PK Lies Will Get DLC, Developer Confirms


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  • Lies of P, the exciting new Soulslike from Chinese publisher Neowiz Games, has appealed to the masses thanks to its smooth gameplay and stunning visuals.
  • The way things conclude in one of Lies of Pi’s endings, the setup is already set for its sequel.
  • But according to a new job listing, it appears that DLC for Soulslike will be out before we can expect a new iteration of the p-game, and it’s all welcome.

Lies of P is one of the latest games to take on the Hellish Souls genre, coming out on September 19 for multiple platforms. Like the category of games to which it belongs, one of Lies of Pi’s endings set up the title for a sequel, but according to a new Content Planner Job Listing on News Games Official Websiteit appears that the devs have previously planned DLC content for their action RPG (thanks Okami Games).

The job vacancy listing is apparently in Korean but upon translation, it’s easy to understand that P’s DLC lies plans are definitely underway. In fact, News has currently created three lists that mention DLC work for the game, namely the aforementioned DLC Content Planner, DLC scenario/setting plannerAnd DLC Quest Plannerindicating that a new Lies of Pi project is currently in the works.

A list of content planners on Nevez’s official site mentions “DLC is planned for production”.

The scenario at hand is certainly exciting news, especially for people like me who have poured hours into PK’s lies, only to bask in its glory. A bit of speculation about what fans can expect from the DLC, though, has been revealed after the end credits of Lies of Pi. Be warned, it is Spoiler alert for the area you’re coming out of here. If you haven’t lost the game yet.

It is Dorothy from the famous Oz novels, particularly The Wizard of Oz, who is mentioned and seen in Lies of P. The flirtation first begins in the post-credits scene when Paracelsus speaks to a woman on the phone, assuring her, “Ah, and when I come back, I’ll find her. Indeed. Another one of our keys, Dorothy

The camera, after a brief pause, then cuts to the bottom half of what appears to be a woman walking on a high ledge, overseeing Kraut in the ruins. She is seen wearing red shoes – similar to her image in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz – And Clicking his heels three timesseemingly confirming that he is who we all think he is.

Either that Dorothy’s Secret Whether that translates to a full sequel or DLC, that’s what we’ve yet to see. That said, if News Games and Round 8 Studios are planning to bring back all of our favorite childhood characters in this gory way, sign me up, man! The devs did a number on Pinnochio with Lies of P, and it’s pretty clear that they can definitely handle the Soulslike genre even if the main character is based on a character from a children’s newspaper.

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In case you missed it, Smoongold, the popular Twitch-slash-Youtube Streamer Recently called out PK Lies for its “badly designed” bosses, otherwise praising the title overall. The internet personality called it “One of the best sous-like games ever” and praised it for its visual style, excluding the large-scale enemies typical of action RPGs.

Lies of P was released on September 19 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox oneand PC.

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