PK Lies has sold more than a million copies till date.


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  • As for Soulslikes — non-fram software games that mimic the Japanese developer’s style of making games — Lies of P made quite an impression upon release.
  • The game has launched to rave reviews across the board and has been a hit with fans and critics alike for what it brings to the table.
  • In a new tweet, Neowiz Games expressed gratitude and revealed that Lies of P has sold over 1 million copies so far. It’s not even 30 days since the game’s release.

Not that Lies of P’s newfound success wasn’t long in coming. Even the game’s playable demo racked up over a million downloads., pointing to everything Neowiz Games has done with Soulslike. However, it now appears that Lies of Pi has sold over a million copies so far, and that’s no small feat for a title that hasn’t even been out for a full month.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) to make the grand announcement, the developers thank the game’s player base for their continued support and hope that gamers get involved in”Future travels” As well. It’s a clear indication that Nevez Games is currently hard at work making DLC ​​for Lies of P, considering how the title’s post-credits scene made it to the big screen. But someone found it quite interesting.

The thing is, a job listing on the “Careers” section of News Games’ official website has already hinted at what the developer is plotting next for Lies of P. Various open positions, incl Quest PlannerDLC content planner, and DLC scenario/setting planner, clearly mention “DLC”. Thus confirming that additional content is in the works for the well-received Soulslike..

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Oh, and as for “someone has been shown an interesting enough part”, it’s now clear that the developers are trying to bring all of our favorite childhood characters to this gruesome look. After you beat the game, a sequence teases Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz children’s fantasy novel and related works, which wanders about the now-ruined city of Karat and Clicking her heels in her usual fashion.

Speculation is still rife, with fans speculating whether Dorothy will get her own full game or whether she will appear alongside Pinnocchio in DLC form for the game. With the way things are going for the game, it’s hard to fathom that future projects have already been greenlit as Lies of P is doing so well commercially.

Nameless Puppet in PK Lies

In other news, One of PK’s latest patches lies, titled Update has landed on macOS. As well as late, introducing quality of life changes, balance improvements, and other changes that lead to better character development. If you’re having trouble playing the title on PC, be sure to try some troubleshooting steps. The official website of the game.

Lies of P comes out on September 19 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S. Xbox oneand PC, and is Multiple purchasable editions If you’re a new player struggling in the evil city of Kraut, consider giving us a look. P lie guide to the best beginner’s weaponsfollowed by our in-depth ratings Excellent beginner class in Game.

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