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In PK Lies, weapon Play a massive role, but to create or modify one, players will need two essential pieces. Blade And a The handle. While Blade understands many. statistics Like damage, the handle changes your moveset, stat scaling, and fable art. Also, for better wins, you’ll need better weapons, and once you learn to change that. Handle in pk liesyou will be able to modify and build stronger weapons.

Key takeaways

  • The weapon system in Lies of Pi consists of two basic pieces, and one of them is The handle.
  • Players can change a weapon’s moveset, stat scaling, and fable art with a. Proper handle.
  • However, to do so, players will first need to defeat the second main boss, crazy assand unlock. Eugenie and hotel kraut.
  • Once the conditions are met, players can The conversation With Eugenie to change the handle.
  • Therefore, to change the handle in Lies of P, players will need to:
    1. Select the Assemble Weapons option.
    2. Select a weapon.
    3. Choose a collection.
  • Overall, there are 29 Handle In PK lies, each with a different type, legendary art, and The weight.

What are the handles in PK Lies?

Types of handles
Types of Handles (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

You can modify your weapon’s moveset, secondary fable art, and stat scaling in Lies of Pi with the handle.

There are approx. 29 handles in the game, each with different fable arts, weight classes, attribute scaling, and attack patterns. As such, these handles favor specific playstyles, and to use them properly, it’s best to analyze their supporting attributes and movement options.

How to change handle in PK lie?

PK Lies: Changing the Handle
Changing the Handles (Image via eXputer)

After killing the Mad Donkey near Kraut City Hall, players can visit Eugenie at Hotel Kraut and select the “Assemble Weapons” option to change the handles of various weapons in Lies of Pi.

As you know, you can’t get weapons directly. Rather, you’ll have to go through certain battles and bosses to unlock the ability to craft weapons.

  • gave The Hotel Kraut and the Crazy Donkey Plays an important role in changing the handle in Lies of P.

Uncovering Eugenie

PK Lies: Eugenie
Eugenie (photo taken by us)

Not only is the hotel Kraut Hub World For PK lies, but this is also a place to visit NPCs which are most relevant.

  • In Hotel Karat you will find a girl named Eugenie He is sitting in a hotel cafe.
  • However, in order to communicate with him, you must first. Unlock the hotel..
  • As you unlock it, you can Edit And Upgrade By your weapons The conversation Along with that she serves as a weapons manufacturing and upgrade station.

Defeat the crazy donkey

PK Lies: Crazy Ass
Crazy Donkey (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Once you unlock Eugeniemake sure you are defeated. crazy ass, the second main boss. Defeating him will give you Enigma assembly toollets you modify weapons.

Now that you’ve met the prerequisites, you’ll need to:

  1. Interact with Eugenie.
  2. Then select Collect the weapons. option
  3. Additionally, select the weapon you want to build or modify.
  4. Then, choose the blade and handle combination you prefer.
  5. Finally, confirm the selection by pressing the OK button.

Once you know how to change the handle in Lies of Pi, you can craft and change your weapons. Since the weapon’s damage stats are relative to the blade, you’ll only be able to modify the weapon’s moveset, secondary fable art, and stat scaling.

Additionally, players who prefer agility are important to know about. Best dex build in PK lie. Also, a beginner’s look is a must Best beginner class in Lies of Piwhich will streamline combat according to your play style and preference.


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