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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Blows Away All of Nintendo’s First Week Sales Records

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet smash a previous sales record set by Pokémon Sword and Shield to become the best-selling games in Nintendo history.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet they have become the fastest selling video games ever released on a Nintendo console.

According to commercial wirethe last dual titles of the longevity Pokemon The game franchise racked up over 10 million sales in its first three days of availability. The large number of changed copies gives Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet the biggest worldwide launch weekend in Nintendo history and makes them the best-selling games the company has ever released.

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The figure far exceeds the launch sales of 2018. pokemon sword Y Shield, which managed to sell 6 million copies in its first three days, a new record at the time, now pulverized by sales of Scarlet Y Violet. Before its release, Scarlet Pokemon and Violet pre-orders also broke records, making it the most pre-ordered game in the franchise’s 26-year history.

While first week sales have been meteoric, industry insiders have expressed reservations that Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet‘s abundance of bugs and performance issues could affect sales figures in the run-up to the holiday period. Many of the glitches have gone viral on social media as fans share videos of their experiences. Despite the bugs, the games’ reception by fans has been generally warm, with many enjoying the new found freedom to choose their own adventure.

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Critics took notice of the flaws, too, referring to them as glaring and singling them out as the main detractor from the overall experience. Nevertheless, Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet it received praise for innovating outside of the traditional Pokémon formula, with critics praising that the game’s first open-world, non-linear true story was a success. Many also complimented the game for its well-received inspiration and mechanics. Pokemon Legends: Arceusreleased in early 2022.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are now available

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet They are the first games in the Pokemon the ninth generation of the franchise. They take place in the Spanish-inspired region of Paldea, and put players in control of a young coach who enrolls in a new school. The game features three main story missions, a first for the notoriously single-track series, and allows players to choose in which order to tackle them. Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet It also introduces the new Terastalizing battle mechanic, which allows Pokémon to crystallize and change their type during combat.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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