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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Path of Legends & Titan Pokémon Guide

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Allow Trainers to create their own stories by following questlines like Path of Legends. By completing this quest chain, Trainers can unlock abilities for Koraidon or Miraidon so they can better traverse the Paldea region. Completing the entire questline requires tracking down Titan Pokémon, which are similar to those in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Given the open world nature of scarlet and violet, Trainers can explore the world as they wish. However, this can lead to trainers missing areas of the games or trying to start specific battles too early. Also, there’s no level scaling, so players with a team around level 20 could enter an area full of level 50 Pokemon, but will almost certainly find themselves outclassed.

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Path of Legends quest line start

To start the Path of Legends quest line, Trainers need to talk to Arven at the Orange or Grape Academy, depending on the version of the game. There are a total of six separate battles that players need to win in order to complete the entire story and unlock all versions of Koraidon or Miraidon travel. Some Titans can be fought relatively early and grant great rewards. However, just like in Gym Battles, there can be significant level differences between Titans, and players will want to be aware of this before engaging them. The trainers will defeat the titan and the Pokémon will run away, consume some Herba Mystica, and then come back stronger. Trainers will want to come with plenty of healing items to prepare for these two-part battles.

The stony cliff Titan Klawft

Klawft from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Based on the level, the first Titan that players must fight is Klawft. The crab-like Pokemon can be found to the east of the academy between the Southern Province and the Eastern Province. This titan is a level 16 rock type that, when players win a battle, will unlock the board availability for the game’s respective legendary. Players will want their team to be relatively close to Klawft’s level before battle, with a minimum level of 15 to help ensure victory. In order to have a type advantage, players must use Grass or Water-type attacks. Those who started with Fuecoco must catch a Water or Grass-type before fighting the Titan.

The open-air Titan bomber

Bombirdier from Pokémon Scarlet, Violet and Pikachu

The second recommended Titan is Bombirdier at level 19. This Titan unlocks the surfing ability and is still relatively low level, making it a great early battle. The Dark/Flying-type Pokemon can be found northwest of the academy in the Western Province. Trainers will want their Pokemon to be at least level 18 and can benefit from having a party member that knows Electric, Rock, Ice, or Fairy-type moves. Some good early game options are Pawmi or Shinx. The special Flying Tera-type Pikachu received via Mystery Gift would also be a good choice for battle. While Arven will help out in this battle, players should still come prepared with party members to beat the Dual-type Titan.

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The lurking steel titan orthworm

Orthworm from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

At level 28, Orthworm is the next Titan for trainers to find. The Steel-type Pokemon allows players to jump after beating it in battle. Trainers want their team to be at least level 27 before going into action. Orthworm is located north of the academy through Area One and Two of the Eastern Province. To trigger the battle, trainers need to dash towards Orthworm multiple times. Fire, Fighting, and Ground type attacks are the best options for this battle. Players who didn’t start with Fuecoco will want to get a Mudbray or Mankey to help them out. After this Pokemon escapes, players need to head into the tunnel it created using Dash until it returns to start phase two of the battle.

Great Fang Titan Shaking Earth from Pokemon Scarlet

A Great Tusk digs a cave in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The next Titan to face depends on the version of the game. For Scarlet Pokemon, Trainers will come across a level 44 Great Fang west of the Roast Desert. Ground and Fighting-type Pokémon will allow Koraidon or Miraidon to learn Glide. Like previous Titans, a player’s team must not be more than one level below the opposing Titan. The Dual-type Titan is weak to Water, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy attacks, so players who didn’t pick Fuecoco should have an easy battle. Otherwise, trainers will want to approach the match with a Pokemon like Lilligant or Dachsbund.

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Iron Threads Titan Trembling Earth from Pokémon Violet

Iron Tread Donphan Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The players who purchased the Violet The game version will find a level 44 Iron Threads instead of Great Tusk. This Paradox Pokémon is a Ground and Steel type found west of the Asado Desert. Iron Threads is weak to Water, Fire, Fighting, and Ground attacks, making Skeledirge and Quaquaval great options if they were picked as a starter. However, trainers who chose Spripatito will find Pyroar and Golduck to be fantastic assets for the challenge.

As with previous battles, Iron Threads will eventually run after phase one, and trainers will have to chase it down and continue hacking into its health. Therefore, it is essential to carry healing items to offset the boost Pokémon Paradox’s Iron Threads will receive after consuming a Herba Mystica.

The False Dragon Titan Dondozo

Dondozo from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Found on the right side of Lake Casseroya at level 54, the Water-type Dondozo will be the trainer’s next opponent. As a Pure Water-type, Dondozo is weak to Grass and Electricity attacks. If players didn’t start with a Grass-type, they’ll want to have a Pokemon like Raichu or Breloom to overcome the type differences, especially if they started with Fire-type Fuecoco. Players will need to use surf to catch up with Dondozo after he swims away, and to defeat the titan, players must continue using electric and grass attacks.

Then the trainers will find themselves in a surprise battle with Tatsugiri. This level 55 Pokemon is a Dragon and Water type, so in addition to bringing an Electric or Grass type Pokemon, players will want to make sure they have a Pokemon that can also use Fairy attacks, such as Florges or Sylveon. After defeating both Pokemon, trainers will finally be able to use Climb.

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The final battle with Arven

Arven preparing for the battle of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The final battle of the Path of Legends quest is not with a Pokemon, but against Arven. As a final sendoff, the trainers will battle against Arven’s team of six, ranging from the level 58 Normal-type Greedent to the level 63 Dark Mabostiff. Arven’s team has a few different types: Normal, Grass, Fire, Rock , Earth, Water, Ice and Darkness. His Mabostiff also has Dark as its Tera-type.

Players will want their team to be around level 60 and have Fighting, Flying, and Rock-type Pokémon and attacks at their disposal to launch the most effective attacks. Players will want a lot of potions given the varied dynamics. If players completed Victory Road and defeated Team Star, after defeating Arven, it will explain some additional story elements that the trainer can participate in.

Trainers may choose to undertake Path of Legends at any time. However, due to the travel benefits it provides, it is recommended to start the quest line early. The Path of Legends can be completed along with the Gym progression to lead to the Victory Road. This way, multiple items are leveling Pokemon, and players won’t have to spend as much time polishing levels for their team.

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