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Core points of Gamers

Pokémon Fans Creates a Dance Video Out of Scarlet/Violet’s Glitches

A Pokemon fan shares his dance video creation, which is a compilation of some of the funniest bugs found on Scarlet and Violet.

Trainers and Pokemon alike are getting down in the dumps in this fan-made dance video created from Scarlet Y VioletThere are many failures.

@Leveta091 was inspired by the bugs discovered in the new Gen IX titles and posted his creation on Twitter. The glitch compilation is based on Hirose Kohmi’s 1997 hit “Promise (Get Down)”, which gained further popularity for appearing in glitchy Nintendo 64 footage. Golden Eye 007, caused by an incorrectly inserted game cartridge. the Pokemon glitches include trainers waving their arms in different places and a Kirlia stuck in an endless spinning loop.

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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet technical problems cause emotions and chills

While gamers can sometimes get a good laugh at various technical issues in Scarlet/Violet, one person shared their absolutely horrifying experience attempting to mount their Miraidon onto their motorcycle form, which turned their character into a stretchy and terrifying version of Reed Richards. Despite the grisly glitch, they noticed that the bug eventually resolved itself.

Flaws aside, some players have praised Scarlet/Violet for his straight to the point tutorial. In the past, some Pokemon the titles made the tutorials unnecessarily long, forcing players to perform numerous tasks, such as locating their rival and talking to everyone in that specific region. Nevertheless, Scarlet/Violet has players simply go downstairs and speak to Principal Clavell to choose their preferred starter Pokémon.

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Before the release date of the Generation IX games, many leaks appeared online about things like upcoming Pokemon and Gym Leaders. On November 10, the shiny forms of the three starter Pokémon were leaked on Reddit. Meowscarada and Skeledirge’s shiny forms impressed fans, but Quaquavel’s alternate version looked a bit lackluster. Also, the second and final evolution of the three starters appeared online.

Although the revisions are already ready for Scarlet/Violet, some believe that the Nintendo Switch games already hinted at the setting of Generation X. One painting, “Street, Noon”, describes the landscape as “a beautiful city in a different region”, which resembled Italy. Fans also recognized a clue when players met Junichi Masuda, who was appointed as the game director in the Sinnoh remakes. bright diamond Y Brilliant pearl. When greeting him, the first thing he says is “Ciao”, the Italian word for hello and goodbye.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet are available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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