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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet green stake locations and Groundblight Shrine, including how to catch Ting-Lu

the Plague Sanctuary seals ting lu – a legendary pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – from the rest of Paldea.

If you want to catch Ting-Lu, you must first find the eight green stakes hidden in specific corners of Paldea.

Below you will find all green stake locations and the Groundblight Shrine LocationWith how to catch ting-lu in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Green Stake Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Groundblight Shrine stakes have a vibrant green glow, and after pulling all eight, you can catch Ting-Lu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The bets are scattered throughout the northern provinces of the west, Lake Casseroya and the Socarrat trail.

We recommend unlocking all of the Koraidon/Miraidon abilities before attempting this side quest. It’s impossible to hit all the stakes without defeating the Open Sky Titan and False Dragon Titan, because you’ll be swimming and climbing long before you fight Ting-Lu.

To learn more about the myths surrounding the four ruinous Pokémon and place the locations of the shrines on the overworld map, complete the history lessons at the Academy and follow the story of Raifort. Doing so, however, is No a requirement to roll bets.

Below you will find the eight green stake locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet:

Green stake 1 location

This stake is located on the largest island of Lake Casseroya and Lake Casseroya (islet) can be easily reached by flying. From there, simply head to the eastern side of the island to find the stake on top of a hill.

Green stake location 2

This stake can be found on top of the smaller island located to the south of the larger island in Lake Casseroya. You will have to climb to the top of the island and then go down to the ledge on the east side to find the stake.

Green Stake 3 Location

For this bet, you need to visit Colonnade Hollow, which is located between Medali and Porto Marinada. The easiest way to find it is to fly to the Colonnade Hollow fast travel point and then climb up the pillar that is about halfway up the cave.

Green Stake Location 4

We recommend finding this stake after taking out Stake 3 described above, because it’s located by the riverbank directly north of Colonnade Hollow.

To reach it, go to said river, but do not cross it. Instead, head east past the bridge to find the stake. It is also located directly southwest of Casseroya Watchtower No.1.

Green Stake Location 5

This stake is located on top of a hill that is located in the southwest corner of Lake Casseroya. It’s basically as far west on the south shore of the lake as you can go!

The fastest way to get there is to fly to the Porto Marinada Pokémon Center, then head directly north; crossing the river and going up the hills until we found it.

Follow the lake shore to the west to find this stake.

Green stake location 6

For this stake, you need to visit the northwestern edge of the land surrounding Lake Casseroya. We recommend finding this stake immediately after stake 5, because you won’t have to travel as far compared to the other stakes.

To get there, head directly north from where you found Stake 5, going from island to island, until you see a ruined house.

The bonfire is near this ruin.

You now need to go up the hill directly to the west of said ruins and there, you will find the stake on the western side of the hill.

Location of Green Stake 7

You can find a stake in a piece of land that borders the Socarrat trail and the Glazed mountain. To get to it, you need to visit the northeast corner of the trail, where you will find a path that will take you up the side of the mountain.

Take the trail up the mountain near the Socarrat Trail to find this stake.

The stake is on a ledge at the end of the path and you will have to climb up to reach it. Be careful once you’re up here, because you can easily slide down.

Green Stake Location 8

This final stake is located above the waterfall northeast of Medali.

To find it, take the road east of Medali, making sure to follow the path to Glazed Mountain, and stop when you reach the first waterfall. Now all you have to do is scale the western side of the cliff until you reach the top of the waterfall and there you will find the stake.

Climb up the cliff near this waterfall.

After pulling the eighth stake, a mighty roar will echo through the hills. Now you can head to the Groundblight Shrine and fight Ting-Lu! We recommend stocking up on Ultra Balls and healing items, like Hyper Potions, beforehand.

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Groundblight Shrine Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Groundblight Sanctuary is located on the Socarrat Trail, which is north of Lake Casseroya in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is embedded in the south side of the hill that is in the middle of the Socarrat Trail.

Where to find the Groundblight Shrine.

If you complete the history lessons taught at the Academy and follow the story of Raifort, the shrines will be placed on your overworld map. This will also allow you to fast travel to their locations.

To get to the Groundblight Shrine on Pokemon’s back, you can fly to Lake Casseroya (Islet) and then swim directly north until you reach a cliff, which you need to climb. This will take you to the Socarrat Trail and from here you need to cross the stream in the southern part of this area.

Fly to Casseroya Lake and then climb the cliff to reach the Socarrat Trail.

Explore the area beyond the creek until you find a slope that leads you to the sanctuary.

If you haven’t unlocked the Lake Casseroya (islet) fast travel point, you can follow the same instructions by flying to any of the Medali Pokémon Centers or Casseroya Watchtower #1. You’ll just have to walk more!

How to Catch Ting-Lu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Ting-Lu is a Ground and Dark type Pokémon at level 60.

Because of this, it is weak to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ice and Water types Pokemon. However, Electric and Psychic-type attacks will have no effect on Ting-Lu.

It’s a good idea to stock up on Ultra Balls and healing items, like Max Potions, before trying to catch Ting-Lu.

We recommend setting up a Pokemon that has an advantage over Ting-Lu and is at the same level as your lead Pokemon. This will ensure that you can reduce his health to that special red section without removing it completely.

you can also use Dark, Ghost, and Poison-type attacks, which are not effective against Ting-Lu, to carefully reduce his health. Just avoid poisoning Ting-Lu, you don’t want him to pass out on his own!

Biting is a good move to use against Ting-Lu, because it can make Ting-Lu flinch.

Paralyzing or putting Ting-Lu to sleep will also help you catch this Pokemon, as it will make it harder for Ting-Lu to attack your team.

We caught Ting-Lu with an Ultra Ball, but it took us about 15 balls to get it done. For this reason, we started to alternate with Timer Balls, which have a higher chance of catching a Pokemon the longer the battle lasts.

Ting-Lu has the Vessel of Ruin ability, which lowers the Special Attack stat of all Pokémon it faces.

Ting-Lu will have the following move set when caught:

Move on Write Category Effect Energy Precision PAGES
stomping tantrum Land Physical Fueled by frustration, the user attacks the target. The power of this move is doubled if the user’s previous move misses. 75 100 10
Ruin Dark Special The user summons a ruinous disaster. This reduces the target’s HP by half. N/A 90 10
throat chop Dark Physical The user attacks the target’s throat and the resulting suffering prevents the target from using sound-based moves for two turns. 80 100 fifteen
rock slide Rock Physical Large rocks are thrown at opposing Pokémon to deal damage. This can also cause the opposing Pokémon to flinch. 75 90 10

Now that you’ve caught Ting-Lu, why not add Chien-Pao, Wo-Chien, or Chi-Yu to your Pokédex?

Or you can take history lessons at the Academy to learn more about the history of these Pokémon. If you’ve been following this mini-story, visit Raifort after catching all the ruinous Pokemon for an extra reward.

Good luck catching Ting-Lu!

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