PK Lies: Best Side Quests (Top 9)


Sidequests in Lies of Pi allow you to interact with various NPCs in the game world. You actually take on special tasks for these NPCs, and completing them will not only give you rewards, but also help you understand the story a bit more. All of these questions are completely optional, and you are not forced to do them while playing through Lies of P.

Key takeaways

  • Majority Important areas Lies of P will feature side quests, which can be triggered by talking to certain NPCs.
  • The side quests are complete optional, And you can complete the campaign without them.
  • Some side quests are simple tasks, while others require you to defeat them. The owners.
  • Supplementary questions must be completed. reward You with lots of items, including some cool gestures.
  • I really enjoyed completing most of the side quests as they helped me learn more about the world of Lies of P.

Important: If you forget to interact with the NPCs before defeating the main boss of an area, some side quests are unplayable.

The best side quest in PK Lies

Here’s a list of all the best sidequests in Lies of Pi, including the tasks you need to complete for each quest:

Side Quest round
The weeping woman Find the crying woman’s missing child.
Toma’s request Use the Fuzzy Whistle to remind Toma of Murphy.
Adeline the actress Fulfill Adelina’s request to taste a fruit.
Julian the Gentleman Find Julian’s dead wife’s belongings.
The Quest for Vanghini Find Vengini’s butler puppet called Pulcinella.
The old lady at the window Bring the old lady a bottle of La Bleue wine.
A broken puppet Show the emotions of the broken puppet using your gestures.
Sister Cecil’s work Find the archbishop’s holy sign for Sister Cecile.
Belle’s request Find Belle’s lost friend.

1. The Weeping Woman

The Weeping Woman In Lies of P (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

While exploring the house on Allison Boulevard you will come across a weeping woman. The star geyser near the NPC is actually Inside the house on Allison Boulevard. She communicates with the player through a window, and you can’t actually see her. The woman tasks the player with finding her missing child.

  1. You can find a broken baby doll. Kraut City Hall.
  2. Bring it back and give it to the woman to complete the quest.
  3. Make sure Lying To the woman that the puppet is actually her child.
  4. It will give you the following rewards:
    • Vivid Ergo Fragment x1
    • Feel x1

2. Finding Toma

Toma in Lies of P (Screenshot Capture by Exporter)

Like the Weeping Woman, Touma is found close to home on Allison Boulevard, and is also the closest star gazer to this NPC. Inside the house on Allison Boulevard. Start a conversation with Touma to accept his quest, which requires you to defeat a boss in Lies of P.

  • defeat the Scrapped watchmen Boss to complete Touma’s quest.
  • After defeating this main boss, you’ll need to grab the fuzzy whistle thing from its arena.
  • Return to Toma and open the collection and use the whistle, which will end the quest.
  • The whistle will remind Toma of Murphy, which will complete the quest.
  • If you defeat the Scrapped Watchman before accepting the quest, you will miss Touma’s request for this playthrough.
  • Rewards only include getting a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

3. Adeline the actress

Adelina In Lies of P (photo courtesy of us)

After arriving at Estella Opera House StageGo up the stairs from the entrance. After reaching the second floor, continue forward, and you’ll meet Adeline, the actress in Lies of Pi. She makes a simple request to taste the fruit.

Polendina In Lies of P (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  1. You can buy a Bright red apple From Polindina and Hotel Kraut.
  2. After doing this, give the fruit to Adelina.
  3. Next, you have to defeat a main boss in the Opera House known as the King of Puppets.
  4. After defeating the boss, return to this location, and you can get the Fascination Record from Adelina’s body.
  5. Be sure to give Adelina the fruit before you beat the Puppet King.

4. Julian the Gentleman

Julian, The Gentleman in Lies of Pi (Photo courtesy of Xporter)

You can find Julian, The Gentleman, near Rosa Isabel Street Culvert stargazer, and he’ll ask you to retrieve his dead wife’s belongings. He also tells you that his wife’s body is lying on Rosa Isabel Street.

  1. Continue exploring this area until you enter a tunnel.
  2. Exit the tunnel through the path that leads you to the surface.
  3. Keep going straight and cross a bridge to come across the corpse of Julian’s wife.
  4. You can collect the wedding ring from the corpse and return it to Julian.
  5. Make sure Lie to Julian When returning the item to receive a wedding ring and a sad gesture as a reward.

5. The Quest for Vengini

Vengini in Lies of Pi (photo courtesy of Xporter)

Talk to Vangini, who is located nearby. Wangini Works Control Room stargazer, and you really can’t miss it here. Vangini actually tasks you with finding your butler puppet. A puppet known as Pulcinella can be found after defeating the main boss.

  1. Make your way to the Furnace Room of the Vangini Works and defeat him. King’s Flame, Fukuoka Boss there
  2. After defeating the main boss, you’ll see Wangini’s puppet on the field.
  3. Tell Vangini the whereabouts of Plascinella, who can be found in the control room of the Vangini Works or in the Hotel Crate in Lease of P.
  4. A hint of fear is gained by completing this simple task for Vanghini.

6. The old lady at the window

The Old Lady in Lies of Pi (screenshot taken by Exporter)

From Rosa Isabel Street Entrance Stargazer, move forward and then take a left. Go around the path to get to the other side of the star geyser. This will take you to the window where you can talk to the Old Lade NPC in Lies of P. The Old Lady will request you to bring her a bottle. Bleiwies wine.

  1. You can only complete this quest when you arrive. Lorenzini Arcade Area in PK lie.
  2. Here, you will see a wine cellar that is not full of water.
  3. You can get the bottle of wine here and take it back to the old lady, who will give you a Vanginie commemorative coin in return.
  4. You can exchange the following coins for the appraisal and the Half Moonstone Blade upgrade by talking to Pulcinella, who can be found at Hotel Krat.

7. Broken puppet

The Broken Puppet In Lies of P (screenshot taken by eXputer)

This is a really simple sidequest that you can start by talking to the broken puppet, which can be found nearby. Arid swamp All you have to do to complete the Stargazer quest is to show the puppet some clues, which will let it know about emotions.

  1. The first time you talk to a broken puppet, all you can do is clap and make sad gestures.
  2. However, when you get the happy and angry gestures, be sure to come back and show them to the puppet.
  3. Displaying all four signals will get you quartz in Lies of Pi.

8. The work of Sister Cecil

Sister Cecile in Lies of Pi (photo courtesy of us)

Make your way to St. Franciscan Cathedral Library, where you will meet Sister Cecile. Talk to the NPC, and she’ll ask you to find the Archbishop’s Holy Icon, which is an item that can be found in the cathedral.

Alidoro In Lies of P (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  1. After meeting you Alidoro In the cathedral, use the elevator near it and go down.
  2. Doing so will take you to a room with an item and a safe.
  3. Return the Archbishop’s holy icon to Sister Cecile and defeat the cathedral’s main boss.
  4. The boss has fallen. Archbishop Andrewsand you must return to Sister Cecile after defeating her.
  5. This will reward you with a Divine Service Record and a written acknowledgment letter from Cecil.

9. Belle’s request

Belle in Lies of Pi (Photo via Exporter)

You can find Belle. Grand Exhibition Gallery area, and when you talk to her, she’ll ask you to defeat the main boss of the area. Once you defeat Champion Victor Bass in Lies of P, Belle will be transported to Hotel Kraut, where you can continue your quest. Here is one YouTube video To see Champion Victor’s move set and appropriate counters for each attack.

Antonia in Lies of P (photo courtesy of us)
  1. Before you can continue Belle’s quest, defeat another main boss. Corrupt parade master.
  2. Next, talk to Antonia To find out about a secret passage that lies behind his image.
  3. Now go talk to Belle, who will ask you to track down her friend.
  4. To find his friend, go to Kraut Central Station Platform Stargazer and find the train car.
  5. Inside the train, you can talk to Belle’s friend, who is impressed and gives you a letter.
  6. The following letter may be given to Belle. You have to lie to him to get it. Why record? As a reward for completing the quest.

My thoughts on the side questions

As someone who has played all of the Souls games offered by the software, including the vast majority of Soulslikes from other studios, I can safely say that I really enjoyed the side quest system in Lies of P. picked up. The ambiguity of these questions intrigued me. . And I loved learning more about the characters and the world of Lies of Pi through these questions, which made them totally worth it for me.

Lies of P isn’t just another Souls clone, as it presents a distinct identity while creatively utilizing the Souls-like formula. Not only is it filled with a great variety of titles weaponbut you can take it a step further by introducing Weapon combinations. You can even get specials. Boss weaponlike Puppet Reaperby defeating the bosses.

This concludes my guide on the best side quests in Lies of Pi that you can talk to various NPCs. I’ve not only included the starting location of each quest, but also the rewards you get for completing the quests. I hope the guide was helpful in learning about side activities in Lies of Pi. Let me know what you think of PK Lies in the comments below!


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