was somewhat accepted by the community. However, with the latest policy, fans are quite angry.

Rocket League’s Reddit page Full of criticism from all long-term and new fans. A fan wrote An Open Letter to the Cynics Calling the studio for them. “Unthinkable Greed.” Some fans openly a Application to withdraw the latest decision and asking others to boycott the game’s in-game trading platform, the Item Shop. One fan called the decision an absolute sh*t show. Blamed the developers for ruining Rocket League..

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