PK Lies: All Sophia Choices (Explained)


Sophia I am a non-playable character. P’s lie. In Lies of P, the player has two choices regarding Sophia.. They Either kill him or save him. Thus, Sophia’s fate is in the player’s hand, and he has to decide it during the lie of pk ending.

Key takeaways

  • Sophia is one. Non-playable characters You will encounter Lies of Pi during your journey.
  • Towards the end of p their lie door 11you will be presented with the choice to either pacify Sofia or let her live.
  • If you choose to give Sophia peaceyou’ll reach for her, and she’ll thank you before disappearing, causing finished PK lies
  • If you choose to allow it. aliveShe will still give it to you. that’s why. However, there will be no cutscene this time, and it will still hurt.

Who is Sofia in PK Lies?

Sofia (Image credit: eXputer)

Sofia is a main, non-playable. the role In Lies of P and plays a great role in guiding you on your adventures..

Additionally, she is a character who stands out for her angelic nature. In addition, sHe is extremely powerful and is the one who helps Pinnocchio become stronger. Sophia plays a very important role as a leader and an excellent advisor. You meet him for the first time when you first go to Hotel Kratt.

Additionally, you must deal with the likes of Sofia. Chapter 11Where you have to decide whether to let him live.

Sophia Choices in Lies of P

Selections from Sophia (Photo by: eXputer)

When you see Sofia again in Chapter 11, she’ll be trapped. Arch Abbey Tower. She will become helpless, and now you have to choose whether to give her peace or let her live, as shown in the image above.

Give him peace

This is the option where you drop him, and a cutscene will show him disappearing before you. Even then she hands it over. ERGO To you, which means yours XP PK lies will increase. You reach for her and grab her, and then she disappears. She also thanks you before disappearing. This leads you to a path where you must decide whether to give your heart to Geppetto.

The choice can lead you to the “Real Boy: They All Live Happily Ever After” ending.

Let him live

If you choose to let her live, she will keep giving to you. ERGO And help you; However, there will be no cutscenes this time.

The choice leads you to the regular ending because she will still suffer.

My opinion

Keeping all these things in mind, I recommend the “leave it alone” option. Because it is not only morally correct but also leads to a good end. Sofia is with the player through thick and thin, and this is the least she deserves. However, the ending also depends on whether you give your heart to Geppetto or not.

along with, The Lie of P. Sophia Choices The guide ends where you are informed of both choices you can make about Sofia. Also, if you’re new to Lies of P, you should check it out. Best dex build, Excellent beginner classAnd The best weapon. Also, if you want to add something to the information in the guide, you can do so through the comments section below.


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