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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Glitch Allows You to Fly on the Giant Olive

A fan discovers a comic glitch in the recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet where players can take to the sky aboard a giant olive.

A humorous miss Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allows players to fly on a giant olive.

Twitter user @simoeru shared this glitch on his page via a 17-second video, showing a player in the middle of one of the game’s gymnastics events where they must roll a giant olive through a race of short obstacles. While sitting on the Pokémon Koraidon, the player jumps onto the olive tree, and instead of simply falling over, Koraidon gets caught in a falling animation and begins to rise above the olive tree into the sky.

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The olive glitch isn’t the only weird issue fans have encountered. As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release, fans have spotted several jarring gameplay glitches and errors. various trends scarlet and violet Posts on Twitter show players climbing backwards down inclines, Pokémon going through players’ bodies, NPCs becoming gigantic, and instances where players sink to the ground and fall through infinite space. While many games suffer from launch errors, scarlet and violet they have come under scrutiny from the fanbase for the excessive number of crashes and performance issues experienced by players.

Posted on November 18 scarlet and violet usher in Pokemon ninth generation, adding over 100 new creatures for players to catch and train. Set in the sprawling region of Paldea, players start out as new students of Naranja (Scarlet) or grape (Violet) Academy. After choosing their starter Pokémon, players are sent on a “scavenger hunt” in Paldea to find out what they value most. From this point, players are free to complete three different stories in any order. In addition to the standard “Victory Road” story, there is also the “Path of Legends”, which requires players to fight and defeat powerful beasts called “Titan Pokemon” and “Starfall Street”, which has the player face off against the leaders of Team Star, a gang of rebellious academy students who have turned against the school for reasons unclear.

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Following the pattern of previous titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mix the familiar gameplay of the series with a new battle mechanic called the Terastal Phenomenon. When a Pokémon is terastalized, it takes on a crystalline appearance and sometimes changes type, which players can use to gain a potential advantage in battle. Similar to pokemon sword and shield Max Raid Battles, which allowed players to take on Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon, in scarlet and violet, players can participate in Tera Raid battles to catch Pokémon with special types of Terastal. These raid battles are a major feature of the online game, allowing up to four trainers at once to battle and catch a Terastal Pokémon..

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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