Phil Spencer calls 2022 a “disaster situation” for Xbox



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  • Phil Spencer considers 2022 a “disaster situation” due to the lack of major special launches, as revealed in a leaked email.
  • He also said that 2021 set a “very high bar” in terms of quality and pacing.
  • Spencer told the executives in the email that the situation they are facing is a failure of their planning and production execution.
  • The email then went on to discuss their “winning plan” for the next 24 months.

In a recently leaked email, Phil Spencer called 2022 a “Disaster situationof the Xbox Due to its release schedule (thanks, JAHGamer). He said that the last big special launch was. Hello Unlimitedreleased on December 8, 2021, and will likely make an appearance in the studio. A gap of 16 months Until the next special launch. Spencer describes this situation as “Failure of our planning and production execution.

Phil Spencer email
Phil Spencer email.

This email was sent. Xbox executivesIncluding Matt Botti, Jamie Leader, Sarah Bond, Jarrett West, and Tim Stuart. He discussed the state of Xbox exclusive launches, revealing Spencer’s frustration with the current situation. he said, “We set a very high bar for content quality and speed in 2021, which was great to see.“However, later Hello Unlimitedsaw a stale period for the company There is no big special launch..

We continue to talk about a quarter of AAA in the service, and it feels like we’re likely to go about a 16-month gap between major exclusive launches on our platform. Halo Infinite is our deadline on December 8, 2021. This is a truly devastating situation for us, given that we have invested in content from all studios in our GP (Game Pass) content fund. We need to learn from this and plan ahead,” writes Phil Spencer.

He then spoke “amazing“The line-up of games they had between summer 2021 and December 2021, compared to their performance in 2022.” Spencer said,We all have to understand that the situation we are facing is the failure of our planning and production execution.Several of their scheduled games at the time were delayed, including Redfall and Starfieldboth of which treat email as highly specialized topics.

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