Procedural generation in Starfield leaves a lot of room for improvement.



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  • Despite some notable flaws, Starfield is a milestone in the space exploration genre and a brilliant Bethesda RPG.
  • Starfield uses procedural generation for its vast open world. While this ensures a large-scale sandbox, it creates significant drawbacks such as high repetition and not directly visiting remote areas.
  • Unrealistic expectations attributed to Starfield Bethesda’s frequent advertising and fans’ imaginations made these issues more prominent.

Being is human nature. Fascinated by the unknown, and at the top of that list are the vast expanses of space. I am sure we all have wished to travel and See for yourself the great void and its secrets. Knowing that there is an endless space beyond our Earth is enough to fuel a sense of discovery. Sadly, we can’t go on such a trip yet, but at least we can Fulfill our desires in the virtual world of video games..

Space and Sci-Fi. Genres have always been wildly popular regardless of medium, and games are no exception. Technological advancements in hardware have enabled the creation of games where you can. Roam freely and explore endless space. And many planets. of Bethesda Starfield It is the latest addition to the genre and despite some issues, it offers an exceptional space exploration adventure. Players who can’t get enough.

Starfield is an undeniable milestone in the space genre.

Even before its release, Starfield felt like one. Working on a large scale. With nearly 1,000 planets to explore, the endless reach of space felt unimaginably vast. In addition, the promise of Plenty of handmade and unique content To ensure the game stays fresh it sounds too good to be true. Some of it though Could have been betterStarfield is no doubt One of the most impressive games to release.

Bethesda RPG There are some greats when it comes to writing, and Starfield is no different. The game brings a meaningful and impactful. Faction story With lots of lovable characters. Moreover, it has a collection of beauty. Impressive side questions Which shows the creativity of the developers. It hasn’t been long enough to fully explore it yet, but from what I’ve seen so far the game is pretty packed. Unusual Easter eggs.

The highlight of the game. Limitation of customization It gives. Bethesda Promised a Highly customizable character creation system, and it looks like they delivered on that. Still, I believe the game needs spaceship customization. It brings unreal depth to how you can customize and Edit each component and then Put them together in any funny way Your choice. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a ton of creative spaceships very soon.

Starfield's spacecraft customization brings endless possibilities.
Starfield’s spacecraft customization brings endless possibilities.

World design and exploration are the bread and butter of a space exploration game., and Starfield puts a unique spin on it. For essential and plot-relevant locations, Starfield features Handcrafted planets that are the stuff of genius.. It constitutes about 10% of the total area and for the remaining 90% the game brings a unique style. Generation of procedures Breathing life into the bulk of the planet.

Starfield has definitely rocked the gaming community and it’s at this point. Top of the trend list. Starfield now and then Star Wars: Outlaws later on, Genre of space exploration I’ve never been in a better place. And that’s just the beginning, as I’m sure it will become hugely popular now, with Starfield at its core. However, nothing is perfect and this The brilliant title also brings some significant flaws.. At least it provides convenience. modding that can prevent some of these problems..

Procedural generation is a double-edged sword.

Some of Starfield’s problems arise procedurally, but before going into detail, What exactly is procedural generation? How it works is that several different layouts and interactive points are created and then Pumped in an algorithm that selects and loads these settings every time you land on a planet. This RNG-based system aims to bypass the sense of repetition and aims to create a A new experience for each incoming planet.

You may be thinking, How is it double? The answer is That it is not possible to create a completely new atmosphere for each planet. It will be Always circle between pre-made layouts Albeit in a random fashion, and so on Repetition cannot be avoided. You get an unimaginably huge world with procedural generation, but the feeling of redundancy can never be overcome.

Moreover, the difference between procedurally generated and hand-crafted locations is extremely stark. This is another way the game’s RNG-based system works against it. Starfield’s handcrafted locations are filled with so much love and dedication that procedurally generated planets pale in comparison.. This makes it much more noticeable. You are surprised to see the important places, but then the ordinary planets start to feel dull.

Starfield's methodically crafted materials stand no chance against hand-crafted brilliance
Starfield’s methodically crafted materials stand no chance against hand-crafted brilliance

Another important issue is how Randomization is inconsistent with the game’s boundary system. Planets in the Star Field Pixels are divided into sizes Tiles are separated by boundaries.. When you land on a planet, there is an invisible wall around you that cannot be overcome. Of course, these segments are very large and you cannot normally encounter the boundary, it is still there and If you want to advance, you need to fast travel to another area..

I’m not saying the planets have to be smooth, just to make sure the boundary wall works. Current data does not exceed hardware limitations.. Now we know. Tiles are attached And the boundary can be removed with mods, but doing so crashes the game because it’s too much to process, so it’s not a problem. My problem is how the generation of the method is. When you travel to a different area on the same planet, it becomes random again..

Consider this scenario for example. You land on a planet and want to explore and see it. A certain landscape in the distance. This is the scene you want to see. comes out of bounds. And there is a background visual. To access this space, you must Land and fast travel to a point you feel is close. At this particular location. However, when you do, randomization will begin.That planet will be different from what it was before..

It can be enough. Fatal to immersion. I don’t want the whole planet to be accessible at the same time, because this tile method is better. However, if you want to explore different parts of a planet, It should retain its configuration. For the duration you are navigating its many corners. This will make the experience much more fluid and realistic. I appreciate the use of RNG to bring variation, but gave Not fully experiencing the sights you can see is quite annoying..

My biggest issue with Starfield is the lack of conflict mode generation.
by theu/Conserliberaltarian IStarfield

Unrealistic expectations leave little room for error.

It’s not just limited to Starfield, or even gaming. Whenever a project starts gathering expectations of unrealistic proportions, it is bound to disappoint some people.even minor errors will be noted immediately. It is not possible to satisfy everyone.As each person has their own desire of how the project should be. Thus, it is important not to create unrealistic expectations at all and be happy with what we get.

The same thing happened with Starfield. It’s not a bad game by any means, it’s much better than the majority of others, but Unrealistic expectations lead to people complaining. We are watching. And it’s not like I can’t find any logical complaints. lots of people They mean a lot when they demand something.. It’s true that people made an unnecessarily big deal out of Starfield, but I’m sure Bethesda played a big part in that as well.

Some of you expectations from this game are completely unreasonable and you need to relax.
by theu/BunBun1289 IStarfield

Bethesda’s continued advertising and statements about the scale of certain features Creating an unrealistic image in the minds of the fans. 25 years of Starfield production, the promise of 1000 planets with uniqueness, the generation of improved mechanisms, and vast space travel with much more to do; People’s imaginations were further fueled, and They began to believe in great things. They ignored that it would be nearly impossible for a world of this scale to create all the unique planets.

In my opinion, stick to it Quality rather than quantity is important.. of Bethesda The incredible creativity is well known and can be seen in Starfield’s handcrafted planets. Also create The unimaginably vast open world was bound to bring repetition.and many more Happy with a smaller but more unique world Still, I’m not against Bethesda’s decision to represent the space, it’s just that it created huge expectations.

Repetition comes naturally in a world of this magnitude.
Repetition comes naturally in a world of this magnitude.

Ultimately, Starfield is a pretty awesome project. Which delivers a lot on its promise. But some points are missing. It could have been bearable if the expectations were not so high.. Still, I’m pretty sure Starfield has a bright future. Because, like all Bethesda RPGs, I know. If nothing else Modders have our backsand with Starfield’s native mod support, the game Surely will reach new heights very soon..

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