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Petition for Henry Cavill’s Return to Netflix’s The Witcher Crosses 250K Signatures

A fan-initiated petition calling on Netflix to bring actor Henry Cavill back to The Witcher and fire the writers crosses 250,000 signatures.

The public and longtime fans of the franchise have not stopped criticizing Netflix. The Wizard since actor Henry Cavill announced his departure from the series. Some have made their displeasure known by signing a petition by fans of the show to fire the writers and bring Cavill back.

That petition, which was launched on not long after Cavill’s announcement, he recently hit a major milestone with 250,000 signatures and counting. The common belief among those who signed on seems to be that Cavill, known for being a fan of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and CD Projekt Red’s video game trilogy, left due to the show’s many deviations from the source material. Many feel those changes have been largely unnecessary.

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The departure of Henry Cavill from The Witcher

Netflix announced Cavill’s departure in October, along with the news that actor Liam Hemsworth will take over the role of Geralt of Rivia starting with season four. Cavill himself did not offer an explanation for his decision, although it was speculated that it was due to an increasingly tight schedule. Especially since his departure was announced shortly after it was confirmed that he will return to Warner Bros. Discovery’s DCU as Superman. It should be noted that the actor and the studio have not yet reached an agreement on future appearances as the superhero.

Additionally, early reports surfaced suggesting that Cavill left due to the fact that he was not satisfied with The Wizardand disagreed with the producers of the Netflix show. So much so that the recast was being considered while season 2 was still in post-production.

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the wizard advances

Liam Hemsworth was not a random decision. The actor previously auditioned for the central role in The Witcher and was actually a frontrunner, but ultimately lost out to Cavill, who had relentlessly sought the role, according to showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, since before casting began. When the producers were looking to recast the role, there was no need for an audition process. They selected Hemsworth from the show’s original collection of audition tapes.

Cavill will return for the last time next year in Season 3 of The Wizardwhich will presumably adapt the events and characters from Sapkowski’s novel, contempt time. The official synopsis provided by Netflix reveals that the season will see Ciri and Yennefer in Aretuza, going through black magic, political corruption, and more, as the princess of Cintran attempts to continue her training in magic.

The Wizard Season 3 will be released in the summer of 2023.


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