PK Lies: Trophy Guide (Complete List)



real boy (Real Boy: They all lived happily ever after) Get to the end. 1. The run-through for End and End requires you to lie in P Lies of P.
2. In the runthrough, you must give the heart to Geppetto after defeating Simon Mance, and you will unlock the trophy. Puppet string free (Independent of Puppet String) Reach the end. 1. Runthrough for the end requires you to tell the truth during the lie KP.
2. This time, you must refuse to give the heart to Geppetto.
3. You’ll have a follow-up fight with a nameless puppet boss, and after defeating him, you’ll get a trophy. The rise of P (rising of P) reaching the end. 1. The run-through for End and End requires you to lie in P Lies of P.
2. Again, refuse to give Geppetto the heart.
3. When you meet Sophia, choose the option to give her peace.
4. A very different ending will appear, and at the end, you will get the trophy. The first puppet Defeat the nameless puppet boss. 1. 1. Refusal to give heart to Geppetto.
2. A fight with the final boss, the nameless puppet boss, will appear, and you’ll get a trophy after defeating him. End of puzzles Explore all the holy places of the Trinity. 1. Find the King of Puzzles.
2. Answer all five of his riddles to get the five Trinity Keys to unlock the Holy Places. Experienced Explorer Understand all the secret pots and claim the rewards. 1. You have to find the vangini location in Hotel Krat.
2. Find all six secret containers and bring them to Vangini in Hotel Krat so that he can decrypt them. Golden Melody Collect and play all 16 records in Lies of Pi. 1. You must do multiple run-throughs in Lies of Pi to get all 16 records.
2. Start playing all 16 records on the hotel gramophone so you don’t have to listen to them all. Normal Weapon Collector Collect all 29 common weapons in PK Lies. 1. Go to merchants around the world and buy these common weapons.
2. There is a time frame for most of these weapons, so if you can’t buy each one during their specific window, you won’t be able to get them. Special Weapons Collector Collect all 11 special weapons in Lies of Pi. 1. When you defeat bosses, you get Argo.
2. Exchange this ergo instead of using it.
3. Always choose a weapon when choosing between a rare Ergo and one. Pianists of Karat Play a great tune on the piano in the hotel kraut after finishing PK’s lie. 1. First, conclude that P is false with any conclusion.
2. Select the NG+ option.
3. Go to the ground floor of Hotel Kraut and interact with the piano to get the trophy. The strongest special weapon Strengthen a special weapon to its maximum level. 1. Use the boss amulet you get after killing the boss to exchange for a special weapon.
2. Upgrade a special weapon to a normal weapon.
3. It is invincible because you can break the amulet. The story of the prince Learn about the last story of Vangni. 1. Bring Vengeance to the hotel and find the book “Scandal! V, The Tragedy Behind the Conflagration”
2. Complete all the trinity sacraments so that you are able to communicate with the king of riddles.
3. After your conversation with the king, he will ask you to open the book.
4. A new dialogue option will appear behind the truth behind the Vengeance incident.
5. You will now have a new conversation with Vangni which will unlock the trophy. The Story of the Refined Old Woman Learn about Antonia’s final story. 1. Defeat Champion Victor and talk to Giangio at the hotel.
2. Get the Antonia treatment.
3. Ask Polonia to administer treatment.
4. Check in with Antonia again after defeating Luxia and unlock the trophy. A father’s story Learn about Geppetto’s final story. 11. Give Geppetto a heart.
2. The real boy will open.
3. After starting Ng+ mode, head to Geppetto’s study to find and read the letter on his desk to unlock the trophy. The story of a strange girl Learn about Eugenie’s final story. 1. Raid the Relic of Alidoro on the Trismegistus battlefield to get Alidoro’s secret ship.
2. Bring the vessel to the Vangini so that it can be understood.
3. Tell Eugenie the truth. The story of the blue butterfly Learn about Sophia’s final story. 1. After talking to Sofia, choose the option to pacify her.
2. Refusal to give Geppetto his heart.
3. After defeating the nameless puppet boss, head to Geppetto’s study to find and read the letter on his desk.
4. Read the letter to unlock the trophy.



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