Phil Spencer denied the possibility of future exclusive titles for Game Pass.



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  • Phil Spencer has ruled out the possibility of Xbox Game Pass exclusive games in an interview during his visit to Japan.
  • He said his goal is to give players an option and he wants the Xbox community to grow.
  • Phil also said that while future price increases in services are inevitable, they aim to provide value for money.

Microsoft Over the past few years have been openly pushing to grow and mainstream their subscription gaming service. This led to some fear among gamers that they might be headed for a future where buying a subscription would be a forced choice. But it was categorically denied by him. Phil Spencerthe CEO of Microsoft Gaming.

Phil was asked this question in an interview with a Japanese gaming news website. Sports Watch During his ongoing visit to Japan. He is there to attend. Tokyo Game Show And meet various Japanese game creators, incl Hideo Kojima. The important question came much later in the interview Phil Spencer His response was very comprehensive.

He said that the purpose of Xbox Game Pass Players have to give the choice, not take it away. He said he wants the Xbox community to grow, whether it’s on PC or another Xbox console. He told the interviewer,

No, it isn’t. What we want to offer is choice. Xbox isn’t just about Xbox Game Pass. The real success of Xbox is that more and more people play Xbox, whether it’s on Xbox consoles, on PC, in the cloud or on other consoles. We want to grow the community that drives Xbox. I have no intention of doing anything that would hinder that.”

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A few months ago there were rumors of a big price hike for GamePass monthly subscriptions. Which ended up being $1 for the standard subscription and $2 for Game Pass Ultimate.. Although the increase was modest, fans’ concerns persisted. When pressed about this, interviewer Phil said that price increases were inevitable.

Although the main premise is to provide more value, I think the value is that it will increase in the future. We recently raised our prices once, but the decision was made after careful consideration. We believe it is important to provide services that are recognized as good value despite the price hikes.”

Phil Spencer is looking to expand and grow Xbox’s footprint in a Japanese market dominated by the likes of PlayStation and Nintendo. When asked if he sees any differences between the Japanese and Western gaming communities, he said that the Japanese community seems to have “a much higher level of commitment.”

Although Xbox is small as a game console, it has a strong community, and I think they work together to maintain a high-quality community.”

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