Pokemon Best Wishes’ Lost Episodes Script Finally Surfaces After A Decade



Story Highlights

  • The scripts for the lost episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes have made their way online. A fully translated English version is also available to all.
  • The scans were originally acquired by the individuals in 2013. A user on Bulbagarden acquired these scans from the seller and shared them on the net.
  • These episodes were meant to showcase a large-scale confrontation between Team Rocket and Team Plasma. Due to the 2011 Tōhoku Natural Disaster, they were never aired.

Back in 2011, a special was planned for Pokemon Best Wishes that was never aired due to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that year. After over a decade, the scripts for those lost episodes finally make their way online for everyone to read. As the scans were originally in Japanese, efforts were made to translate them allowing fans around the world to experience the events of the lost arc.

The news originates from a forum post by ObjectionMan on Bulbagarden. He mentioned that the scripts were purchased by an individual in 2013. They were then scanned and sent to another person from whom they were purchased recently. The identities of these individuals have been withheld for privacy reasons. For reasons unknown, neither party chose to share these scripts online.

Pokemon Best Wishes had an arc that was building up to a large-scale confrontation between Team Rocket and Team Plasma. Events of episode 675, “A Venipede Stampede” concluded with Professor Juniper discovering an energy reading from a Desert Resort. The following two episodes were meant to show this confrontation but due to the content and Japan’s situation at the time, the episodes were never aired.

Elaborating on the situation, ObjectionMan stated,

A while back, I contacted the Seller and asked them if I could arrange a purchase of those scans. We talked and the price landed on $4,000. I thought I could pay it with my savings, then got the unpleasant reminder that I’d pre-pledged much of those savings on more important matters (family, business, etc.) The Seller was upset, as they felt taken advantage of, bringing up bad memories of being harassed over the script scans in the past (they has anxiety issues, which is another reason I’m withholding their identity). But I sincerely wanted to make that deal and still do, and I want to share the script page scans for translating as well. That’s why I’ve started this fundraiser. If you are able, please donate what you can.

Lost media has a great amount of significance. A fair amount of content is lost to the annals of time for various reasons. Having measures in place to ensure preservation is worth the effort. With Ash and Pikachu’s journey coming to an end after his victory in The Pokemon World Coronation Series, the content of these lost episodes is sure to provide closure for fans.

On May 1, ObjectionMan followed up on his post with an update. He stated that the seller had provided the scans for free out of generosity and that the fundraiser was closed. Furthermore, all donations were refunded and the scans along with the full English translation were made accessible to all.

What are your thoughts on these scripts for the unaired episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes finally making their way online? Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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