Pizza Tower Shows What A Perfect Opening Cinematic Looks Like



Story Highlights

  • Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Pizza Tower stormed the gaming world with its extremely unique playstyle and gameplay.
  • Among a lot of great things in the game, one of its best attributes is the perfect opening cinematic that it plays every time you boot up the game.
  • Pizza Tower also dropped one of the hardest-going soundtracks of all time, and this can also be seen in its opening cinematic.

As an advocate of Pizza Tower once said, “This is not a game about a man trying to save his restaurant; this is a game about what happens when a man is pushed past his limits.” Pizza Tower is the single craziest and the most adrenaline-filled game of 2023, and apart from everything the game gets right, the opening cinematic is something it did flawlessly.

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Pizza Tower exploded in popularity after many YouTubers started playing the game out of nowhere and had an absolute blast with everything the title had to offer. The game also had an insanely good soundtrack that appealed to many others as the songs made their way to the community through clips, memes, and the insanely good opening.

The opening begins with a shot of Peppino Pizza, where our protagonist Peppino faces a load of incurring debt. Here, a floating pizza, yes, a sentient floating pizza, awakens and threatens to destroy the restaurant from his huge tower for whatever motive the pizza has. Here Peppino wastes no time, gets up, and starts running to the Pizza Tower like there’s no tomorrow.

Along the way, we get what seems to be a Jojo reference, a teaser for 4 of the main bosses in the game, a minor showcase of how smooth the running looks like, and Peppino punching the camera as it pans to the title, truly remarkable. The opening also has an extremely catchy beat playing next to it to elevate the goofiness of the scene.

As with many games, players may notice a flurry of logos and an overwhelming opening screen whenever they turn the game on. Although many games do allow you to skip every logo, some you just have to sit through, and after watching them like four times, a person doesn’t want to watch it all over again, that is, unless there is an actual good opening, like how they did in Devil May Cry 5.

With the opening quality this high, players are pulled into the world almost instantly and naturally rather than getting back into the flow at a much slower pace. Pizza Tower does the same. Although its opening is a bit longer, it shows you exactly what to expect from the game, and after watching it over fifty times, I still have a smirk on my face whenever I boot up the game.

Many players may think that an opening isn’t as important as the actual game. Yes, that is definitely true, but half the price and satisfaction of an iPhone come from opening it from its box. The same applies to a video game; if you have a good appetizer, the main course isn’t hard to keep up with, especially if it has an already good base to it.

This opening was so good that there had been many fan-made iterations of it. Some range from improving the animation or changing up a few minor points of the entire scene, while others make all new ones that feature a whole new franchise. This just goes to show the effect this game had on its community, first, its popularity surged, then its huge missing community, and finally the fan-made animations and high-quality memes.

Pizza Tower is one of the greatest Indie games of this year, and it is pretty hard to believe that this game was in development for over four years without ever making it to the vast majority of gamers. This should be a beacon of light for all small Indie developers that no matter how little exposure their game may be getting during development, in the end, it may just be a pepperoni on a pizza.

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