PK Lies: Should You Lie (All Possible Endings)


To lie Lies of Pi is an important aspect of gameplay as it changes NPC dialogue, questlines, and progression paths throughout your playthrough. Furthermore, The Great Covenant It states that puppets cannot lie, yet your character can. This dilemma is transformed into a soul-like experience in the form of a question. PK Lies: Should You Lie? Fortunately, lying rewards the player with one. good ending; However, the journey is not so pure.

Before starting: The following guide contains spoilers for both ends of PK Lies.

Key takeaways

  • there is a A lying mechanic PK lies in what gives or removes humanity from the player character.
  • The eliminated players will get depending on whether they told The truth or lied all the way through.
  • Players get “The Rise of P” If they lie in every dialog option, it ends.
  • Additionally, they will also unlock an exclusive. weapon Known as The Golden Lie For taking the path of lies.
  • The result of lying through Lies of P will be significantly harsher and more frequent. Boss fight

Should you lie in PK Lies?

Human or puppet? (Image courtesy of eXputer)

While this decision is entirely based on the player and what ending they want, if they want to be a “real guy” by the end of it, then yes, you should always lie.

One of the most important roles puppets are made to fulfill. Great Covenant, Which clearly mentions that not all puppets in Karat City can lie. The player character seems to be the exception, which is the source material behind every player’s moral dilemma in Lies of P: Should you lie?

Important: Lying is an essential mechanic in PK Lies because it dictates your humanity.

Here are some additional benefits of lying in your playthrough:

  • If you choose to lie, you gain access to a unique finished At the end of your game.
  • You also unlock a Special weapons When choosing the wrong path.
  • Mixing the paths of deception and honesty does not bode well for your character and may give you a harder time in certain situations.
  • The ending you get will vary depending on how much you lied through P.

All possible endings of lying in PK lies

Through the events you’ll encounter in Lies of P, or choosing to lie in some way, one of the following can result: Naturally, there are some spoilers based on which enemies you’ll fight and where, so tread carefully. All these are not possible. End on PK liesonly what is possible if you choose to lie.

The rise of P

The first ending, and the most popular of these, is “The rise of P“Ending. Finally, the player completely breaks the rope of morality with the puppets by lying through the Lies of P. If you manage to lie successfully in every possible dialogue, you Can unlock special endings with special weapons for the ending.

The Rise of Pending (Photo by eXputer)

Some additional things you need to do to achieve the following ending are:

  • When talking to Sophia, choose “Give it a rest” And tell Simon what you did.
  • Defeat the Awakened God, Simon Mance.
  • You will also be able to get The Golden Lie He broke all the records of the hotel by firing weapons from the portrait.
  • Don’t heart Geppetto and take him down. Nameless puppet.

real boy

real boy“The end is the easiest end to achieve in lying. It doesn’t matter whether you lie or not, as long as you defeat the lie. The final boss. After talking to Geppetto and giving him the heart, it will turn you into one. “Real Boy” And your character will end up as a puppet.

All dialogue options for lying in PK Lies

P’s Lie: Simon Manns (Photo courtesy of us)

Although you can lie in many instances in your playthrough, some Critical dialogue It has a very significant impact on the end result you get. Lying through all of these dialogue options will guarantee you the “Rise of P” ending, and you can follow it. YouTube video To watch his pre-requisite boss fight and ending cutscene.

The quest dialogue (lie)
Entrance to Hotel Kraut “human being”
The woman in the window
“That’s a cute baby.”
Atonement “Greetings to the Stalker”
Aldoro: St., Frangelico Cathedral Library “bring work”
Alldora: Entrance to the Workshop Union Allison Boulevard
Julian the Gentleman “I saw the message she left saying she loves you.”
Antonia: Hotel Kraut “Of course”
Polendina – Hotel Krat “There is no such thing as a puppet.”
Simon Manns “Hope for a Cure”
Eugenie: Hotel Kraut “He was happy.”
Vangini’s question “I couldn’t hear”
Traces of the Trismegitus phone call “no”
Ballet partner “He was killed in action fighting a puppet.”
Geppetto in Arch Abbey “Yes”
Simon and Sophia

(After defeating Simon)

Depends on what you did with Sofia.

(Answer in reverse)

My thoughts

Eugenie: Lying Dialogue (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

As for whether “should you lie” in P Lies of P, I believe lying is the best way to go about it. Well, you should go for each ending by playing them all at least once because each ending has its own journey. However, the path you take when you choose to violate. The Great Covenant Very fun and action-packed, which makes it infinitely better than other Pending Lies, in my experience.

Finally, the time has come to put an end to the dilemma of whether you should lie in PK Lies.

If you want to go the hard way by lying, arm yourself with it. Best constructions in PK liesDeveloped and recommended by Meena Anwar, a veteran eXputer writer. To uncover more narrative-based content, here’s a detailed guide by Rabia Rizwan Dorothy’s Secretwhich is mentioned in the title’s post-credits cutscene.


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