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Power Rangers Shares Touching Video Tribute to Jason David Frank

Following the passing of actor and mixed martial artist Jason David Frank, best known to a generation of fans for playing the original Green Range, Forest ranger has shared a moving tribute video honoring his legacy with the franchise.

The video was posted on the official site. Forest ranger Twitter page. It’s a montage of Frank’s time with the series in the many installments of him as Tommy Oliver. The caption reads: “Ranger Nation, we mourn together. Today we celebrate the heart, strength and raw talent that Jason David Frank brought to the Power Rangers as Tommy Oliver. He was truly a legend among us and will be missed. May the Power protect you, always.”

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Frank’s passing was confirmed on November 20 by his representative, Justine Hunt, after rumors surrounding his tragic death began to surface on social media. The actor was 49 years old.

Frank began his time in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993. While not one of the original five members of the team, his role as Tommy Oliver/the Green Ranger was introduced during a season 1 story arc in which he was kidnapped and brainwashed by the evil Rita Repulsa because his fighting ability matched that. from Jason/the Red Ranger (Austin St. John). After passing a series of tests, he is entrusted with Rita’s Sword of Darkness, which is the source of the evil spell that keeps him under her control.

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The Green Ranger came close to defeating the Power Rangers, even sabotaging their command center in the process. As his rampage in the town of Angel Grove became more catastrophic, Jason eventually defeated Tommy in a one-on-one duel that saw the destruction of the Sword of Darkness. With Rita’s control over him now at an end, Tommy decided to use his powers for good and became an official member of the Power Rangers.

Tommy’s role was only meant to be a limited one, but he proved to be a true fan favorite. After initially being written off when he lost his Green Ranger powers, he was eventually brought back as a White Ranger and the new leader of the Power Rangers, replacing Jason. Frank went on to play Tommy for many more years, and holds the record for the most series appearances in different versions of the show. After three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power RangersFrank appeared in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power RangersZeo, turbo power ranger, power rangers wild force, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Super Megaforce Y Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

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Frank’s time with the character also transitioned to the big screen. The actor appeared as Tommy in 1995. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and 1997 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. When the 2017 Power Rangers reboot was released, Frank made a cameo appearance as an Angel Grove resident alongside his Powers Rangers co-star Amy Jo Johnson, who played her love interest Kimberly/The Pink Ranger in the series. original.

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