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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Earns Good Reviews, Despite Issues

The Generation IX games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, still get good reviews, despite multiple technical and performance issues.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet it earned good reviews despite multiple performance issues.

Many reviewers noted the game’s new open world and the ability to travel anywhere as its highlights. GameSpotJake Dekker praises recent Nintendo Switch titles for their open world mechanics. “This new approach to the tried and true Pokemon formula reinvigorates the main series and offers one of the most challenging and rewarding Pokemon adventures to date,” he wrote. Dekker believes that the way Scarlet Y Violet Giving players the freedom to progress in a non-linear fashion is where Gen IX games really shine, allowing players to forge their own paths.

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Meter‘s David Jenkins believes Scarlet Y Violet is a “much bigger leap forward” from Generation VIII Sword Y Shield. “Everything is one step ahead of Sword Y Shieldthat seemed horribly unnatural, but Scarlet Y Violet requires a significant amount of goodwill on the part of the player to make it feel like a cohesive world,” he wrote. Jenkins added that frame rate drops and camera issues were improved from Pokemon Legends: Arceusalthough many players continued to experience a number of issues with them.

One of the issues that is constantly heard after the release of Generation IX games is their long list of technical issues. GamesRadar+Joel Franey’s criticized the game for both its performance and its graphics. “At one point, a character’s eye randomly slammed shut and he spent half the conversation looking at me like Popeye, or a slumped Hoppip on the pavement like Homer Simpson in the bushes, he wrote.” Despite Scarlet Y Violet are trying out their “fair share of new ideas”, Franey considers the result to be “somewhat off, bordering on completely messed up”.

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like Fray, The Guardian‘s Tom Regan wasn’t afraid to address his concerns about gaming performance. “Pokeballs get stuck on rocks. Open world frame rate is constantly throttled,” he wrote. Despite the glitches, Regan believes the Gen IX titles are “the most compelling Pokemon been in decades.” “With the freedom of a gigantic world map to be explored, Scarlet Y Violet closer still to capturing the spirit of a true globe-trotting adventure,” he wrote.

The aforementioned performance issues let it down eurogamerIt’s Lottie Lynn. However, she still praised certain aspects of Scarlet Y Violet. Lynn praised the Pokédex for being “perfectly suited to the open-world nature of the games without losing any of the surprise that comes with discovering a new Pokémon.” She also addressed the unique level scaling system in Generation IX, finding it a nice “reimagining” of traditional path progressions in games that usually mean stronger Pokémon as you progress. Now, players can travel wherever they want in Paldea without the traditional blocks like Snorlax or Sudowoodo.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet are available for Nintendo Switch now.

Font: GamesRadar+, The Guardian, Meter, GameSpot, eurogamer

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