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Planet Hulk Will Never be Seen in the MCU

The Incredible Hulk has had many iconic storylines over the years, though there is one that fans have been begging to see on the big screen. planet hulk (by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti) he saw the Jade Giant sent to a strange world, conquering it through gladiatorial combat. The premise lent itself well to the character, but sadly it could do without a proper live-action adaptation.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already used some half-hearted elements of planet hulk, as well as moving the character away from where he was in the comics when the story happened. This is likely to keep the story stuck on the printed page, with the animated film being the only true adaptation. Here’s why an MCU planet hulk it’s just a pipe dream at this point.

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Planet Hulk placed the mighty hero on a gladiator alien planet

The beginning of Greg Pak planet hulk he has Banner’s alter ego taken out of the world once the Illuminati decide he was too dangerous. Ending up on the alien world of Sakaar, he becomes weak, with an obedience device forced on him as he becomes a gladiator slave for the Red King’s entertainment. Hulk’s achievements in the ring quickly make him something of a hero, as the natives believe that he is the legendary “Sakaarson” who will set them free.

Opposing the Hulk alongside the Red King is Caiera, an alien woman who comes to Hulk’s aid after seeing how cruel her king is, especially in comparison to the savage Hulk’s surprising compassion. The Hulk even frees the enslaved Silver Surfer, refusing to kill another gladiator and building a growing army in the process. Using his own power and that of his allies to defeat the Red King, the Hulk becomes the new King of Sakaar and takes Caiera as his wife. Unfortunately, the ship that brought him to the planet explodes, destroying much of the nearby city and killing Caiera. Angered now more than ever by his happiness being destroyed from him, the Hulk sets his sights on Earth to face off against the Avengers.

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The MCU Will Never Adapt ‘Planet Hulk’ Properly

Hulk entering a battlefield in Thor: Ragnarok

Elements of planet hulk they were already used in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. With the Hulk as a gladiator on Sakaar, the movie even featured Korg, who was one of the Hulk’s allies in planet hulk. Still, there were several differences from the source material, mainly because it was at heart a thor movie. Equally, She-Hulk: Lawyer featured the MCU version of the Hulk’s son Skaar, who in the comics was a descendant of the Hulk and Caiera. It’s worth noting that while he’s not quite on the level of the brainy Professor Hulk, the Hulk in the planet hulk series was much smarter than the savage brute he normally is, especially in the pre-End of the game MCU movies.

So even “adapt” planet hulk via flashback wouldn’t quite work, since the Hulk is literally not the same character. Re-showing too much of the events of Sakaar would probably feel redundant. However, perhaps the biggest problem for fans is that it is impossible to move to a version of the world war hulk history. With Banner now in control of the Hulk and Sakaar clearly not destroyed, there’s no reason for him to try to destroy Earth. Sure, he could revert to the Savage Hulk if Skaar dies, but even this would be a big change from the comics. The ability to properly manage the planet hulk material was doomed by Marvel Studios’ inability to make a single Helmet film without Universal Pictures. It was further cemented by so many story elements being thrown in haphazardly in Thor: Ragnarokdepicting one of the biggest and best Hulk stories as a mere subplot in another hero’s movie.

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