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Lies of P has a very intriguing post-credits scene involving a seemingly harmless side character working with someone bigger behind the curtains. It also suggests a very promising sequel, or perhaps a larger world, and an expansion of a possible franchise.

Read on as we talk more about the post-credits scene of Lies of P and point out some details that make things much more interesting.

What’s in the Post Credits scene of Lies of P?

After the credits roll, we see a familiar person sitting on the couch of a moving train. The character we were introduced to as Giangio, who claims to have been searching for a cure for petrification disease, is talking on the phone with a woman. More importantly, this woman refers to him as Paracelsus, which may actually be his real name.

Paracelsus then reports on the experiment that was performed on Krat, but he did not provide any further details to explain what the experiment was about. He also reports that he may have found a “new brother,” possibly referring to P, also known as Carlo. The woman on the other line then comments on the various forms of eternal life and then reminds Paracelsus that they will need to recover P’s arm, or the Legion’s arm from him.

Before ending the call, Paracelsus mentions having found another “key,” which supposedly belongs to them, whose name is Dorothy.

Lies of P post-credits scene explained

There’s a lot to unpack from this brief scene that adds a lot to the story and world-building of what could actually be DLC content or even a possible sequel.

Giangio, also known as Paracelsus

First of all, Giangio’s character, who is actually called Paracelsus, seems to have adopted a persona when he went to Krat in search of his supposed “cure” for the petrification disease. From the call he had with the unnamed woman, he suggests that he is working with some kind of shadowy group that is conducting a larger experiment, and the one done on Krat was just a part of it.

Personally speaking, Giangio already gave off a very suspicious vibe when we first met him, but the suspicion never grew, especially when he started helping out more in the latter part of the game. Only when this scene appeared and when P tried to visit him again after completing the game did the suspicion become more valid.

Once you complete the game, if you visit the location in the hotel where Giangio was, you will only see a box that you can access to purchase Wishstones. However, there is also an item on the table called The Letter of the Eternal. It appears that this letter was written and left by Giangio, stating that he had “a good time” with P, and also aligns with the “new brother” line of the scene.

The letter is signed by the PP, which we can only assume represents Philip Paracelsusa name that is based on the real-life figure Paracelsus, a physician, alchemist and philosopher known for his contributions to medicine, and is actually credited with being the father of toxicology.

Knowing all of these things, we might suspect that Paracelsus was actually the one behind the spread of petrification disease in Krat as part of his grand experiment to find ways to achieve eternal life. Paracelsus and the woman in the line may have already achieved eternal life, as suggested by the way they recognized P as one of his kind.

From the looks of it, Paracelsus may also become a possible boss fight in the next game.

The mysterious woman

There’s not much to know more about the mysterious woman behind the call, but we can only guess as to her identity. She appears to be working with Paracelsus or has hired Paracelsus to do some field work.

Depending on her interest in the Legion of P arm, the mysterious woman may be based on another notable real-life person, Mary Shelley, known as the author of Frankenstein; We would bet that the character’s possible name could also be taken from the author’s name, just as they got P’s real name, “Carlo,” from Carlo Collodi, the author of Pinocchio.

So we may even see an expansion of the game world that touches on the story of Victor Frankenstein’s monster, a story that was also inspired by the works of Paracelsus. It’s not a very remote possibility after seeing the last part of the scene.


The mention of Dorothy’s name and the appearance of her iconic shoes tease the possibility that the game’s next story could come as DLC or even as another separate game in the Lies of P franchise.

For the uninitiated, Dorothy is the main character of The Wizard of Oz. In the story, she is taken to the land of Oz and, as she tries to return home, she meets some friends along the way, such as the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow.

We can only see Dorothy’s legs and her magical red shoes, but we can assume she is human because of her knee joint. She also appears to be walking on a ledge in Krat, although we’re not sure at what point in Krat’s timeline she was shown in the scene; Either this was before the collapse of Krat, or people already started rebuilding the city.

As for why Paracelsus is after Dorothy, we still need to know until the next game comes out. For now, we can only imagine what kind of character Dorothy will be if she ends up as the next playable character in her story. Will she be the one to reveal the mysterious people running the show behind the curtain?

The direction of the Lies of P sequel

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in the game’s potential sequel with this overarching plot revealed in the cutscene. With how popular collaborations and worlds colliding stories have been in recent years, we might even end up seeing other children’s fantasy characters and their twisted stories in the dark fantasy world.

Is Paracelsus the real protagonist?

There have been some conversations and theories that P or Carlo is not the “P” referred to in the game’s title, and that he is actually Paracelsus. Since he has pretended to be a helpful pharmacist, “The Lies of Paracelsus” is not far away. One could even say that Paracelsus and whoever works with him do so for the greater good.

However, it’s still hard to believe that the game would pull off something as drastic as that twist. For now, we can classify Paracelsus as the shady guy who works with people obsessed with immortality, and it’s all just a coincidence, much like how P’s character is somehow similar to the Tin Man in how important It’s your hearts for them. .



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