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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Aren’t the Series’ First Games To Seem Rushed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Officially released not too long ago, fans embarked on their first true open-world adventure in the Pokemon world. While some have praised the games for this effort, it’s hard to ignore the frequent lags and crashes that plague the games. A glitch here or there is acceptable, but sometimes there are so many bugs that it feels like games could crash at any moment.

Some may be confused by the games’ poor performance, but for those who follow The Pokémon Company closely, it’s not a huge surprise. For some generations, Pokemon the games seemed rushed, perhaps in an effort to ensure the games hit shelves just before Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Like other previous games, this is how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet suffer from an unfortunate serial trend.

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Pokémon Sun & Moon had an emotionless protagonist

Pokemon sun and moon fixed up PokemonThe second mainline entry for the Nintendo 3DS, which released on November 18, 2016. While the games were appreciated by many for upending the original gym formula, it’s clear that some aspects need improvement. As Sun and moon To tell a deep story with dynamic characters, the player character would need to assert themselves in order to have an emotional stake within the story. However, during many scenes, the developers did not animate the player character’s face. As a result, they have a blank smile, even in dramatic or tense situations.

This lack of emotion, along with other aspects (such as an empty Mount Lanakila, which serves as the game’s victory path), makes it seem like the games were rushed. They lack polish and additional content, and based on their negative reception, include them in the improved Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon It wasn’t the right move.

sword and shield scenario

Being the first major release on a home console, pokemon sword and shield I had high expectations to meet. The infamous Dexit controversy, which tore the fanbase apart by excluding the National Pokédex, also concealed the release of the games. When the games were released on November 15, 2019, fans were quick to point out their dismal graphical performance. The in-battle animations are lacking and uninspired, almost ripped straight from the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon engine. The same applies to character models, which move and interact with the world in a similar way to characters in Sun and moon. The most prominent graphical glitch, however, is the textures of the Wild Area, specifically the trees, rocks, and other natural elements. With more time Game Freak perhaps could have made a better game with higher quality graphics.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have frequent lags and distracting glitches

scarlet and purple bug

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the newest additions to the franchise, releasing on November 18, 2022. The open-world adventure everyone has been waiting for, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Unfortunately, it works pretty poorly on Nintendo Switch. It is common for animations to drop frames when at close range, for the battlefield to disappear, and for lag to frequently interrupt the experience. While the games go further Sword and shield‘s Wild Area, it’s clear they seem rushed, and errors are incredibly common throughout the player experience.

After reviewing the different games and their respective failures, it’s clear that each game came out just before Thanksgiving, each three years apart. The Pokemon Company wants to make sure that its games are released every three years, right before the holiday season, regardless of the issues with each game. Worryingly, with each release, the glitches have gotten progressively worse.

In the video game industry, companies delay their games quite often. Nintendo delayed long-awaited games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and, more recently, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, to ensure that the games are as good as possible for a public release. Why Pokemon Do you need to follow such a strict posting schedule? The Pokemon Company should take some time with their future games to make them the best they can be, without bugs that make the games look like they were rushed for the holidays.

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