Project Cars Team’s Next Title Will Be Powered By A New AI-Driven Engine



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  • Straight4 Studios’ CEO Ian Bell has clarified many details shrouding its next unnamed project; it will use Unreal Engine 5 and a new AI-driven Modular physics engine.
  • The team has decided not to use the MADNESS engine that was brewed for over ten years to hit a new level of immersion to keep up with the modern times.
  • Multiplayer is planned for the unannounced next-gen racing sim, but no details about it were revealed. It seeks to target and beat the best multiplayer metaverse in sim racing for free.
  • Straight4 Studios devs consist of key talent figures from the Slightly Mad Studios that have worked on series, including Project Cars, GTR, and more.

Straight4 Studios’ CEO Ian Bell recently appeared in an interview with SegmentNext and stated new details for its next unannounced game. The former Project Cars devs are working on an upcoming next-gen racing simulator title, but many details are still hazy. However, the CEO revealed that the studio is building a new engine from the ground up that will replace the old game engines they used for Project Cars and other titles in the past.

Hence, the new game will use Unreal Engine 5 alongside a new AI-Driven and modular physics engine. Ian Bell states that the MADNESS engine was developed over the course of ten years and was used in its older projects at Slightly Mad Studios. The team has decided to ditch it in favor of an all-new powerful game engine that can harness the modern next-gen physics required to redefine the simulator racing genre.

Graphically, we settled early on Unreal Engine 5. It was a no-brainer. But when it comes to sim racing, of course, what matters most is the physics engine. (…) For our new sim, we’re building an entirely new generation of physics engine, one that is both modular and AI-driven,” Says Straight4 Studios’ CEO.

The new game engine is seeking to go beyond what the MADNESS engine was capable of, as Ian believes the tech has not kept up with modern times. The new project is seemingly a hardcore racing simulator title that seeks to surpass the Project Cars and other series crafted by the devs.

Moreover, the multiplayer mode is also planned for the enigmatic game, adding more flair to the already anticipated fans. It seeks to target and beat the best multiplayer metaverse in sim racing for free.

Of course we are planning multiplayer. But not just multiplayer. Our target is to match and beat what we consider the best multiplayer metaverse in sim racing—and to offer that level of service for free to our players.”

PLAION studio also recently signed a publishing deal for the new game. Still, it is not influencing the direction of the unnamed title, granting full control to the former Project Cars devs. The CEO clarifies that PLAION stepped into the deal because of the devs’ immense talent residing in the new studio. It is in the brewer in coalition with Reiza Studios, another renowned bunch who have worked on great racing titles like the Automobilista series.

They trust our pedigree in making AAA, best-selling games (from GTR to Project CARS), and we trust in their ability to get our game to market. It’s an ideal partnership and we’re delighted with how things have turned out. After what happened with our last game, I can tell you in all honesty, this has been a breath of fresh air for all of us.”

Straight4 Studios devs compromise of key talent figures from the Slightly Mad Studios that was shut down at the end of last year, with the Project Cars franchise seemingly meeting the same fate earlier. The team is responsible for contributing heavily to the simulator racing genre, including series like GTR and Project Cars, and its next game is shaping up to carry the legacy of the olden series while improving on the successful formula.

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