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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Glitch Allows Players to Climb Cliffs

In the wide variety of glitches found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a player discovers a hidden trick that allows characters to scale cliffs.

A Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet glitch has made it possible to climb cliffs, despite game mechanics intended to prevent it.

Twitter user Zullie (@ZullieTheWitch) posted a short clip of her character climbing a cliff while going backwards on the legendary Pokemon Koraidon. One of Scarlet Pokemon Y VioletThe game mechanics allow players to scale cliffs normally with Koraidon or Miraidon after defeating the False Dragon Titan. Until he does, however, Zullie’s failed method allows players to freely explore Paldea’s cliff-infested landscape early on.

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Climbing a cliff backwards only scratches the surface of the technical issues players have encountered in Gen IX games. Another bug related to Scarlet/VioletThe transportation method of appeared online recently. Several players have reported that when his character tried to ride Miraidon or Koraidon, he transformed into a terrifying version of Reed Richards from Fantastic Four or a Titan from Attack on Titan.

Other Scarlet Y Violet The player shared a clip of themselves trying to catch the new Convergent species, Wiglett. However, Wiglett escapes the Pokéball and the pocket monster’s head and neck go through the body of an NPC model of another trainer. Most of the glitches feature characters in contorted positions, such as twisted poses and creepy arm movements. Some videos even show players falling through the map or their legendary vehicle turning invisible, making it look like they’re biking through the air.

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Even if the multiple technical problems can become annoying, Scarlet Y Violet they still became the most pre-ordered titles in the history of the Pokemon franchise. Takahito Utsunomiya, COO of The Pokémon Company, announced the achievement, revealing that more than 440 million units of Pokemon games have been sold since Generation I pokemon red Y Blue released in 1996.

Before the release date of the Generation IX games, many aspects of Scarlet Y Violet appeared online ahead of its release in mid-November. Twitter even suspended the Centro Leaks account, which was behind much of the leaked content. the prominent Pokemon The leak aggregator posted details like the full Pokédex for the Paldean region and the full list of exclusives for Scarlet Y Violet. In addition to Centro Leaks, some players might post advance information due to the ROM version of Nintendo Switch games.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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