P’s Lies: All Legion Plug Locations



legion plugs They are materials needed to make new Legion weapons in Lies of P. Collecting them all will allow P to wield different types of Legion Arms which could prove useful in certain scenarios or simply open up new ways to fight.

Read on as we share how to get all the Legion Plugs Lies of P.

All Legion Plug Locations

There are a total of 4 Legion Plugs in the game, enough to unlock all Legion Arms. All unlocked Legion arms carry over to successive NG+ matches.

*Legion’s first two special arms are crafted from special materials obtained by defeating the bosses in Chapters 2 and 3.

Legion Plug #1 – San Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

In the room where there is a puddle of acid and a wooden elevator, past the brazier on top of the beams, you will find a lever that reverses the rotation of the elevator. Ride the elevator, then jump into the alcove somewhere in the middle of the ride to find a chest containing the Legion Plug.

Legion Plug #2 – Entrance on Rosa Isabelle Street

Move through the level that is full of puppets of maids and babies. Climb to the top of the house to find the Legion Plug inside a safe.

Legion Socket #3: Large Exhibit Gallery

From the room with the cable car, head to the path that leads to the stairs going up. The chest containing the Legion Plug is behind the planetary sculpture.

Legion Socket #4: Krat Central Station Lobby

Find the mutant brute banging on a pub door on the main path and defeat him to get the final Legion Plug.

How to use Legion plugs

Once you have a Legion Plug, head to Eugénie at the hotel and choose the option to create a new Legion Arm. A Legion arm requires only one Legion socket to craft.



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