PS3 Emulator Now boot up all PS3 games.

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A popular PS3 emulator has now reached a great milestone after years of development.

The complexity of the popular cell processor used by the PS3 was a major problem for emulator developers. In recent years though, some have finally broken the barrier and one of them has broken it completely by revealing that its emulator can boot all titles.

According to Twitter user RPCS3, the RPCS3 loadable compatibility category now reaches zero games. No more titles boot with a black screen on the emulator. This simply meant that every PS3 game could display image output.

While not all ps3 titles are still playable, over 65 percent of the list is now playable. The remaining 32 percent or more are still trying to boot more titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to comment but it may only be a matter of time before the latter orders.

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